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Tara Grant Still Missing … Shades of Other Missing Person cases … Stephen Grant looking like Scott Peterson and now OJ Simpson

34 year old Tara Grant is still missing. There has been no sign of the mother of two since February 9, 2007. There has been much speculation, but few leads. The MSM has drawn its attention to the case and as much as some local media outlets would negatively compare the attention to the over-saturation of missing persons cases like Lacy Peterson and Natalee Holloway; speaking from experience its much better the case gets media attention than is forgotten.

However, there is a blog that has followed this case as have we and has written several posts somewhat similar to a Natalee Holloway post we did so many months ago …

“Tara could be any woman _ your sister, your friends, yourself,” says Lisa Watson, who has written several entries about Grant on her blog, “The Lisa Life: My Life in a Suburban Town.”

The reason why this case is beginning to gain media attention is the uncanny resemblance to other cases such as Lacy Peterson. A husband being looked at as a primary focus and having involvement with another woman that looks somewhat suspect to say the least.

UPDATE I: Cop report: missing woman’s husband carried $3,000 cash when police stopped him

This is rather peculiar. Stephen Grant, the husband of missing Tara Grant was found with $3000 in cash on him when police stopped him. Grant gave the excuse that the $3000 was to pay the lawyer.

Stephen Grant had more than $3,000 in cash on him when police stopped his sport-utility vehicle the day after he reported his wife, Tara, was missing, according to an arrest report.

Stephen Grant, 37, told The Detroit News today he was carrying the cash to pay his lawyer.

“That was the first day I met with my attorney, and I assumed I was going have to pay him cash, but he took a check,” Grant said. (Detroit News)

Why didn’t Stephen Grant just ask the attorney when he spoke to them whether they took a check or not? This really makes no sense and is a pretty lame excuse. Many things that Stephen Grant has done, acted and said are rather troubling. Question to Stephan Grant, why did you feel the need to hire an attorney before the police arrested you and interrogate you?

Grant said the police stopped and arrested him in order to interrogate him.

“I get why they stopped me,” he said. “They thought I was going to be a little girl and go down there and cry and confess all my sins. But there’s no sins, though.”

Macomb County Sheriff Mark Hackel said he would have been upset if officers hadn’t arrested Grant.

“It’s standard procedure — if someone is driving on two suspended licenses, we arrest them.”

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  1. The news broke this morning that they found Tara’s torso in the families home. They are now searching for her husband who hasn’t been seen or heard from.

    Comment by Christina | March 3, 2007

  2. Was anybody suprised by this? This guy acted guilty right from the start. Who waits five days to call the police? The kids talked to there mom everyday when she was away from home….The should have detained him yesterday when he was pulled over just before the search warrant was executed………By the way I thought his arrest just after she dissappeared was for a suspended license. WELL he was DRIVING again yesterday when they pulled him over. What did he get his licensed restored that fast? Doesn’t really matter now he killed and dismembered her like a serial killer………Michigan get the freakin death penalty would you!

    Comment by Tom | March 3, 2007

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