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Christopher Wayne Cassell Sentenced to 50 Years … Sex Offenders “not so” Clean Getaway

Christopher Wayne Cassell, 26, was sentenced to 50 years in prison after his plea agreement to rape and sodomy charges of a Henrico County woman in May. Cassell went through great lengths to conceal the crime; however, his attempted clean getaway was not good enough.

After breaking into her home and repeatedly raping and sodomizing a Henrico County woman in May last year, he made off with the bedsheet and ordered his victim to shower.

“He was trying to get rid of the evidence,” said Henrico Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael V. Gerrard.

But Cassell, 26, wasn’t thorough enough.

Traces of DNA he left on his victim, a middle-aged professional woman who lived alone, provided a cold hit that linked Cassell to the crime. (Richmond Times Dispatch)

Cassell’s 50 year plea deal was in lieu of a trying his chances at a court hearing where the rape & sodomy charges against him could have resulted in four life terms

“It was a brutal crime,” Gerrard said. Cassell gagged his victim, broke her nose and threatened her with a knife in the course of the three hours he spent in her home.

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