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Sexual Assault of Teenager Aboard the P&O cruise ship, Pacific Star

Another incident has happened aboard a cruise ship. This time there is a reported rape of a teenager aboard the P&O cruise ship, Pacific Star.

A teenage girl has told police she was raped aboard the P&O cruise ship, Pacific Star after a party on board the ship on Wednesday night. The company says it is fully cooperating with an investigation, but the family of another victim is demanding action to stop it happening again. It has been 4 years since Dianne Brimble’s body was found, lying on a cabin floor of the Pacific Sky and since then, her ex-husband Mark has been fighting for justice and to make cruise ships safe.

These types of incidents just seem to continue over and over. Yes, cruise ships are like floating cities; however, one does not expect to pay for a vacation and be surrounded by a criminal element that would harm, rape or rob them.

Now, a teenage girl has claimed she was raped by an older man, while two of his mates watched after a night of partying and drinking. The young victim tried to jump overboard after the alleged attack. Mr Brimble said: “Incidents like this can and will continue to happen on cruise liners as they continue to sail around the world.” (Yahoo News)

A TEENAGE girl has alleged she was raped onboard a P&O cruise ship, sparking a major police investigation

Six detectives boarded the Pacific Star as it cruised along the Queensland coast on Friday after the girl, 16, claimed she was assaulted in a cabin in front of two other men. Plainclothes officers took a New South Wales man, 23, off the ship in handcuffs when it docked in Brisbane yesterday and charged him with possession of a dangerous drug, believed to be ecstasy. Police would not comment on whether the man was linked to the sex assault allegations. “Police can confirm they have investigated allegations of a sexual assault of a teenage girl on board a P&O Cruise vessel,” a spokesman said. (Adelaide Now)

UPDATE: Cruise rape claim: Queensland police won’t lay charges

Police will lay no charges over an alleged rape of a teenager on P&O’s Pacific Star. “The matter has been thoroughly investigated by detectives and there is no evidence to substantiate any charges being laid in relation to the sexual assault allegation,” a spokesman for Queensland police said. “If further information came up it would be investigated.” (The West Australian)

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  1. I had always wanted to go on a cruise, but now that I can afford it, I refuse to. All the crime I have heard of on board and the cruise lines’ refusal to change procedures or properly investigate leaves me angry and outraged. They act like Aruba in their willingness to keep it quiet and cover up sothey don’t lose “tourist money”. They don’t give a rat’s ass about victims and their families.

    Comment by sirensong | January 29, 2007

  2. Party and drinking. I say no more. Don’t blame the ship for
    the stupidity of a teenager. Put the parents in Jail if indeed she was a teenager.


    M&E: If there was a rape, do you really think it should be blamed on drinking? Really?


    Comment by Molly from Louisiana | January 29, 2007

  3. I went on a cruise on Pacific Sun with my mother, and we both loved it. Mum {aged mid 70′s] can,t wait to go again, and I am saving. On a ship with something like 1,600 people onboard, neither one of us encountered any problems or anyone else who had. Yes people were in holiday mood and there were people who had had to much to drink, but I’ve seen worse behaviour in pubs and clubs in Sydney and elsewhere. Considering the huge number of people cruising, incidents like these, while abhorant, happen on land as well, and probably more often.

    Comment by Sue | February 10, 2007

  4. We just returned from a cruise on the carnival line April 9th 2007. My 17 year old daughter was missing on the third day. Her friends tried to cover for her, thinking as we did, that she went off with some boy and was making bad decisions. it turns out that
    she was sitting in an open and well traveled area with this guy. She remembers nothing after that but she awakened nude and numb. We found her after the security officers made announcements inside the cabins waking her up. We thought she was hung over but she let us know two days after we returned home that she was raped. We are now suspecting a date rape drug. OMG!!! I am mortified. How the heck are these kids getting this stuff and why can’t we as a society dealing with so many sexual assaults come up with a better system to help the victims and prosecute the sick bastards committing these heinous acts? Now we have to go through what will be difficult steps to make sure our daughter is physically safe. When you are violated in this manner there are scars left behind that will never be seen.

    Comment by Karr | April 13, 2007

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