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California Doctor, Tony Shiu, Photographed Patients Unconscious and semi-nude … Missing after Warrant Issued

Here’s a doctor bed-side manner that we can all deal without. A California doctor, Tony Tony ShiuShiu, is accused of taking pictures of patients while they were unconscious and semi-nude. Dr. Tony Shiu is also accused of sexual battery of two men at his home. A $1 million warrant has been issued. Dr. Tony Shiu has gone missing since the warrant was issued.

” A California doctor is accused of taking hundreds of photographs of different patients while they were unconscious and semi-nude at his medical clinic.

A $1 million arrest warrant has been issued for Dr. Tony Shiu, who also is accused of sexually battering two men at his home. Shiu is in private practice in Dublin, Calif. However, he disappeared after the warrant was issued. Authorities believe he has left the San Francisco Bay area.

A search of Shiu’s home turned up about 450 digital photographs of 19 male patients who were unconscious and undressed in medical examination rooms. Only two of the patients photographed have been positively identified, police said. Those patients were not the two men who reported being battered at Shiu’s home. (Local 10)

East Bay Dr. Wanted On Rape Charge Eludes Police

Dublin police said Monday they are searching for a doctor who allegedly drugged and raped men at his office.

Tony G. Shiu, a private Dublin general internal medicine doctor, is suspected of drugging two men and sodomizing at least one of them in his home in August, investigator Sgt. Herb Walters said. (NBC 11)

Police are asking anyone who may know Shiu’s whereabouts, or who may have been a victim, to call 925-833-6682.

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  1. [...] Let’s hope no one was a patient of Dr. Tony Shiu in Dublin, CA. This is not quite the bed-side manner that patients are looking for. Dr. Tony Shiu is accused of taking nude photos of patients and sexual assault of two men at his home. Read the full story at Missing & Exploited. [...]

    Pingback by Scared Monkeys | November 7, 2006

  2. I am sure we will find out this guy had other complaints and nothing or little to nothing was done. I wonder how many complaints were made to AMA?

    Comment by Miss-Underestimated | November 7, 2006

  3. Maybe he saw too many gay parades, like the rest of us.
    What is EXPECTED of your citizens on the street is not
    ACCEPTED in our ordinary, everyday Doctor’s offices???

    What’s up with that??? San Francisco, we are SOOOOOOO
    tired of your mixed signals. Besides, how is a good
    doctor supposed to make any money in this God forsaken

    San Fran sliding off the map of “Civilized” cities.

    Comment by Patti | November 7, 2006

  4. {{EDIT}}}. I was a patient of Dr. Shiu’s. Thankfully nothing happened to me.

    A) Dublin, CA is not San Francisco. It’s 45 minutes away. It’s a suburban, mostly white area filled with soccer fields and strip malls.

    B) He had no record and no complaints filed against him previously, according to the medical board of CA.

    C) Patti – Shiu obviously has at least some homosexual tendencies, but that can’t clearly be credited with being the cause of what he did. That’s ludicrous. Saying gay parades caused him to do this or allowed him to do this in some way is tantamount to saying that gayness causes predatory behavior. But, by that logic, you’d have to conclude that straight rapists rape because they’re straight. What a {{EDIT}}} position.

    The real questions are:
    1) How does the medical profession, from medical school on, allow someone like this to be a doctor in good standing without noticing what a psycho he is. Blame the medical profession, not other gay people who may or may not have anything to do with Shiu.
    2) Why did the police spook him into running without arresting him? If this happened in August, and he just took off recently, what were they waiting for?



    M&E: Andy … we actually tend to blame the criminals here, there’s a thought. The Medical professional conduct boards generally do nothing to people who are caught, unless they are convicted of a crime.

    The person responsible here is … Dr. Shiu’s … why dont you come back when you can formulated a sentence w/o cursing.

    BTW Andy … you live in CA? Really … ?

    Comment by Andy | November 8, 2006

  5. Dublin is not a town that is like San Franciso. It is generally an up-scale town for “White Collar Managers” from Silicon Valley (meaning that their incomes are higher than the average Joe). It tends to be a bit conservative and has more “mid-west” morals. It actually is a gorgeous town (yes, it has strip malls, etc. — what town doesn’t now?)

    It is a rich, little town and I think that is what drew this “doctor” to it — rather than his sexual leaning. Unfortantely, He must have some “mental problems” or he would never have been stupid enogh to attack his patients.

    I feel sorry for the victims. But, the fact that Dublin is a town 45 minutes away from San Francisco, should not truly enter into the discussion. This Dr. could have set up practice anywhere in the US — and have gotten away with this for awhile, same as Dublin.

    Comment by Not As Stupid As You Think | November 9, 2006

  6. I don’t care what his sexual preferences are; he is sick,
    but what he did was criminal… bottom line.

    Dublin sounds like a real nice place… the problem is
    that it is, just as we all are, affected by the things
    around it. To think that I am blaming the people of
    Dublin or the people of San Francisco for what has
    happened here is ludacris. I blame the legistlators and
    the voters for not making change possible.

    San Francisco is, indeed, the most sexually explicit
    city in the country… now what makes you think that
    Dublin would not be effected by that??? Just cause
    you can afford to live in the suburbs and get your kids
    to play soccer doesn’t mean that they live in a safe
    world. Maybe if we, truly, made the world safer for them,
    we, as adults would feel safer, too.

    Men are not the only ones who have been exploited here,
    although it is usually for their personal satisfaction and
    their short-lived pleasure that these things happen.
    Just think about the endless number of women and children
    that have fallen victim to people just like him, only with
    a different sexual orientation. Think about the fact that
    these perverted things are not only being done in the
    doctor’s offices, or the psych’s couch, these things are
    happening everywhere AND being photographed, filmed and
    broadcasted to people who will pay their hard-earned money
    to simply watch… now THAT’s scary. When you come to terms
    with that, then we’ll talk.

    This is HOLLYWOOD, Baby, and don’t you forget it!!!!!

    Ohhhhhh, San Francisco with all your cat houses, massage
    parlors and bath houses… if only your people could see
    the corruption of your ways.

    Comment by Patti | November 9, 2006

  7. I knew Tony for 10 years and never suspected anything of this nature. It is amazing how people have secret lives. All I can say is that he must have flipped and started living this twisted life. I hope he is found and brought to justice and treated. And I especiallly hope that the people he hurt are able to find peace and heal their wounds.

    Comment by Old Friend | April 17, 2007

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