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Earl Stefanson, 41, Arrested for Brutally Tortured & Murder of Leslie Lamb: “Silence of the Lamb” Basement

Oakland police have arrested 41 year old Earl Stefanson is the torture and murder of 36 year Earl Stefansonold Leslie Lamb. It appears from their investigation that Stefanson may have killed two other woman in his home as well. What they found in Stefanson’s home upon attaining a search warrant was chilling.


Police said they were able to determine that Lamb had not been inside the car where Stefanson claimed to have found her.

Police said they determined Stefanson had a history of abusing Lamb.

When authorities searched his home in the 3400 block of Coolidge Avenue, they found Lamb’s blood and the blood of two other unidentified women.

Police said Stefanson tortured her in a room set up in his basement, which they described as frightening.


(The home on the 3400 block of Coolidge Avenue in Oakland where police arrested Earl Stefanson, SF Chronicle)

The authorities did not go into great detail regarding the basement; however, it was described as something like out of “Silence of the Lambs”. Police are trying to determine who the woman are who the blood belonged to. Stefanson has a history of abusing women. Police are trying to determine whether there are more women out there who may have been abused by Stafanson and ask that they come forward.

It appeared as if Stefanson had made an attempt to clean up the blood and conceal evidence of Lamb having been at the residence, Jones said. At this point, police have no idea who the other two victims are or even whether they are dead or alive.

When police attempted to arrest Stefanson Tuesday night, he led them on a lengthy chase through Oakland and Hayward, Jones said.

Oakland police, with assistance from Hayward police, were eventually able to capture Stefanson and take him into custody. (NBC San Diego)

A former wife of an Stefanson she had lived in fear of her husband and endured “major abuse” during their relationship a decade ago.

She said the abuse stopped only after she and her husband, Earl Stefanson, were arrested for running a methamphetamine lab in Butte County.

“I was forced to be there. I was afraid to leave,” said the woman, who has since remarried and asked that she not be named because she was afraid for her safety. “I lived in a state of fear.”

Stefanson, 41, the son of an ex-president of the Hells Angels’ Oakland chapter, was charged Thursday with murdering Leslie Lamb, a single mother who police said was his girlfriend. Police said he had a torture chamber in his home in the Oakland foothills and that they fear he may have harmed other women. (San Francisco Chronicle)

Earl Stefanson has quite the checkered past:

  • Ex-wife said she had suffered regular abuse from Stefanson during their five-year marriage. She would not go into details, but said the abuse did not include torture.
  • In 1995, she and Stefanson were arrested for allegedly making methamphetamine and growing marijuana in Oroville (Butte County).
  •  Stefanson pleaded no contest in June 1996 and was sentenced to nine years in state prison for running a methamphetamine lab.
  • she had often seen her daughter with black eyes and bruises. “She got away safe,” she said.
  • Court records show that another ex-wife of Stefanson’s, Antonia Gutierrez, obtained a restraining order against him in Fresno County in 1985, alleging harassment.
  • The younger Stefanson had one previous encounter with police in Oakland: In 2004, he pleaded no contest to lewd conduct and being drunk in public after police found him masturbating in a pickup truck near 15th and Castro streets, records show. (SF Chronicle)

Oakland police homicide investigators can be contacted at (510) 238-3821, or on the department’s anonymous tip line at (510) 777-3211.

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  2. Earl is a real freak!!! Obviously he burned his mind out with drugs; but people like him usually kill more than one person and have numerous victims before getting caught.

    The police have already announced that they have discovered blood from two other victims from Mr. Stephanson’s home. I am more curious about that, in that there may be a connection between him and missing Nina Reiser who is also from Oakland. She has been missing since early in September and went missing when she went to the grocery store. Shortly, I think about a week, later; the police found her vehicle with the groceries still inside, but with no sign of Nina.

    The police had been asking for the cooperation of her ex husband who had refused, stating that he does not trust the police (I wonder why???). At any rate, it appears that since they searched the home of Mr. Stephanson, the police have gotten strong-armed with Nina’s ex-husband; taking him into custody and forcing him to supply blood for dna testing. Their statement was that he (the ex) was not a suspect in a crime as they have not proven that there had been a crime, yet.

    Nina is around the same age as Ms. Lamb and to me it seems that there may be a connection. I have a suspicion that the police are going to be testing the blood of the children that were conceived during the marriage with that of the victims blood found at the Stephanson home.

    It would be sad to find that Nina has fallen victim to yet another one of the numerous mass-murderers that we have in this country; but at least everyone will know the truth; and if Mr. Stephanson has more victims, perhaps the police can find them as well.

    My hat’s off to the Oakland Police Department; they’re not wasting any time on this one. I was moved by their news conference as they were both considerate and caring for the known victim as well as tight-lipped and professional for the benefit of future, potential victims. Salute!!!!

    Comment by Patti | October 10, 2006

  3. Oh yes, I failed to mention that I believe the other victim is also from the San Francisco/Oakland area: Joanna “Asha” Veil. She went missing after leaving work and like in the Nina Reiser case, her unoccupied vehicle was found within a quarter-mile from where she was last seen. However, her body was found a few days later. The police have not released information on the condition of the body.

    In respect to the timeline of the disappearances and the identity of the victims I assert the following:

    On August 26, 2006: Ms. Leslie Lamb, who had been secretly
    seeing Mr. Stephanson over the preceeding three-month period is driven to the hospital with major injuries from the torture and beating sustained at Mr. Stephanson’s home. She is left at the hospital with a statement from Stephanson that Ms. Lamb was found in her car in that condition. She dies within minutes of her arrival.

    On September 5, 2006: Ms. Nina Reiser, of Russian descent, is abducted on her way home from the grocery store. The unoccupied vehicle is reported to police about a week later, however it is ascertained that the vehicle had been in that location since around the time of Ms. Reiser’s disappearance. No body is found.

    On September 9, 2006: Joanna “Asha” Veil, of Poland descent, is abducted on her way home from her work (a grocery store) in the Bay area. Her unoccupied vehicle is found within a quarter-mile from her job. Within days her body is found, face down, in a wilderness area between a dirt road and a creek.

    I believe that Mr. Stephanson had a crush (as people like him are never really capable of loving anyone) on Ms. Lamb and upon murdering her, he felt guilty. She is the only vicim that he reported or tried to save after severely beating her.

    But, once the rage was released, Mr. Stephanson lost control and/or felt the need to murder again. I believe that Ms. Reiser and Ms. Veil were “chance” encounters and were true random murders.

    I hope I am wrong, but I have lived in that area, and I have seen how these things go. I am grateful that he was stopped before he hurt anymore women as most of these people will never stop until they are stopped.

    What do you think? Possible?

    Comment by Patti | October 10, 2006

  4. Leslie Lamb was my friend. I can’t believe that this happened to her. I hope they nail this guy big time.

    Comment by kristi | October 11, 2006

  5. Oh, Sweetie, they will…thanks to Ms. Lamb. If he didn’t care about her, he would not have gotten caught. Do you realize that? And he will never, from now on, ever see the light of day. No judge, in Oakland, will ever allow this guy to walk on bond; you can rest assured of that.

    The question is: Now that we have him, what do we do with him? I say we perform Scientific Experiments on him, and all those like him, to find out how people can be so heartless…

    and probe his mind to find out if its psychological or genetic so we can stop people like him before its too late.

    Everybody deserves to live in a safe world…and women should be able to date a guy for a few months or go to the grocery store without being abducted and tortured by an animal like this…this is not just another guy, this guy is a demon.

    If we would just stop killing these guys and donate their bodies to research, we could find out why some psychotic, paranoid schizaphrenic, bi-polar, depressed or just down right mean people do these things while most of them don’t.

    A person could probably get the government to do that in California where there is no death penalty…I know there has to be some medical students or psychiatric studies out there that could put this shell of a man to work for the betterment of society…because until we know why, we will always fall victim to those like him.

    I’m so sorry.

    Comment by Patti | October 11, 2006

  6. My heart goes out to Leslie and her friends and family. When I look at her picture, I see a young, happy young lady with a real zest for life. It saddens me to think that her son is left motherless because we, as a nation, have not taken the steps that are necessary to rid our society of the illnesses that have come to make our country unsafe. We are all victims of these diseased minds that think that they have the right to take the life of the ones that we love so much.

    Unless we act responsibly, as a civilized nation; and rage a war against those that commit violence against their own kind, we are lost. Our civil liberties mean nothing. We are not willing to hide from the sun by day and the moon by night from these people any longer. We are tired of our children being snatched from us and becoming just another face on the back of a milk carton. We are in a dark era of our history and we need to stop the violence against our families, now.

