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Joe Bieger, 59, Highlands School’s football Coach Missing in Irving, TX (UPDATE: FOUND SAFE)

Joe Bieger, 59, has been missing since October 6, 2006. Joe Bieger left his Dallas Joe Biegerappartment to walk his dogs at 6: am and has not been seen from since. His dogs were found but there was no sign of Bieger. Bieger has been diagnoses with transient global amnesia.

Attacks of TGA begin and end abruptly. They usually last from three to six hours — rarely longer than 12 hours. These attacks may recur in some people. They often occur after strenuous physical activity.


Last month, Bieger disappeared for nearly 10 hours but was later found by the school’s athletic director K.C. Cox.  Bieger’s illness leaves sufferers disoriented and confused. (NBC 5)


  • 5 foot 11 inches tall
  • weighs approximately 190 pounds
  • He was last seen in a white T-shirt and either khaki pants or blue shorts.

The Highlands School’s football team in Irving, TX have cancelled the remander of their season after Joe Bieger went missing.

Cox told NBC 5 that his team’s hearts just weren’t in it with Bieger missing.

 UPDATE: Missing man found in Carrollton

Joe Bieger has no idea where he was for the last month, but for the first time in a long while his family knows where he is — home.

The 52-year-old man was spotted wandering in Carrollton at noon Monday. He had been diagnosed with amnesia in September and he disappeared Oct. 6 when he left his Dallas apartment to walk his two dogs. (Star Telegram)


The football coach who went missing Oct. 6 was found alive and well.

A home-building crew in Carrollton recognized Joe Bieger -– coach of The Highlands School’s football team -– and called the school.

“It’s just a great relief,” school athletic director K.C. Cox said. “To see his wife and him embrace and hug and just that love is just a great big relief.” (NBC5)

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  1. I am a current student at the Highlands School in Irving and as soon as we heard Joe went missing it hit us deep. Joe is such a thoughtful and kind man, and his enthusiasm, especially in football, brought the entire team together. There were some things said by some of our coaches, and some players influenced by them, that were absolutely false. I for one would never say I ended the season because our “hearts just weren’t in it with Bieger missing.” We ended it because of our own bullshit, I know Joe would never want to hear that our season ended because of something that happened to him.
    Joe’s wife, Patricia, was both my English and drama teacher last year; and it was through her that I was introduced to Joe. After Joe had gone missing it became almost impossible to talk to Patricia, there was nothing I could possibly say to make her feel better and I didn’t want to bring up the topic. It makes me so happy to know that Patricia can smile again and be happy, because thats how I’ve always seen her, happy. As I am writing this I just saw a picture of Joe and his wife, aside from the spiffy beard Joe was sporting, the look in Patricia’s eyes were worth a thousand words.


    SM: We are glad to see this had a happy outcome. Welcome home Joe … God Bless


    Comment by student | October 30, 2006

  2. It is likely that Bieger is a victim of exposure from Subliminal Distraction. Another report says he had two episodes of missing memory in September before he disappeared in October.

    There is no current reporting on his computer use in his apartment.

    Comment by L K Tucker | January 27, 2007

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