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John Mark Karr Sightings Begin one Day after his release … Karr Questioned & Released by Police

The cloud that will follow John Mark Karr has begun. One day after John Mark Karr was released by a Judge as charges were dismissed for insufficient evidence, Karr was detained and questioned by San Francisco police. It appears that John Mark Karr was reported to police as peering into school windows.

The incident occurred at Convent of the Sacred Heart at 2222 Broadway St. – less than 2 miles away from Karr’s attorney’s office, where a press conference was about to begin regarding Thursday’s dismissal of child pornography charges Karr faced in Sonoma County. Karr did not appear at the press conference.

San Francisco police Sgt. Steve Mannina said that at 12:17 p.m., a worker called police and said Karr was in front of the school.

“According to witnesses, a limousine pulled up, he got out, went up to the school and was looking in the window,” Mannina said.

Police pulled over the limousine that Karr was in and questioned him. Karr was found in the car with two people working for the national media. So how long will it be before John Mark Karr is on TV? The over/under is Wednesday of next week. The police then released him as no crime was committed. Is this going to be what Karr’s life will consist of? He is recognizable to everyone and trusted by none.

A police officer pulled over the limousine a short time later, to find Karr in the back with two people working for a national television news program, Mannina said.

Police “determined there was no illegal activity occurring, so they had to let him go,” Mannina said. (CBS4)

UPDATE: Drudge Report

The AP reported this weekend: Police say the received a call from the Convent of the Sacred Heart school, where Karr worked briefly as a teacher’s aide in 2000. School employees told police the limo carrying Karr and two producers for ABC’s “Good Morning America,” stopped near the school. Karr got out, strolled the sidewalk and approached the school’s door.

Police say no laws were broken, but they did take the names of Karr and the producers.Karr was released from jail Thursday after Sonoma County authorities lost critical evidence in a five-year-old child pornography case against him and it was dismissed.

UPATE: ABC canceled the interview with Karr on Friday after he jumped out of the car at the school. “Our producers were quite disturbed by his behavior. No sweeps special. No interview.”


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    Pingback by Scared Monkeys | October 7, 2006

  2. is this guy working up to “suicide by cop” or “suicide by irate parent” remember how popular “Jason” masks were at halloween? i predict john mark karr masks will be a real winner this halloween.

    Comment by dennisintn | October 7, 2006

  3. Gee…so why aren’t the Aruban police doing that to Paulus, Joran, Deepak and Satish? A little never ending, keep the pressure on ‘em, “friendly” harrassment for the rest of their lives.

    Comment by para2legal | October 8, 2006

  4. This is one that we need to keep on a short leash. The least we could do is take away his passport because anyone who gets that dreamy look in his eye at the mere mention of her name and who thinks that a Jon Benet was beautiful in death is a time bomb just waiting to go off…….the deep end.

    I couldn’t believe he said that! But I know he did…

    so keep a close eye on this guy, PLEASE……..

    From my understanding, there is always a period of idealation before the crime………especially sexual crimes…… against children………


    Comment by Patty | October 11, 2006

  5. Truth is that we don’t have the laws in place to punish people like Karr. Even if the tapes had been found, Karr would not have served any additional time for his crime. The best that we could hope for is that he be designated as a sex defender, but even that program is mostly voluntery.

    We definately need to keep a short leash on this guy. There is no legislation to convict someone of their thoughts, but we all know that homicidal idealation is the first step on the trail leading to child sex offenses and murder. We’ve prooven that he didn’t kill Jon Benet but he acts like he wished he did….. and that’s just as bad in my eyes.

    Unfortuately, we will probably see him again.

    Comment by patti | October 12, 2006

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