    Never before, in human history, has a nation had so many casualties during time of peace. We were founded on the premice of freedom and yet we find ourselves inslaved by our own. This is not a case of living in an unsafe world; this is not a case of our citizens acting foolishly; this is a case of an illness that is spreading all too quickly in a society that does not done all it can to see that we are safe.

    It has been suggested and should be strongly considered that the responsible thing to do is to do the research to find out what it is, exactly, that causes that one in a million to end up like this. For instance, it has been suggested that one evolves into a sadistic psychopath through his environment. However, there are those such as Jeffrey Dodd that put those theories to rest. There are others that say that sadistic psychopaths are born with an element of their conscience missing; as one can certainly attest to everytime they read the news about someone such as this character, or Dodd, or Gacey, or BTK, Greenriver Killer (the list is endless). It is clear that there is not an ounce of compassion in their hearts for their victims.

    We also need to realize that this sort of serial killing was not something that has been around for a long time. In Europe, as well as many other countries, there is not an problem with serial murderers in epic proporations as there is here.

    We are all frightened of the mad cow disease, but what about the mad human being disease that we have right here, right now? Does not that deserve our attention? I say yes.
    And as gruesome as it sounds, if it takes the close study of the human brain in people known to carry the disease, I say lets do it. It has been decades since our medical and psychiatric professionals have detected new diseases of the mind, and I think its time for them to take another look.

    My main point is this: We have drug companies that spend millions of dollars producing new drugs for old diseases; and while its true that there have always been sociopaths, they have never behaved like this before and at such grand scale.

    I pray that there be change. I don’t want anymore Leslie Lambs. Our children deserve to live in a society where they are safe. Our women deserve to be whole and our lives should be allowed to be long. No one has the right to take away our joy.

    Leslie Lamb, may you rest in peace knowing that you had a special spark that moved the unthinkable to think twice. You had the smile that moved even the cruelest of them all to cry when it was gone. The very life that you had in you is what makes it possible for us all to question our own decisions and pray for something better. You are a very special lady with all the promice of youth, no matter what your age. I will always remember you as the one that saved many because it was your bravery that made it possible for us to get this guy; and because of you, we will never forget. There is no silence in this lamb for we all have heard your screams and they shall be glorified in heaven. Thank you.

    Comment by Patti | October 12, 2006

  7. I am a monkey. And even though I try to hold my mouth, to me it is much like holding your breath.

    Anyway, I feel that we are going to find out some rather interesting things from this case. Already, we know that Mr. Stephanson cleaned the multi-crime scene of the blood from the murder of Ms. Lamb. However, there were two other victims who’s DNA was found. My guess is that Mr. Stephanson, or Stefenson which ever it is, as I have seen it spelled both ways; has had a field day in the basement of his home.

    I believe that they are going to be able to tie Earl; gee, that sounds better, to a number of missing person’s cases in the Bay area. There have been at least one famale body found dumped, via suitcase, in the bay; and there are still the many women who have gone missing.

    Earl has had far too many empty hours, due to ruined relationships and his inability to get along with people. Time to devise his torture chamber and perfect it; as I am sure that Ms. Lamb was not the first of his victims… After all, old degraded DNA is alot easier to destroy than fresh blood; and it was still very difficult for the Police to find Ms. Lamb’s blood, much less DNA.

    Yes, that’s right. He cleaned the whole thing in fear that the police would come because of him taking Ms. Lamb to the hospital. But when they didn’t show, it was back to business, not the monkey type, for Earl.

    Hopefully, Mr. Stephanson was raised to cooperate with the police so they can obtain pertinant information concerning the where abouts of the others. If not, they need to find out what makes him click and use it to get him to talk. We all need to hear about the recession of the human mind into the zone, that people like this crave, and get to the bottom of it. We all need to hear what the signs are in a person that is getting ready to make that leap into fantasy where only they are the master, so we can come to notice it in others.

    If we all act scared, as this is the true monster that haunts us by day and night, we will never be able to stop them. Even I am scared, but I’ll bet there are some strong and brave men out there that would love to help a woman, or for that matter, a nation of women in distress..

    Fact is: There are millions of good guys out there that hate these predators as much as we do, and for that, we are grateful. Against them, he’s nothing.

    Fact is: There are millions of perfectly ordinary people in this world that deserve an answer for the existance of a whole network of perverted, degraded and just plain nasty individuals such as this character.

    Fact is: We are the really smart monkeys, that have the technology all ready in place and just begging to go to work in studying the human specimins that come available through acts such as these.

    Fact is: There is something specifically ignorant about covering your eyes, so you can’t see the pain that these people are inflicting on their victims, such as Ms. Lamb; and, really all of us, that continue to live in fear of the boogy man. Because the:

    Fact is: We need to speak it to stop it.

    I’m not afraid of the Hell’s Angels… I have angels of my own. And I am not afraid of the wrath that can come from them, because in reality, they know I’m right. Besides Hell’s Angels are not that different from you and I.

    And to think that Earl has the perfect excuse for what he did, because his Dad was the President. Think again. I am sure that Earl was probably given all he ever needed as a child and was in many ways, spoiled. And…..

    Fact is: There is no excuse. There are no mental diseases that this man can fall under to free him of his sentence.
    That’s not to say that he doesn’t have one. I think that our legal system has gotten smart enough to know that, when those old laws regarding the mentally ill were written, we weren’t dealing with mass murderers that would kill the whole world around them if they only had the time……

    Fact is: What we have going here in the way of imprisonment for the rest of their lives isn’t working anymore. Neither is killing them. Every monkey knows that if you kill those around you, you kill yourself…. we are truly one. Anything that is killed by our hand, as a society, must be for a purpose other than revenge.

    Fact is: We have alot of sick monkeys that need to be examined in order to get a true understanding of what it is that we are up against.

    And upon finding it, MAYBE, we can do something about it, because…..

    Fact is: We have our children, our sisters, our daughters and our friends to worry about.

    God Bless the Children……

    Comment by Patti | October 13, 2006

  8. Look at you just like a monkey ranting on. You’ve got this guy convicted and everything.


    SM: No that would be the actual charges brought against him and his priors.

    Don’t let facts get in the way though.


    Comment by stacy | October 14, 2006

  9. Just read the news. Mr. Reiser has been charged in the murder of his wife, Nina. According to the news, the FBI found blood on an interior door as well as in a sleeping bag that was in his home.

    They have interviewed the couple’s two children and have issued a probable cause warrant for his arrest. Still no sign of Nina… the police are asking for the help of the public through continued searches.

    For some reason, I thought that this one was going to be different…. domestic violence, how sad.

    If there’s anyone editting this, please retract my prior statements… however, the search for the other two victims
    will go on.

    Comment by Patti | October 14, 2006

  10. Oh my God!!!!!!

    I just read an article in San Francisco. The press is calling Ms. Lamb the girlfriend of Mr. Stefenson.

    A few months into the relationship and he FINALLY takes her to his basement so she can really get to know the kind of guy she’s with (which was probably his plan all along) and now they are going to stick her with him for the rest of her death? How Cruel!!!!!

    I hope they’re not planning on white-washing this crime by making it into a private sexual game played between two consenting adults. I think I’m going to be sick?!?!?!?!?!

    Adults don’t consent to being beaten with a board. And the TRUTH of the matter is that the only reason that we caught him was because after taking more than most people could ever endure, she begged him to take her to the hospital so she could see her son again; she sighed in relief and died. That’s the thanks she gets? WHITEWASH!!!!!

    Who the H____ is running things down there? The vice-president of the Hell’s Angels?

    They call what he did “Running a Torture Chamber”

    Question? How do you RUN a Torture Chamber?????? Charge people at the door?

    Ms. Leslie is a VICTIM in this case. Just because a serial killer keeps a woman around a few months, even if he yelled at her, doesn’t mean that it’s less of a crime. Afterall,
    all you investigators down there know that they kill when they want to kill. It could be every week or it could be every 5 years. Get Real!!!!!

    I suppose the press want all the citizens of San Francisco to think that a woman voluntarily allows someone to break every bone in her body because she loves her man so much.
    Get Real!!!!!!

    Last time I checked, women, especially in San Francisco were well aware of the ones that hunt them down by day and night. That’s why we date someone for a period of time before taking them home to meet the family… especially
    our nine-year old sons.

    San Francisco, where’s your conscience??????????????

    Neighbors, who didn’t want to identify themselves for fear of retaliation, say that he yelled at his girlfriends all the time so WHERE ARE THEY????

