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DNA Match of Blood Found on Brian Rooney’s Pants of Murdered Michelle Gardner-Quinn

There has been a big break in the murder investigation of Michelle Gardner-Quinn. We have BrianRooney1a match. A DNA sample taken from the pants of the prime suspect, Brian Rooney, in the disappearance and murder of Michelle Gardner-Quinn has been found to be hers.

The blood was found on the blue jeans of Brian L. Rooney, 36, giving police at least one piece of physical evidence allegedly linking the man they call their prime suspect to the Oct. 7 disappearance of Gardner-Quinn.

Rooney, who has denied any involvement in the woman’s disappearance but is being held on unrelated sex charges, was ordered by Vermont District Court Judge Michael Kupersmith to submit to DNA testing during a closed-door hearing Thursday, according to David Sleigh, his court-appointed lawyer.

It appears that the court appointed attorney for Brian Rooney let the cat out of the bag even though the court hearing was supposed to be closed. This could be the beginning of the end for Brian Rooney and the piece needed to prove who was responsible for the murder of Michelle Gardner-Quinn.

That was revealed by David Sleigh, a court appointed lawyer for Mr. Rooney in an interview with the Associated Press. He said the DNA evidence was revealed at a hearing, a hearing that Sleigh thought was open, when it was actually closed. (WCAX)

Brian RooneyCt

DNA match even though mums the word because of a sealed affidavit.  

In an affidavit, prosecutors said a Vermont State Police analysis showed the DNA samples to match, according to Sleigh.

Deputy Chittenden County State’s Attorney Justin Jiron would not confirm or deny the DNA match when asked Thursday, saying the affidavit was under seal. “I’m not allowed to talk about the results,” Jiron said.

Neither Police Chief Thomas Tremblay nor Lt. Kathleen Stubbing would confirm it, either.

District Court refused to release the affidavit, saying it was under seal.

A search of the suspects home on Monday revealed the following.

In a Monday search of Rooney’s parents’ home in Richmond, police found photographs and videotapes of naked women, one of which was labeled with the girlfriend’s name and showed a woman lying face down on a bed, making no movements as she was sexually assaulted.

The latest charges could put Rooney away for life. (Burlington Free Press)

From the material found during searches and the past allegations against Brian Rooney, one wonders what the police in Vermont were thinking by having this predator walk the streets. Its okay to press charges against Brian Rooney now, but not in the past?

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  1. [...] More on the DNA match and search of Brian Rooney’s home at Missing & Exploited. [...]

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  2. I have been following this case since it first began. Partly because I have family in Virginia and I actually went to school in Arlington, Virgina. I actually cried when I learned that Michele Gardner Quinn’s body was found in Vermont. I too have been a victim at the young age of 17, in fact it occurred in Arlington, Virginia. Fortunately my life was spared and I was not raped, however the person attacked with me was stabbed twice. So I know what it is like to be a victim first hand. However I am commenting not to draw attention to myself but rather give a little background info so that others might know that I have insight. I am a little concerned at the way law
    enforcement has zeroed in on a person that supposedly did somthing in the late 90′s. I am not defending the accused in any way because I am not a detective and I do not know the whole story. As a matter of fact, I read this weekend that in the town closest to where Gardner Quinns body was found, a man was arrested for attempted luring of a female into his truck, she even had a infant with her! I am just concerned that they get the person that did this and not just SOMEBODY! They are going to have to come up with a little more evidence then what I have heard. Maybe he was with someone else that killed this woman.

    Comment by did | October 22, 2006

  3. It appears to me that the Burlington police are doing a good job at handling this professionally. They are not saying a whole lot at this time, which is probably good. That way it can be handled in a court of law with fewer “objections” like it was already tried in the media, etc. Him being the last one seen with her, her blood on his pants, seems a pretty strong case. They found her soon enough that it is most likely a LOT of evidence was preserved. I don’t think they will have a difficult time coming up with evidence for a solid case against him.

    Another thing … we cannot blame the police for letting this guy walk around. An abduction/murder took place in our town several years ago, and several of us had opportunities to discuss our frustrations with the state police. Their answer? Lobby to get the laws changed – the laws frustrate them more than they frustrate us. Don’t forget — they see first hand, the carnage these creeps leave behind for them to deal with, collect evidence from, tell horrible news to heartbroken families. They do not want these creepos walking around.

    Comment by Deb | October 24, 2006

  4. PEOPLE, they have a DNA match, her blood was found on his pants, what else do you want? what else is needed? The guy is OBVIOUSLY

    Comment by fanciful dreams | October 24, 2006

  5. PEOPLE, they have a DNA match, her blood was found on his pants, what else do you want? what else is needed? The guy is OBVIOUSLY guitly, ring him up, tie him down, put him under the guiteen for all I care, this man deserves to not be alive. I hope he cries when they kill him. And if not, I hope he gets to stare at a wall for the rest of his life. None of this luxury prison bullshit with TV’s, movies, newspapers, all that. I want him in a room, with walls, a bed, and a shitter. Thats it.

    Comment by fanciful dreams | October 24, 2006




    Comment by Patti | October 24, 2006

  7. This makes me so !*!*!*! sick, I was two grades above this guy in High School. He always had something to say or do! He acted like a sex craved weirdo, who if he did not get what he wanted, he would take!
    His daughter is my god-daughter and it makes me wanna kick his ass! Knowing this about him, gives me the chills. I moved away from Vermont in 1989. I’m glad I did, because it makes me ill. To know a guy has to drug girls for sex. I mean come on people, this guy is on the predator list in Vermont.

    Comment by Connie | October 25, 2006

  8. Connie:

    Did you know his brother, Rikki? He seems a little strange,
    too. Comin’ out with “I don’t care WHAT you got, I don’t
    give a damn! I know my brother didn’t do it. He knows how to treat a woman,” and all that stuff??????????

    Comment by Connie | October 26, 2006

  9. [...] Brian Rooney was the last person seen with Michelle Gardner-Quinn alive as surveillance videos captured. Brian Rooney has a past of sexually allegations against him. Prosecutors have stated that they have strong DNA evidence linking Brian Rooney to Michelle Gardner-Quinn. So what did Brian Rooney plead in Court with regards to the strangling and murder of Michelle Gardner-Quinn … not guilty of course. Rooney, 36, is charged with aggravated murder in the Oct. 7 death of Michelle Gardner-Quinn, a University of Vermont senior who turned up dead six days after disappearing while walking back to campus after a night out with friends. [...]

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  10. This guy is seriously sick. He is a *&^%$#@! vicious, heinous predator to do what he does to women! This case soooo reminds me of that other evil monster, Andrew Luster of Max Factor fame. Remember how he used to drug and film girls, teens, women and his own girlfriends. He’d film a self-interview and then everything he did to them when they were ‘out cold’. The canines hit on Brian’s vehicle; there’s DNA match; he was the last person to be with her. This ‘can’t remember I was out cold’ baloney has got to STOP! Creatures like Rooney don’t belong on this planet. Defense attornies these days will do anything in their power to ‘get off’; regardless of how honest, moral or appropriate their tactics are. I sometimes wonder if they don’t give a damn if their client is guilty. Seems they’ll create a loophole just to ‘win’. Ughhhhh! Brian Rooney is a total freak, man.

    Comment by Lindsay | November 1, 2006

  11. Brian Rooney must be die. I wish that it {{EDIT}} the future. If he will see {{EDIT}} understand what were feeling Michel Quinn parents.


    SM: Do not push the boundaries that is socially acceptable. No one wishes innicent people pay for the crimes of others. NO ONE!!!


    Comment by Liana/November 6,2006 | November 6, 2006

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