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22 year old Ricarda Tillman-Lockett Missing Since Monday February 19, 2007 in Memphis, TN

Ricarda Tillman-Lockett has been missing since Monday February 19 when she left her hostess job for the day.

Ricarda Tillman-Lockett

Lockett is 5’2 and weighs about a 120 lbs.

Investigators say the couple have a history of domestic violence. Family members say Ricarda Lockett had not been living in the home.

Meanwhile, the family has been passing out flyers, calling around – doing anything to find their missing relative. (WMC)

City Watch issued for missing mother

“She’s never been late if she’s five minutes late she would call and say I’m running late, never missed work , never missed work without calling and telling me why,” said Upchurch.

Memphis police say they are also concerned because Ricarda never picked up her 7- month- old son from the baby sitter’s house, has not been in contact with family and left behind personal belongings. Police reports also show that officers responded to a domestic disturbance at her house back in January and police say she had been staying at a domestic abuse shelter.

“All these things add .. take each item ..what have is the potential for some harm to have befallen her due to domestic violence,” said Sgt. Vince Higgins.

Upchurch says no matter what was happening in her life Ricarda never would have gone away without telling someone.

“If she was planning on running to get away from the situation she wouldn’t have left her wallet behind, her cell phone behind and she certainly wouldn’t leave her child behind,” said Upchurch. (WREG)

Missing Woman’s Husband Has Criminal Record

Coworkers say Lou Lockett, her estranged husband, picked her up after work at Jillian’s in Downtown Memphis.

Lockett told police he dropped his wife off at their home on Stuart near the University of Memphis and when he returned Lockett said his wife was gone. Friends and family have not talked to her since and are extremely concerned. Eyewitness News Everywhere uncovers the Lockett’s have a turbulent past.

Police records show that Lou Lockett has a police record that includes an assault arrest. He was accused of choking his wife, Ricarda Tillman-Lockett. Candy Upchurch works with Tillman-Lockett. She said, “She’s always said he’s crazy that she needs to get away. I’m very suspicious right now. Very worried about her.”

Lou Lockett has a past criminal record.

Lou Lockett does have an arrest record. In 1999 he was arrested on two separate disorderly conduct charges. In 2000 he faced a charge of theft of property under 500 dollars and in 2001 Lockett was arrested for driving with a suspended license and speeding. January 27th of this year police picked up Lou Lockett on a domestic assault charge with Tillman-Lockett listed as the victim.

The police report from the Memphis Police Department said, “Suspect became violent during the dispute and grabbed victim and pushed her down and choked her.” Tillman-Lockett had marks around her neck according to the police report. It also says, “Lockett was seated in his vehicle upon officer arrival with a loaded 9 mm hi point in the glove box.” (My Eye Witness News)

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Additional Charges Added Against Justin Thurber in Jodi Sanderholm Murder Case

Prosecutors have added an additional “aggravated sodomy” charge against Justin Thurber in the death of 19 year old Jodi Sanderholm.

The charge is aggravated criminal sodomy. The new charge will be added to the previous charges of aggravated kidnapping, rape and capital murder, according to Kansas Attorney General Paul Morrison and Cowley County Attorney Chris Smith.

Smith said this morning that some evidence had come back that demonstrated to them that the additional charge needed to be brought.

“It was something we thought, but we just wanted to make sure we had the evidence to sustain the charge,” he said. “It’s another charge to go with in what we believe happened to Miss Sanderholm.”

This additional charge will allow the prosecution to go after the death penalty against Thurber. A sentence that he justly deserves.

Smith said the new charge was an “aggravating charge” and in the capital murder statute, if a person commits a murder while engaged in a rape or aggravated criminal sodomy, it allows the state to make it a death-eligible case if prosecutors choose that route.

He said the state already had that option with the rape charge but this would give them another option. (Ark

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