    Leslie Lamb and those like her say, “Hogwash”

    Comment by Patti | October 15, 2006

  11. OAKLAND: You better get back with the neighbors and show them a few pictures of the missing. Since he had so many girlfriends (which I’m sure he did as most women prefer the strong, manly types; even tho they are a pain in the a..)
    you’d better get back to them before they forget…. and just in case you’re wondering I like the strong, manly types with a conscience……………… and a heart.

    NO HOG FOR ME!!!!!!!!

    Comment by Patti | October 15, 2006

  12. You know what? I’ve had it!!!

    First they start off with this play on her name “silence of the Lambs,” and now they want to drag her through the mud with the likes of him??? How powerful are these people in the second rated City of Sin???

    They want to play games with headlines? Well how’s this one?




    I mean, really:


    like it’s some kind of a ferris wheel at Disneyland….

    Comment by Patti | October 15, 2006

  13. The friends of Ms. Leslie Lamb have established a memorial fund for her son, Justin:

    Justin Memorial Fund
    Sierra Central Credit Union
    559 Sutton Way
    Grass Valley, California

    For information: Sierra Central – 477-2982

    Our thoughts, prayers and condolences to Ms. Leslie’s friends and family. Stay strong.

    Comment by Patti | October 15, 2006

  14. Okay.

    Here’s the scoop. I have been busy looking at what other news agencies are reporting on this stuff.

    First of all, I want you all to know that I don’t know Mr. Stefenson at all. I have never seen him before and until yesterday, have not done any research on this case.

    I do not live in San Francisco and have no first-hand knowledge of the sexual deprivaties that they have going on there. I looked at his picture and you have read what I got from him and the victim, Ms. Lamb.

    This man is a demon. He is a mass-murderer. I hope that there are alot of people that had been his victims speaking out in San Francisco because we really need to put an end to the Mr. Earls in this world.

    Please take a look at this information that has been compiled by the F.B.I. and the C.I.A. regarding non-monkey business that Mr. Earl has been involved with:

    Or if you can, see:

    I don’t want to scare the family of Ms. Lamb, but if I were you, I’d be careful. These people are ruthless and very evil. Life means nothing to them. So be strong, but be careful.

    Ms. Lamb did not die in some ritual. She was killed by only one. She is resting in peace knowing that you have her. She wanted to go home to you so bad. She loves you all and she always will.

    Don’t let these people drag you or your loved ones through the mud. Ignore much of what they say as they do not know the whole story and they will forget, all too soon, about the victims in this case.

    I told you she saved the lives of many.

    Comment by Patti | October 17, 2006

  15. Okay. So you’re still here. So you want to hear more?!?!?!

    You’d better brace yourself:

    Ms. Leslie (I will call her that for I am sure that as I am sure that Lamb is not her real name) was a friend of Mr. Earl. While she was a woman of middle age, she thought and acted more like a young person. These are the things that she wants you to know.

    First, she is not perfect… she was always a Daddy’s girl and it was always so important that she feel accepted. She
    walked a little on the wild side and, though, she may have had a good time with those that did drugs, she did not have an addictive personality. For those that will want to look into her personal life, she did only what was expected of her. She especially loved to please HER man, although they could get a little wild sometimes, it was always done in fun. The truth of the matter is that she was both jealous and possessive of her man.

    I’m not getting into any of the “nasty” details because as she said, “she did nothing that wasn’t expected of her.”
    Mr. Earl was controlling, and while he wanted someone to love, love for him was illusive. He had a very difficult getting along with people. He was selfish and self-consumed. Besides, love had never quite worked for him; so they had a “friendship”.

    She is very angry about the neighbors, as she said that he always talked loud. She never thought that the neighbors thought that she was being abused, for in her mind, she wasn’t. She doesn’t want them to think that of her.

    The night of the death of Ms. Leslie started off with a phone call. Mr. Earl had said that he was having a few friends over and that he wanted her to come over and cook them something to eat.

    She had always been there everytime he called, for deep inside, she loved him; or atleast thought she did. The truth about that is that Ms. Leslie was emotionally in need of someone to hold her. Mr. Earl had been that for her. She could fake the fun of sex and act like she enjoyed the things that you never talk about with your mother, but it was the holding that she loved. She especially loved the weight of his arm over her body while he slept. There are very deep emotional scars that Ms. Leslie is now over, that kept her going back to this man. He was her “Big, Teddy Bear.”

    But things were going bad. There was a rat and noone knew who it was. Mr. Earl had the most to lose. In his mind, there were cops everywhere; or atleast, in places that they did not belong; and he suspected the person closest to him.
    Besides, he hasn’t trusted women in a very long time and he was especially upset that Leslie was making him out to be a fool.

    There were three men there. When she pulled up she went to get some stuff out of the car and Mr. Earl came out and grabbed her and when she asked what’s wrong, he gave her a push and said, “Just get in the House!” (That’s what she believes the neighbors may have heard.)

    I am not sure how she got into the basement, but it was not about fun or games. Mr. Earl was very angry. He wanted to know who she had talked to. After numerous blows to the body and the head he finally started hitting her in the face. They threatened her that they (and it is Mr. Earl saying this), “we are going to put you in the meat grinder and no on will ever find you!”

    I’m not sure why and I’m not sure how, but in the end, it was only him and her. She had been lowered and she was on the floor in excruciating pain. At the beginning she had told him that she had not talked to anybody. She had tried to convince him but he didn’t believe it. She turns to him and in a whisper she asks him, “please don’t do this.” When she said that, spray of blood splattered from her mouth and it got on him. She had a look of fear on her face as she was sure that he would get mad and hit her. But he cried. Every tooth in her mouth was either knocked out or broken off. And that was what made him want to save her. That sweet, sweet smile was gone. And it wasn’t until he got her on the floor that he realized it.

    This is the stuff that I have had to live with for the past week. I cry, inside and out, everytime I think of her. He was a heartless bastard that would’ve very well put her in the meat grinder or whatever it is that they do to make someone totally disappear. And it was her fear of disappearing without her family knowing what happened to her that kept her holding on, for way too long, for most of us to even comprehend.

    So you know what? I am not going to care about anything Joe Public or anyone says… this woman was an angel. In this world angels are never perfect, but if a person is to be judged, let them be judged when they are at their worst; not while they are having a good time.

    The beating deaths of the other two were not nearly as bad as that of Ms. Leslie. I told you that I thought that Mr. Earl had a thirst for murder after he had killed Mr. Leslie
    but in reality, he had lost his zeal and quickly got it over with concerning the other two. At this point, he was doing more, “damage control” as he just wanted it to be over with. Without any witnesses. I don’t know whether it was the murder of Ms. Leslie or the business that he was trying to protect, perhaps both. But he is responsible for the other two murders.

    Ms. Leslie drowned in her own blood. In the car, on the way to the hospital, she nearly fell asleep. Upon getting there, she was aroused and once she felt safe enough, she died.

    So now you know. I hope that anything that I said is not hurtful or cruel in anyone’s eyes as I truly do not mean to hurt anyone. I only want justice for Leslie. She didn’t do anything mean or hurtful to anyone, she “acted” only as was “required” of her. Earl never abused her, at least not in her eyes, until that night.

    Now we need to let Leslie rest. Please, just let her rest.

    And if there is anything said about this woman, let it be that she loved her family. Let it be that she was a hero.
    There is nothing anyone can do for her, now; other than respect her.

    Comment by Patti | October 17, 2006

  16. Oh…… Ms. Leslie, how could ANYONE help but to love you.

    I don’t care whether she was up or down in age, Ms. Leslie

    was always just right. Too bad there aren’t more like her.

    Comment by Patti | October 19, 2006

  17. Is what you described the truth? Why do you say that about her teeth being knocked out?

    Comment by kristi | October 20, 2006

  18. Patti, how do you REALLY know this?

    Sounds like you were at the coolidge house yourself?

    Comment by Missunderstood | October 20, 2006

  19. Because the very thing that all her friends loved about her in the end was what saved her from being just another missing person that is never found.

    I don’t care for the gruesome details but her family deserves to know the truth. The matter of her death is not nearly as important as the truth.

    I have already told you the truth. Whether Leslie knew the truth about her lover, we will never know; but because of her strength and because of her love, we will find out.

    Then, too, sometimes you have to reveal part of the truth to get to the rest. Yes, its the truth. There are people that have sexual slaves; but more importantly, there are those that are a part of transporting them. Meet Earl.

    America, WAKE UP!!!!

    Comment by Patti | October 20, 2006

  20. OK Patti!

    you seem to know SO much!!

    Were you ACTUALLY there??

    You seem to know alot of details that the media has not covered?????????????????????

    Well, were you at Mr. Earls while this was going down?
    how do you claim to know so much????

