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Paroled Child Murderer, Danny R. Rouse, Kills again … this time 16 year old Stephanie Wagner

What the hell is going on in this country? Since when do we parole convicted child murders? Danny R. RouseWhat the hell is the justice and parole departments thinking? What is the end result? Another murder!!!

Indiana State Police confirmed that the body of 16 year old Stephanie Faye Wagner was found Wednesday night after she had disappeared on Tuesday night after leaving work.  

Danny R. Rouse, a 51-year-old convicted child murderer, has confessed to the murder and brought police to the body of missing 16 year old Stephanie Wagner. Stephanie Wagner had been missing and an AMBER ALERT had been issued regarding her possible abduction. The AMBER ALERT was canceled after a co -worker told police where they could find her body.

Investigators found the body of Stephanie Wagner in a northwestern Indiana field Wednesday night after the co-worker, Danny R. Rouse, told them where to look and confessed to killing her, police said.

Rouse, 51, was arrested and held without bond at the Cass County Jail. Sheriff’s Detective Tom Wallace testified at a probable cause hearing Thursday that Rouse admitted strangling Wagner and then stabbing her.
Prosecutor Kevin Enyeart said he expected to charge Rouse with murder later Thursday. The court hearing was to continue Friday.
Rouse and Wagner left the Indian Head Restaurant, where they both worked, at about 9:30 p.m. Tuesday, police said. Her mother reported her missing about six hours later.
Maybe some one would like to explain to this distraught family and the community how this Stephanie Wagnerscum bag was walking the streets? Danny Rouse is a convicted child killer. He spent 26 years in prison for stabbing a 5 year old boy to death. So what’s he do after he is paroled? Stabs a teenager to death. The Kansas Parole board she be found guilt of aiding in the murder of Stephanie Wagner.
Rouse was convicted in the 1979 murder of a 5-year-old boy and stabbing of the child’s mother. He was paroled in March after spending 26 years in a Kansas prison.
Upon his release in March, Rouse requested that he be allowed to move to Indiana. His parole supervision was then transferred to a South Bend parole office. (WNBC4)
Someone really needs to explain why Danny Rouse was not in jail for life without parole. The taking of someone’s life means that you actually get to walk a free person? I do not think so. The Kansas Parole Board has some explaining. Seven months after this killer was paroled, he kills again. Read why this killer was in prison in the first place. He was convicted of First degree murder.
Rouse was convicted of first-degree murder in the 1979 slaying of Jason Learst at a Wichita, Kan., apartment, The Wichita Eagle reported today. Rouse also was convicted of stabbing of the boy’s mother, Kathryn Crowley.
During Rouse’s jury trial, witnesses testified that Rouse and Crowley drank beer and smoked marijuana while watching television at Crowley’s apartment. Crowley rejected a verbal sexual advance, after which he stabbed or cut her with a knife 12 times, according to court testimony.
The attack ended when Crowley collapsed and pretended to be dead. Kansas police said Rouse then went to Jason’s bedroom and cut the boy’s throat as he slept.
Rouse pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity at his trial, but a jury convicted him of first-degree murder. (Indy Star)

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  1. How tragic…

    My deepest sympathy for the Wagner family. You really need
    to consider filing charges against Kansas for not only
    releasing him, but also for allowing the transfer.

    God be with you.

    Comment by Patti | November 2, 2006

  2. [...] Danny R. Rousse was previously convicted of killing a 5 year old boy. 26 years later he was paroled and let out on to an unsuspecting public. Guess how long it took this dirt bag to kill again? Hint … its months not years. Read the full and tragic story at Missing & Exploited. We all need to be outraged at this case. [...]

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    The accused killer of a 16-year-old Cass County (Ind.) girl has allegedly told police he used a hunting knife to stab her in the chest after trying to strangle her…
    Detective Sgt. Tom Wallace of the Cass County Sheriff’s Department testified in court that Wagner died as a result of a struggle with Rouse. Wallace said Rouse told investigators he strangled the girl until he thought she was dead, then, when he realized Wagner had not died, stabbed her in the chest…

    Allen Learst, father of the boy Rouse was convicted of killing in Kansas, called the South Bend parole office immediately after Rouse’s release from the Kansas correctional facility, he said in a phone interview Thursday from his home in Minnesota.