    Comment by Missunderstood | October 20, 2006

  21. You know she was my friend but she was a pain in my ass too, but i know that she had noidea how many people out here loved and cared and will miss her terribly. we all were( i’m refering to her true everyday friends) so shocked to hear of her murder. and i dont know who you are Patti but i’d like to sit down and talk to you one on one. For the reason that we are in regular contact with les’s mother and there are conflicting statements as to what the facts are. I didnt always like les but she was my friend no matter how angry shed be at me for being the new woman in the life of her most recent ex.After about 3 months or so i finally had enough of her hating on me so i stepped up to the plate and made her deal with me and her feelings and talk to me about why she was so angry. now in telling you all this i mean to eexpress that no matter how obnoxious or loud or insistant or even hateful that she could sometimes be( im just telling truth and anyone who REALLY knew her knows this) we always found a way to get through to her or if nothing else we found a way to be friends. she didnt deserve to die and i know that earl will “reap the whirlwind” like he deserves for taking away a truelly good soul that brout all of us so many laughs and good times. i hope that these woman that you hurt earl distort your mind and haunt you for the rest of your petty existance .Your no God, who are you to take her from us?! she’d talk to me about earl and when they first hooked up she sought me out specificlly because i too had been with a biker of sorts and had some insight to the lifestyle and expectations . i warned her and a saved her from that house several times. it kills me inside to know that she kept going back even though he’d hurt her. screw you earl and if there is anyone out there who can help us ensure that this demon gets whats coming please contact the oakland p.d. . thank you Ciao bella we’ll miss you R.I.P

    Comment by CIAO BELLA 2 | October 20, 2006

  22. What. Who are you and where do you get what you think are facts?

    Comment by kristi | October 20, 2006

  23. Wait !!!!

    I think I hear a peep. Perhaps it is a hoot. Excuse me?
    Did I hear something??

    Perhaps you have some facts???

    Comment by Patti | October 20, 2006

  24. Take your time…..

    Don’t tell me you’re afraid of the

    Oh well, I guess I won’t give a hoot
    but I swear I heard a HOOT….

    Hello, Hello…You need to Speak up!

    Comment by Patti | October 21, 2006

  25. Kristi…..

    This man is truly a demon. I told you
    that from the beginning. He is going
    to try to hurt you and Ms. Lamb’s family
    in any and every way he can. I am sure
    that it is in his plan to act as crazy
    as possible to get out of being held
    responsible. Don’t let him make you or
    Ms. Leslie’s family cry. You need to see
    through him. See him as the despicable
    human being that he is; and don’t give him
    the satisfaction of hurting you.

    He is truly an animal… that’s why I say
    that Leslie is very special. Just think
    about how many more people he would have
    killed had Ms. Leslie not “touched” him.

    There is some information on those that have
    had the rare experience of talking a psycho-
    path “out” of killing them; but like I said,
    that’s rare. These people are untouchable.
    They have no heart. So just because Ms. Leslie
    could reach him and make him express sorrow,
    don’t think, for a second, that he is feeling
    that now.

    Now: He’s in jail and will remain there for the
    rest of his life. He is going to do any, and
    every, thing that he can to beat this rap. He is
    not going to be kind, that’s not part of his
    personality. Besides, he’s mad!!! No one would
    act like he does, would they???

    The thing that I worry about is that the jury
    is going to view this case as a domestic violence
    case. Don’t laugh. Right now, he’s trying to get
    out of a trial for being unfit to stand trial. He’s
    going to act crazier than a mad cow.

    Once he goes to trial, watch out. He is either
    going to present Ms. Leslie as his girlfriend that
    voluntarily participated in his torture games
    (which we know she didn’t) or he is going to try
    to assassinate her character with lies. He may
    even try to get friends to help him… and don’t
    fool yourself, he does have friends… like him.

    So please, stay strong.

    One other thing… stay in close contact with the
    prosecutor. He will be able to let you know if
    a hearing is important for you to attend, or not.
    There is no sense in going to hearings unless they
    are necessary. The only reason I say that is that
    you all have been through alot. And you really
    need time to heal… that won’t be possible with
    him tearing your hearts out each time you see him.
    Besides, he will keep you abreast of where the
    investigation and the defense is heading and you’ll
    be better prepared to handle Mr. Earl.

    Keep your heads up. If you need to, rely on Ms.
    Leslie for your strength and remember, you all
    need justice. She has made it possible for this
    monster to get caught and now its up to us to
    finish him off.

    Stay strong.

    I’m going to see if I can get something that will
    help you.

    Comment by Patti | October 22, 2006

  26. One other thing… talk to the
    District Attorney’s office to
    see if they know of some counsel-
    ing that is available to victims
    of violent crimes. It may not be
    a bad idea to get Ms. Leslie’s son,
    Justin, into one of these programs;
    or any family member that feels that
    they need it.

    If you have concerns, talk to him.
    He has dealt with people like Mr. Earl
    many times before. Don’t be afraid;
    remember Mr. Earl WANTS to scare you
    because that makes him feel that he
    is in power of you. Ignore him and
    you’ll really hurt him.

    Comment by Patti | October 22, 2006

  27. Kristi:

    The woman that was there is commissary.

    She’s one of them, so called woman, that
    wait and wait for what they think is the
    love of their life; in this case, Mr.
    Earl, to change his ways and realize that
    she is the one that truly loves him.

    What man, behind bars, doesn’t light up
    when that ace in the hole appears. He
    never loved her; in fact, he couldn’t stand
    her. He just used her. Hopefully, she was
    sickened by his antics in the courtroom and
    will kick HIM to the curb.

    If not, BEWARE of her… If she doesn’t see
    him for what he really is, she is a sitting

    Here is one thing that I found: the latest
    and greatest in research on guys like Mr. Earl.
    I’m having a hard time finding anything on
    how to survive an attack against a psychopath,
    as it is TRULY quite rare.

    There are numerous writings on pschyopaths on
    the internet, but I thought that this one really
    would hit home. Remember, he is not like us.

    I am trying to keep my mind clear of the media.
    But, the DNA tests on the two European women is
    especially important to me. If you hear any-
    thing, please let me know. I am not in San Francisco,
    or Oakland, or California for that matter. I am not
    abreast on what is going on there, or privy to
    information on this case. I know simply because, I

    Hang in there.

    Comment by Patti | October 23, 2006

  28. I do want to tell you; I am not a spiritist. I
    am not in touch with Leslie, as she is asleep.
    She is at rest and shall live forever in the
    hearts and minds of those that loved her.

    I am a reader of the living.

    It is Mr. Earl’s thoughts that I am reading and
    it is only through him that I know what happened
    with Ms. Leslie. And… it is only through him
    that I know that he was involved in the kidnap,
    transportation, enslavement and, in some cases,
    murder of innocent women and children.

    Comment by Patti | October 23, 2006

  29. Miss Ciao Bella:

    I am so sorry for your pain. Whatever problems that
    the two of you had is over. Ms. Leslie wouldn’t want
    you to fret over that anymore. She is sorry for so
    many things; but they are gone now.

    As far as the conflicting stories, I don’t know exactly
    what you mean. But if there are stories told by Mr.
    Earl’s friends, don’t believe them. There may be parts
    based on facts, but they are distorted.

    Ms. Leslie wasn’t perfect. She did some things under the
    control of Mr. Earl that were not “her”. They will try to
    use those things to hurt you. Mr. Earls friends knew a
    Leslie that was much different than the one that we know.

    And to answer MISSUNDERSTOOD’s question: No, I wasn’t
    there. If I had of been, I would have tried to stop it.
    And I would be dead, and missing, never to be recovered.
    So get that thought out of your head.

    I want to apologize. When I write something on this page,
    it goes straight through. I was not aware that you had
    posted anything to this site until this morning. The
    “hoot” comment was meant for Ms. Kristi.

    It is nearly impossible for me to sit down with you one
    on one as I live very far away. To tell you the truth,
    I am leary of meeting anyone involved with this case;
    as you should be. I can’t stress enough how dangerous
    these people are.

    Can you tell me if the DNA tests have been completed?

    The read I get is that Mr. Earl was involved in bigger
    and better things than just going around killing his
    current or ex-girlfriends. Mr. Earl was scared because
    of an investigation that was going on. He thought that
    Ms. Leslie had told someone about him. And I am quite
    sure that he had a hand in 1) disposing the body of Nina
    and 2) the murder of Asha. All of which had more to do
    with business than pleasure.

    In fact, the basement WAS his business and Ms. Leslie had
    nothing to do with it. She was just having a good time.
    Please be careful. Don’t meet with anyone that you don’t
    know. If there is something that you need to share with
    me about conflicting stories, then tell me.

    But in the meantime, let me tell you. Ms. Asha was
    involved in some very dirty business that she left,
    when she left her ex. I believe that he was a biker
    as well. These people were AFRAID that their secrets
    had been revealed. Secrets that I believe were uncovered
    during the investigation that took place in Colorado
    having to do with buying sexual slaves over the internet.

    Ms. Asha was no longer involved with the business, but
    when the heat came down; they suspected Ms. Leslie, Ms.
    Nina, and then Ms. Asha.

    I don’t know if there is anyway to connect these three
    other than through the business that their men were
    involved in. However, I AM sure that the men were
    “friends”, as well.

    The investigation was as a result of the recovery of a
    computer that had valuable information about sites that
    are set up to purchase human beings. Mr. Earl is an
    idiot and thought that Ms. Lamb either was a policewoman,
    or an informant. She was at the wrong place at the wrong

    Like I said, Mr. Earl loved her, as best a psychopath can.
    He wanted to believe the dream of the house with the white
    picket fence. He really did. He wanted to live a normal
    life and have children, but this thing came down way too
    fast for him and he wasn’t about to go to jail, again.

    Now, please, let me know what the conflicting facts are.

    Comment by Patti | October 23, 2006

  30. Patti,

    Was Earl’s name included in that investigation in Colorado?

    Comment by kristi | October 23, 2006

  31. No… it had more to do with the sites themselves.
    They traced the sites to the person that set them
    up and that was not Mr. Earl. I believe that it
    may have been Mr. Reiser.

    Comment by Patti | October 23, 2006

  32. I’m going to tell you the reading that I got from Ms. Nina:

    I believe that she was a part of the business. I believe
    that she helped in the exploitation of the women that come
    here from Russia. She may have presented herself as a
    helping hand, as she is a doctor; but she knew about the
    business and was an integral part of it. I also believe
    that she was responsible for getting drugs that were used
    to sedate their victims, most of which ended up in whore
    houses in both Northern and Southern California.

    Now, please, just wait until the DNA is processed.

    Comment by Patti | October 23, 2006

  33. Question: What is the area around 15th and Castro like???

    Comment by Patti | October 23, 2006

  34. I thought about it all night. The way I know is simply
    that I look at the pictures. I came very close to death
    as a result of an attempted murder. Since then, I have
    a sixth sense. I can look at pictures, especially
    booking photos and read the people. That’s what I mean
    about “read”. I don’t have a crystal ball, I don’t speak
    to the dead; I simply observe and prompt questions.

    To me there is something immoral about contacting the dead.
    It’s like trying to capture the wind; once it’s captured,
    it’s not wind anymore.

    Ms. Leslie was always like the wind. She was a hero…
    she was an angel… but most of all, she was a human being.
    So forgive her, forgive yourselves and come to realize that
    it isn’t important, those short moments in time; but rather
    it’s the silent, quiet times that you spent together that
    she will never forget. So laugh, laugh hardy, as that is
    what causes the wind; and promise yourselves that this is
    a quiet time and you will cherish it forever.

    Comment by Patti | October 24, 2006

  35. Okay. Ciao Bella’s:

    This is a must read. While you read, I want you to look at

    it from the torturer’s point of view. You need to educate

    yourself and tell others. Tell the Police.

    I also want you to read up on this man that had kidnapped
    LITTLE GIRLS !!!!!! in Scotland. They run their legal
    system much different than ours. It is horrifying… how
    a person can make you believe ANYTHING!?!?!?!

    How horrifying that a person, usually young girls would
    be kidnapped and tortured…….MADE to love HIM…..

    This what Earl did.

    Who would be making methamphenimines (especially, at his
    age) other than one who likes to take it and sell it..??

    What does it do to a person????

    In Denver, there was a man that lived in a neighborhood that
    had a guy that loved speed and as a teenager;

    we used to walk around the block to avoid him. He was paranoid like a you know what…

    he’d even shoot at people… come to think of it,…… EVEN THE POLICE AVOIDED HIM.!?!!?!?!?!?

    That’s how unnervey this guy was !!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?


    You have to, at sometime, look at him and wonder… what is
    it that they see in him ????… He’s a big man, but he’s
    horribly nasty in everything he does. a METH HEAD. He’s
    got all these RICH friends and yet he has nothing… why?

    Because he doesn’t care about the side effects of the drug
    that is a major part of his life. Besides, they are
    Russians, not American…..????!!!!!!!?????????!!!!!!!!!!!


    The only thing that saves us is faith, truth, knowlege and

    I did read the news today:

    I read that the “ever-so famous” MR. REISER has hired
    himself Daniel Horowitz !?!?!?!?!?!?

    Now THAT’S shocking !!!!! to come out with a BIG GUN like
    that right out of the old shoot…… the Police must
    really be on to something !!!!


    Hopefully they’re using that adrenalen trick (!) Mr. Earl
    would do ANYTHING for a shot like that……… LOOSER

    Geeeeeee…….. I wonder who’s blood they found where???

    Signing off:


    Comment by Patti | October 24, 2006

  36. Hey!!!!! Wake Up!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It looks like you guys are sleeping on the job.

    Am I missing something?????? I’ll bet it’s that

    Radio Show ……………………………….

    Comment by Patti | October 25, 2006

  37. Okay Here’s the Scoop:

    The following is a site that describes in detail (maybe too
    much) the power of torture:

    And here is one about a fairly recent case in Scotland, in
    which a defendent was found guilty. Their justice system
    is alot different from ours. They prooved HOW he did it:

    Like Earl, he was a boogeyman….

    Comment by Patti | October 25, 2006

  38. Okay, I seem to be having a bit of a problem with my computer. Either that or I am being censorred.

    But I will try again…..

    There is a really good story about the power of torture in
    Scotland. There was this man, a psychopath, that kidnapped
    several young girls. He tortured them repeatedly, while
    convincing them that he was the “good guy” and that he was
    the only one that truly cared for them. They were kept in
    a cellar and dependent on him for their food and water; as
    well as any other necessity of life.

    He did everything he wanted to them, including sexually
    assulting them…. and when he was caught…they kissed him

    The reason that I think that it is important for you to
    know this is because I realize how totally crazy I must
    sound… but these things really DO happen. The Scotsman
    repeats over and over that he is only a fish in a sea of
    men just like him. He tells the court that the girls were
    lucky that he had them instead of someone much worse.

    This is important because this is HOW a person gains enough
    control over someone to be able to make them do just about

    Now just imagine, you’re a Russian, straight off the ship;
    that doesn’t know anybody. And you are thrown down into
    this hole…

    You get the point.

    Comment by Patti | October 25, 2006

  39. PATTI !!!

    I would LOVE to communicate with you other than this site..
    I understand your fear, and I am FACSINATED with your views, some are so true, and yet SO off! SOOO much you claim that has nothing to do with the REALITY of Mr.Earls personality, the white picket fence, children, he has children!!
    Just was totally uninvolved as MOST loser men are!
    Mr.Earl was NOT smart enough to be so on top of this transportation of slave women!
    YOU are giving him WAY TOO much credit !! As i said, alot is true, yet so off!
    If you only knew how unintelligent he is!! Very interesting about the police informant info you put out there? How you say he thought Leslie was an informant! Very interesting!
    I believe he thought that about ALOT of people, like I said before, were not dealing with an intelligent mind here!

    Comment by missunderstood | October 25, 2006

  40. How do you know that he didn’t say those things to her???

    I want to know what I have that is right….. please
    tell me.

    There are alot of things that I have said about Mr. Earl
    that you have no idea of because when I get to the nitty
    gritty, they censor me.

    I can tell you about Earl….

    He was the type that even the police would avoid. He was a
    drug-dealing pimp that thought that the whole world
    evolved around him. He may not have been smart, but he
    was street smart and that’s the worse kind…!.!.!.!!!!!

    I just have a great deal of respect for the family because
    I didn’t want anyone to blame her for the guy that she
    got herself hooked up with.

    I know that they met at a bar… a fun bar… but like
    I said, Mr. Earl was not just another guy.

    What???? you want me to portray Mr. Earl as a saint??
    How about a simple saint that killed people for a living???
    I hate Mr. Earl and don’t you forget it….!!!!…!!!!

    I am very, very privy about how intelligent he is.

    What…????? You think he’s stupid….?????

    Well, it’s true that he doesn’t have alot of possessions,
    but he did have the most important possession in this
    case, didn’t he????

    The only reason that he didn’t have possessions was because
    he’d rather lay around and get high with his girls and do
    nothing all day. Look at the ones he’s associated with?
    I would say that all his money either went up in smoke,
    up his nose or in his veins.