    Learst said he was “so dumbfounded that he (Rouse) would be paroled in the first place” and wanted to warn Indiana authorities “to keep a close watch” on Rouse.

    Learst said the parole officer told him authorities “would not tolerate any funny business” from Rouse and, if he broke provisions of his parole, he would head back to prison.

    “We felt a little bit reassured,” Learst said.

    But, when he learned of the slaying in Indiana, Learst said he was “terribly devastated for the family,” knowing the heartache they will endure.

    Comment by Jerseymom | November 7, 2006

  4. Oh dear Lord, what a horrific person to have done this. Why didnt someone know what he was? My prayers are for this family. They should bring a lawsuit so this will STOP.

    Comment by vicki | November 7, 2006

  5. My thoughts and prayers to the family of Stephanie, how sad that we cannot even send our children off to work to learn about life.

    This creep was out because of the do gooders who have this feely sense that everyone is fixable….child prediators are NOT FIXABLE..MAYBE THE PAROLE BOARD COULD GIVE THIS POOR GIRLS FAMILY SOME MONEY TO PAY FOR THE EXPENSES OF BURYING THEIR DAUGHTER….WHAT A SIN

    Comment by Miss-Underestimated | November 7, 2006

  6. When are crimes against children going to bring the same sentences as those against adults? When are we going to admit that pedophiles and child killers have incurable deviant desires? When will we begin sentencing these monsters to death or life?

    The answer is….WHEN WE BEGIN HOLDING JUDGES, PAROLE BOARDS AND OTHER ELECTED OFFICIALS RESPONSIBLE for being soft on sentencing of perverts!!!

    Comment by Kate | November 7, 2006

  7. [...] With misguided parole board decisions these days, I guess one can never be sentenced too many times to life in prison. Judicial “overkill” if you will and welcomed. [...]

    Pingback by Scared Monkeys | November 8, 2006

  8. I swear this Earth is grossly tilted on its axis.

    Comment by Jon | November 8, 2006

  9. i also worked with steph and danny, danny was to be my step father this month i cant express how badly i feel for stephs family i was very close to steph i worked with her 6 days a week and i will never forgive this monster for what he has done to stephs family as well as mine .my own children had spent time with this monster and i am responsible for him meeting my mother i will never have closur and my family as well as stephs have to carry this horrific burden for the rest of our lives.this is very heavy on my heart as well as my head to know i put my whole family in danger will trouble me for the rest of my life and i am truly sorry i ever knew danny rouse i will never forget and i will certainly never ever forgive him.

    Comment by angi binion | December 13, 2006

  10. No one knew what would happen. We all just know that someone in Kansas screwed up and needs to pay the price for all of this. Stephanie was my cousin’s daughter. This family is suffering just as much as yours and everyone else who knew her.

    Dont put the blame on yourself for this monster. Its not your fault. Its the state of Kansas’s fault for releasing him.

    Comment by AC | January 6, 2007

  11. i feel this that they are protecting danny rouse and i feel the murderers have more rights than we do where are stephs rights why is she in heaven because the justice system protected a child killer and the restaurant owner didnt want a background check how sad that is that he didnt want to protect his employees if i was winimac or surrounding areas i would not work there steph is greatly missed the family has suffered greatly her brother her sister her mom her dad will never forget her and u know they should of never went threw this but beacuse of kansa and indiana they are makes me scared to let my children out in the world where are the victims rights where is the justice for steph cause u know what now the taxpayers have to pay for his crime for court hearings and he is the one who killed four people not one but four where is the justice in that i want justice not only for steph but for jason and the other girls who didnt have to die because of rouse i just want to tell steph u where awesome to my son and he talks about u all the time my heart goes out to the family i miss her too she was a loving caring person

    Comment by annomous | January 15, 2007

  12. The state of Kansas and the parole board who released this psychopathic murderer need to be held accountable.

    Comment by KSF | January 26, 2007

  13. This was a tragic and unfortunate event, but remember this Indiana had to accept Danny Rouse to parole there. That still doesn’t excuse his actions and he will burn in hell. My thoughts and prayers are with Stephanie’s family.

    Comment by JC | February 14, 2007

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