    Dream on, Ms. Missunderstood ……

    What????? Are all murderer’s retarded in your mind?????

    And about the web site: Yes, I spoke it. Too bad there aren’t more that do. What if I were right about EVERYTHING???

    Isn’t it my right (or better yet)
    isn’t it my DUTY to stand up and
    speak against what I think is wrong???

    Have you looked at the effects of TORTURE on a human being?

    Well, where shall we begin? How about it causes your personality to blast into several hundred pieces….

    Or how about it causes you to give your trust, your faith
    and your life into someone’s hands…..

    Or how about it causes you to become a human slave that is
    so afraid of getting hurt that you will do almost anything

    Why doesn’t anyone want to realize that you don’t have
    to be smart to do what Mr. Earl has done. All you have to be is ruthless … and ruthless is every bit of what he was.

    OHHHHHHHH!!!!!! One more question::::::

    If they were not involved, what was she doing at his house
    all night????

    And what were her friends saving her from?????

    I suppose you are going to tell me that she was stalking

    That makes me sick …… Maybe we’re all WAY far off!!!

    I don’t know you. But I would like to say that I knew, when
    I wrote it, that Mr. Earl had kids; it was Leslie that wanted that. And I believe that it was clearly stated as

    I was rather hoping that Mr. Horowitz would give CNN a big
    sock in the nose …..

    So tell me, was I wrong about that too??????

    And that informant stuff you talk about ????????

    No…. I am not an informant, but I will tell on you if
    you’re bad. I believe in the police…. they are the
    big ol’ boys that are supposed to protect us against
    people like this. So What ?!?!?!?!?!?

    Was THAT where I was SOOOOO wrong ?!?!?!?!?!?

    I’ll have you know that site sat there for weeks before
    I ever went on it…..WHAT’S YOUR POINT???????????


    Comment by Patti | October 26, 2006

  41. WHAT DO YOU SEE IN THE BASEMENT ?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!

    Comment by Patti | October 26, 2006

  42. Yep…. you’re right about the informant business…..

    Mr. Earl did and does think that about people. I would
    compare him against a speed-freak that lived in a neigh-
    bothood of a friend… in CRYSTAL CITY…

    He’d shoot at people all the time!!!!!………..

    In fact, we would walk
    around the block to avoid him;
    as he may be on a

    In fact, I believe the police even
    avoided him.!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Everyone knows what speed freaks are

    That’s a given;
    and that’s why i stay away from them.

    Comment by Patti | October 26, 2006

  43. But who do you think does all that dope with him,
    and how long before they get to go outside?

    What fun it would be to ride on a motorcycle in

    Or let me guess, you think that he had the basement
    strictly for pleasure??????!!!!! I wonder, how much
    pleasure could one person stand??????

    Nope…. Mr. Earl is a monster to me. I believe it is
    much easier on a person like him to kidnap his victims,
    lock them in his basement and terrorize them…that’s
    what I think he did. And who better than Mr. Earl, with
    all his drugs and all his power to turn these poor, lost
    souls into mincemeat if they WEREN’T good. As in the REAL
    pimp fashion.


    That’s what Mr. Earl liked. Poor, defenseless girls that
    were far toooooo far away from home to run. Besides, he
    became their friends; the more they got addicted to his
    drugs. I would even go as far as to say that, stupid,
    Mr. Earl trained them to be used by those with many
    possessions…. perhaps in the Chinese side of town.

    Does that take a lot of brains.??? Stay in bed all day,

    using the ones that are to be sent to the touch-feely

    rooms.?!?!?!? Making sure that they know everything they

    will need to know….to ensure that you make loads of money

    off of their suffering.???…

    Last time I checked…those people have NO SENSE!!!!

    I don’t care what anybody says, I know a demon when I see
    him… and this man is a demon.

    And the getting high part????? Who else, OTHER than an
    idiot would waste their mind on drugs LIKE a total idiot
    that cares very little about himself… much less anyone

    I’d love to join you but I don’t go where there are cookies.

    So, Please, tell me am I right or am I wrong. I can take
    it, as I am quite simply, a writer… a reader… and a

    Was it all my imagination???????????????????????????????????

    Comment by Patti | October 26, 2006

  44. MissUnderstood:

    I want to apologize. I did not mean to act so rash. It
    sorta hurts me to hear someone talk about how stupid a
    person is; especially when they have committed a crime
    such as this one. Because if you call him stupid, it
    insinuates that those that fall victim to him, are even
    more stupid.

    I have had it with the press. I’m not sure about what is
    going on in San Francisco, but it seems as though Ms. Leslie
    has gone from being a secret lover, to a girlfriend and now
    an ex-girlfriend; all within a week. Only Ms. Leslie knows
    for sure why she was with him. But, I know one thing for
    sure… she was….. a victim. I guess that has to be
    the bottom line.

    I will be the first to say, on ANY record, that the victim
    is ALWAYS innocent. The perpetrator may be anyone. He may
    be the boogeyman that snatches you out of the night; or he
    could be a priest that seduces your faith in all the things
    that you were raised to believe. It makes no difference to
    me. The retarded, the average, above average or the
    geniouses of this world don’t need an excuse to snub you
    out; if that’s what they truly want to do.

    The point of me putting up the two sites; one of which was
    a site that specifically had to do with the power of
    torture, was so the victims could understand that this is a
    tool with which a deranged person strips you of your
    security and leaves you defenseless against him….
    Torturing is not hard to do. It doesn’t take a genious to
    do that. Do you actually think that the Belgium Monster was
    a smart man???????? Last time I checked, smart men had
    lovely wives with lovely children and lived in the burbs.
    Not on skid row, with a needle in his arm, and a torture
    chamber in his basement. There was never a moment in my
    mind that Mr. Earl was a good OR smart man.

    But I beg to differ with you on the point that you make when
    you say that Mr. Earl wasn’t smart ENOUGH. It doesn’t take
    intelligence to kidnap someone… only the nerve. It
    doesn’t take a smart man to beat someone… only the

    I very well may have misunderstood you. And I very well
    may have too vivid an imagination. But there are just too
    many things that I have heard, from California in
    particular. I wouldn’t put it past him or the others
    that I believe are involved. Because, afterall, the world
    is made up of alot of sick people. Sick people and greed.

    Now that’s a deadly combination. Sick people and greed.
    I’ve heard, as we probably all have, that there are those
    that would sell their own mothers into prostitution for
    that next fix. Well, gee…. I wonder where Mr. Earl got
    all his money from ? Could it be possible that he may have
    been involved in the OLDEST profession there is??? I may
    be naive, but I say yes.

    Peace be with you all… may all your dreams be bright…
    but please, always remember, that there are those out there
    that want only the worst for you… and THOSE are the ones
    that are the true demons.

    There is no good in Mr. Earl. There is no good in anything
    that even remotely resembles a torture chamber and Leslie
    Lamb is proof of that.

    MissUnderstood, I beg for your forgiveness.

    Is it not sick to have a torture chamber in your basement,
    or is it to be considered just another completed fantasy
    in the mind of a perfectly sane retarded person? Or a
    perfectly sane drug addict? Or is the world of torture
    much like everything else in this world, a business ran
    for profit?

    Do we all just want to sit in front of our televisions
    pretending that we know all this stuff about sex slaves,
    but fail to see it when it slaps us in the face? I don’t
    know about you, but I am a realist. When I see it, I
    recognize it, simply for what it is. Who am I to judge
    how smart a person has to be to be a monster. That is
    certainly one question that I am unable to answer.

    But one thing is for sure:

    This man was a monster to Ms. Leslie and I’m not going to
    cover my eyes, shut my ears OR close my mouth about it.
    If there is a boogeyman out there, I suggest we uncover his
    sins and see them for what they really are.

    Unlike many in San Francisco that have heard that this is
    a problem that has plagued their city for years and then
    pretend that it doesn’t exist when you finally find proof
    of it; I am going to see it, write about it and warn others
    that this is not a safe world we live in. Afterall, this
    very well may be where all our missing end up… only the
    opposite; with a two-bit whore who rides a motorcycle in

    Are you afraid of the Hell’s Angels? I think everybody’s
    answer should be yes. Especially when you consider that
    organized gangs, like them, run most of the cat houses in
    this country as well as abroad. And if you don’t think that
    cat houses are ran by organized criminals, check out what
    has gone on for decades. First it was the mafia that wanted
    to run the business. Then it was the drug lords. And now,
    with the invention of the computer and the web sites that
    are easily accessible in our homes, it is the latest in
    white collar crime. But someone has to deal with the day
    to day part of the business… terrorizing them to keep
    them in their place. Unfortunately, that has always been
    the case; and an integral part of running the business as
    was drug addiction.

    If I’m wrong, proove it…………………………….

    San Franciso the city of sin… where better to have our sex slave industry.

    Any one of us could have been Ms. Leslie……………..

    Comment by Patti | October 26, 2006

  45. First off, im not here to debate this anymore.
    Bikers are overly stereo-typed, Mr.Earl was NO biker!
    A true biker is someone that has miles under their seat on the road, in the wind.
    Not afraid of the motorcycle CLUB as you stereo type a GANG!
    Just because one may be related to one does NOT make them a biker.
    QUIT with that already will you please?
    Karma will get the demon in this matter, as well as his conscience!
    He can smile and blow kisses at the victims family in court all he wants, because deep inside he is in fear of his life! He fears being locked up for the rest of his life.
    That is his defense mechanism, the smiling. To throw off people, to get a reaction…
    He got it didn’t he?! was written in the press! How it affected the victims family in a negative manner.
    He must have a consciense! drove the victim to the hospital!
    For that, his conscience will haunt him, he will be the demon he is locked up in the state penn for the rest of his life.
    Done with this matter….
    Forgive you? There is nothing to forgive! You cannot jolt me…
    You are a realist as I, for that I understand.
    Why are you so inclined to write so much about a matter so far away from you? All this for the victims family and others?
    Do you do this as a hobbie? Searching websites for horrible crimes so you can get your 6th sense kicked in and write about what you think from looking at photographs of victims and their demons? There are thousands of cases a week!
    How do you MAKE the time?
    You are right, and VERY wrong about alot in my opinion.
    PROVE IT!?
    Not on a national website!
    Communicating this far with you on this website is more than I wanted…..

    Comment by missunderstood | October 26, 2006

  46. Excuse Me????!!!! Are you saying that the Hell’s Angels
    are not a gang???? Obviously, you have not spent any
    time on the west coast, or outside your little web of
    know-nothing monkeys. Look, I’m not interested in debating
    that with you; as you are certainly entitled to your opinion. I just wish that you would have more to offer
    than, simply, a jest of a comment; as you are usually used
    to posing. But, gee, that seems to be the longest comment
    that you have offerred ANYBODY in months!!!!!!

    Do you own this site???? You seem to find it necessary to
    follow me around explaining what this site is all about.
    And, as usual, you have nothing to offer me, or anyone, in
    the way of information. You are not telling us anything that we don’t already know.

    I really don’t expect a response from you as you have already made it clear that you have communicated more than
    you care to, and for that I’m grateful. Is that why you
    call yourself misunderstood??? As I don’t only misunderstan
    you, but I also disagree with you.

    This site is for the generation of thought. This site is
    for the benefit of the families of the missing, that are
    all-too-aware of people like Earl. You want to simply
    lock him up and let karma take care of him??? What about
    the others??? Aren’t you the least bit interested in finding out about the numerous others that Mr. Earl didn’t
    take to the hospital??? And if you think that people get
    to that information by sitting on their a’s doing nothing,
    being totally uninvolved; you are not just misunderstood,
    you are also misinformed.

    This site is not only for the benefit of the Lambs, but
    also for the countless others who’s loved ones are still
    missing. Exposing those like Mr. Earl, for what they
    really are, is for the benefit of all. And to think that
    you want to argue about whether Mr. Earl rode a motorcycle?
    What kind of trash is that??? Who, on God’s earth, cares?

    Do you know Mr. Earl??? I certainly don’t, nor do I care to
    know him. My only interest in this case is that it very-
    well may be the biggest case, having to do with the
    exploitation of human beings, in history. It very well may
    be the biggest peek that we have had into this world of the
    underground. And to think that you want to simply flush
    it down the toilet and forget it. What is wrong with you?? Do you really care or is this just a show for you and those like you???

    Please, take the time, to atleast look at the name of the
    site that you are addressing: The missing and EXPLOITED.
    Maybe you need to look up that word, exploited, and find
    out what is REALLY being discussed here.

    Comment by Patti | October 27, 2006

  47. Perhaps Ms. Missunderstood needs to join the defense team??

    Comment by Patti | October 27, 2006

  48. And just for those that do not consider the Hell’s Angels
    a threat, read about what they have done in Canada. Read
    about what they are involved with in the Netherlands.

    Perhaps we have stumbled onto the biggest element in the inter-national, free-trade business of Human Trafficing.

    Read about the concerns of those in Russia, who’s girls
    that are offerred good jobs in the United States are
    coming up missing, never to be heard from again.

    Read about the Hell’s Angels and how they are linked to
    the biggest operations of prostitution, money-laundering
    and drug-trafficing markets in the WORLD.

    Read about the Hell’s Angels obtaining heat-guided missiles and ask yourself, why.

    Then come talk to me.

    Comment by Patti | October 27, 2006

  49. save it for a hallmark card

    Comment by PATTI get a LIFE | October 27, 2006

  50. Patti ? I mean Tom, nice alias there tom!

    Stop with your ranting.
    Write a book, tell someone who really cares.

    patti? tom your funny!


    SM: Tom?

    Comment by Mark | October 27, 2006

  51. Did you hear me?????

    a peek:

    Do we dare to look?????

    I want to know.

    Comment by Patti | October 27, 2006

  52. Get this:

    I write to the foundation that Berkeley has on line and they
    tell ME to go to the police.


    So I think I’m gonna write them back that I expect them to
    inform the police as it is their friend……..

    And watch, I’ll get nothing… No thank you,
    no Kiss my a…, or nothing.

    What????? You waiting on some dna tests?????

    I wonder, Who were the men that were with Mr. Reiser?????

    Remember, two UNIDENTIFIED men who were with him when he
    was arrested that they are holding???? Gee, I wonder if
    these may be the ones that were there with Ms. Leslie????

    maybe mr. earl is a rat, we can only hope so.

    I wish I were in Hawaii. It is soooooooooooooooo
    beautiful there. And the hula dances…………
    it’s fun.

    All this is on the low.

    Comment by Patti | October 27, 2006

  53. Did you know bars will set you up???? I’ve been in a bar
    where I will go and go and go and go (you know, looking for
    that one in a million) and then when someone is in town like
    a professional baseball player or another professional baseball player…. they’ll pimp you.

    I’ve even asked this one bouncer to take me out to my car
    and told him straight up…. you ever try to pimp me again,
    I’ll kill ya. And then watched him as he scrambles from
    the car. I hate that!!!!!!

    I guess you could say, that is where this game starts.

    And believe me…. it is a game. Played over and over
    again. Mr. Earl was good. This is the way he got HIS
    women. The real ones…..

    In fact alot of guys get their women like that. I’ve been
    with some beautiful men before. White, Greek, Italian,
    Puerto Rican, Indian, Black American and I’ve got to admit;
    I like it.

    The man from India was the most beautiful of all. He had
    eyelashes to die for. He looked like an angel as he slept.
    I swear!! The first time that he spent the night, all I
    could do was look at him. He was georgous. He was a pro
    tennis player. He was a prince. Seriously, his father was
    a prince. Plus, he was also a hero. India celebrated him.

    It wasn’t a pimp that night. I swear. I fell in love with
    everything about him. The way he moved his mouth the way
    he bit his lip and the way he looked me, straight in the
    eye. He always told me that he was going to hurt me. And
    he was right. I cried like a baby. He told me that the
    ones he loved the most are the ones that he runs from. In
    India, these very wealthy men with their beautiful daughters
    had messed him all up.

    Everytime I saw him, at close quarters… I told him he’d
    better run. He didn’t. But, eventually, he did.

    The last time I saw him, I was with this guy who’s father traveled all over the world… and he was just like him. That’s what he did. He and I were just FRIENDS, truly.

    Anyway, when I went toward the bathroom, my tennis pro was
    there and he grabbed me and held me close and said, “Patti,
    just have fun!!!!” And that’s what I have been doing ever

    Well, It’s Friday night…. gotta go, go, go.

    Comment by Patti | October 28, 2006

  54. I just checked my e-mail. After telling Buck that he needs
    to contact the police as Ms. Reiser is his friend, he informed me that he has done just that.

    And believe it or not, he thanked me.

    Hopefully, he is among the millions of men that do not approve of the death of hundreds of thousands of abducted and murdered women in this country.

    That is my hope… that for as many BAD guys as there are out there, there are atleast 10 others that are nice; besides it very well may take everyone to stop the violence against women in this world.

    Stand up and be counted.

    Thank you, Buck.

    Comment by Patti | October 28, 2006

  55. How do you know I haven’t already written a book???? What?
    Are you jealous that some of us can actually read and write?
    Too bad you didn’t go to school, when teaching the arts was

    I hate these kids who’s folks get them a computer and they
    think that communication is something that you learn down
    on Fifth Avenue on the bathroom walls. So they go through
    their pitiful lives appearing intelligent by cracking their

    Maybe the church is right… this is the last generation as
    sometimes, even I get the opinion that they’re just not
    WORTH saving. But then again, you get someone like Leslie
    Lamb or Natalee and suddenly you are back at it again,
    looking for the answers.

    Leave me alone, Ms. Missunderstood. You want to understand
    something? Go to school. Learn History. Maybe then you
    will be able to see past that nose of yours that you insist
    on putting into other people’s business. And as for your
    friend Mark… been there done that! Thanks, but no thanks.

    What? Are you mad that I didn’t meet with you? I’m not
    here to make friends, I have plenty. I, and the many
    thousands of others are here for the same reason. We want
    answers. And what business is it of yours where I live??

    You will never know, unless I tell you and I don’t mix
    business with pleasure. So again, thanks, but NO…
    You would think that women would be able to understand that
    word. But Ms. Missunderstood doesn’t even comprehend the
    word nor the meaning behind it.

    So I will say it now, real loud so she can hear it… NO!!!

    You love the way I write? You’ll have to enjoy it from
    afar. You want to talk to me? I have nothing to say that
    I can’t say on a national web site.

    I learnt to say that word along time ago… I don’t talk to

    Comment by Patti | October 28, 2006

  56. I want you all…. all of you including the Lambs to understand something:

    When I speak of Earl, I’m not talking about the millions of good guys out there. We are not trying to overthrow a persons right to have sex, or even to play around a little. What we want to stop are the unwanted advances that are inflicted against women in this country everyday; in several different manners. But, especially, what we want to stop are the people like Mr. Earl that take our beautiful daughters, sisters, aunts and mothers away from us.

    Mr. Earl is only part of the problem. The other part of the problem is that we have waaaaay too many people that will contribute their hard-earned money into a business that is meant for only a few minutes of pleasure. But having cat houses, right there, for anyone to partake is a sin unto itself. We as a society need to change that.

    Have we gotten soooo far off course that we put one man’s need for greed above all that we know is right??? Haven’t we seen, with our own eyes, the effect of XXX-rated movies and nasty magazines enough to know that it effects the minds of the Psychopathic??? If you allow flesh to be sold on your streets, then what is the worth of someone’s life??? Are we all supposed to suffer the consequences of the loss of our loved ones for a few minutes of pleasure???

    Let me ask a question??? If we, as a society, knew that eating oranges caused the psychopathic to go mad, would we stop eating oranges??? Yes, we would. In fact, I believe that if we found that eating oranges caused mental illness, we would probably ban them from being produced. Would we not???

    What I mean to say, is this, whether it is because we eat oranges, or whether we watch too many XXX-rated movies, or whether it is that we have cat houses in our neighborhoods, we would ALL feel the need to stop.

    There was recently an article about a muslim that compared sexy dressed women to rotting meat. I didn’t comment as, in a way, I got his point. Where he was wrong, was that his comment (which was probably miscomprehended) sounded like it blamed the WOMEN for the rotten part; and I’m not sure that was what he meant. There is rotten meat. There is meat so decomposed that there are maggots all over it. But it doesn’t have to do with the women that wear the clothing, it has more to do with what we as a society allow our people to do. Women have always adorned themselves and believe me, when he gets home after making his speech, privately, he raises the veil… as we all do. But I believe the point that he was making is that we need to keep our meat as something sacred.

    And I believe that it is. In fact, it was proven that it is… and yet, San Francisco is probably the only city that has not tried to legislate humanity… Why??? You go to other cities in the world, and you don’t see magazines being displayed in the front windows of bookstores that have ….. well, you get the picture. You go to your neighboring cities, and massage parlors are nearly extinct as you have them. Shower houses have been shut down for years, and yet, in San Francisco, they still exist. Aren’t you also responsible for the lives of the innocent, when the problems in your under-ground that you, as a city allow, goes awry??? I think so…

    You know… you got all these educated people. Many of them knowing the difference between right and wrong and yet they allow it. You have some of the finest Universities, right there, and yet not one of you can stand up and say that you care more for your rights and the rights of your children; than you do for the few that frequent those places??? Since when is it socially correct to allow your cities to become slums and your children to suffer the consequences of the other things that plague your city as a result of liberal views… drug addiction, broken homes, unemployment, gambling, assults and murders.

    How many of OUR people have to suffer, or in the case of Ms. Lamb, have to die; before you take it upon yourself to make change??? Isn’t it true that you make it possible for these things to happen, through your loose laws and your inability to get anything done; or better yet, your desire to make EVERYBODY happy??? And how many people are truly happy in your city??? Only the ones that work there. The ones that are left to turn out the lights are miserable.

    The children of your city are tired. They are tired of their mixed signals. They’re tired of being told that it’s wrong to be a queer; and yet, walking down their sidewalks, they see it everywhere… They are tired of you saying that you care about your citizens when you allow drug lords to rule their streets, infecting everyone. They are tired of hearing of the effect of A.I.D.S. at the same time as knowing that there is a prostitute just around the corner that will do them for $10. They’re tired of the drug addiction that reaks in your city so bad that you can literally see the effect of it everywhere. You don’t dare touch anything or go barefoot, as you may get stuck with someone’s used syringe. Allllll, because they have the RIGHT?!?!?!?

    You know what, San Francisco??? Since you are going to accuse me of blaming this on you as well, I WILL. Isn’t it your fault: the fact that there are Hell’s Angels on your streets that you, as a city, have allowed to exist for years; that have terrorized our people, our streets and especially our women for decades. What? Is it fun to watch your city, that at one time was the greatest in the world, tremble in fear????

    San Francisco, you need to get your clothes on. You are the rotting meat that infects the minds of our men and has left this nation at a loss. You are the ones that leave your meat out to rot, instead of cherishing it. You are the reason we go hungry for fear of catching your disease; and you are the only ones that can do something about it.

    And now….. this. I wonder: How many people have turned their eyes and covered their ears to ignore the screams of the innocent??? How many people have looked the other way, and thought it was just another man beating his woman, in an existence that is so sad and violent that even our neighbors don’t care???

    It must be true, we are miserable… scared… and confused monkeys; and it’s no wonder that we are looked upon as rotten meat. As that is what we will all become, if we don’t change.


    Comment by Patti | October 29, 2006

  57. The main thing is the beautiful memory of a beautiful person, Leslie Lamb. We love Leslie. Not passed but now. Leslie’s spirit will always live on with all of us who loves her. She is always in our hearts and thoughts. Our prayers are with her family.
    Leslie always was very kind, thoughtful caring person. Always finding the good in everyone even if there wasn’t any, (like with Earl).She would go out of her way to be there for you and help with who ever or what ever it was. When she would come in her smile would light up the room. When you felt down it was a blessing being with Leslie.
    Leslie should not have suffered so much. She never did anything to anyone to have anything like this to happen to her.
    It’s so sad someone like Earl can take away a mother and a daughter from her family who cares and love her so.
    Leslie was like an angel. Now she has returned home and is an Angel watching over and protecting us all.
    Leslie is surrounded with love and she is in peace.
    Bless you Leslie and we love you.

    Comment by Some one who cares | October 29, 2006

  58. I speak for the family when I say enough already. I can speak for them because I am a family memeber. Patti get a life and move on. Our family is going through a VERY difficult time right now and you are NOT helping. You have no idea what you’re talking about. Let Leslie rest in peace and leave the rest alone. For those of you who have had kind words, thank you.

    Comment by Enough already | October 29, 2006

  59. You want me to get a life??? I have a life and I intend to
    hold on to it. Unlike many of you who want us all to shut
    up when it comes to the exploitation of human beings.
    Unlike the many that want us to believe that the Hell’s
    Angels are just a bunch of “Good ol’ boys” that just want
    to have a good time. Their Good Time has made it very hard
    for many of us to survive.

    How many people do you think that the Hell’s Angels have
    killed??? Do you really think that Ms. Leslie was the only
    one??? And what?? Are we all supposed to shut our eyes
    and ignore the facts in this case?

    I am not here to benefit you, or those like you. If you
    want to live in a world, completely uninvolved and unaware
    of the ones around you; then just tune it out. As much as
    I care for the people like Ms. Leslie, there is much more
    at stake than a few hurt feelings. If you want to go
    through your life thinking that the Hell’s Angels pose no
    threat to you, then date one. That is totally up to you..
    but don’t come crying to us when you get hurt.

    The REAL family of Ms. Leslie wishes that she had listened
    when those around her warned her of the “life with a biker”
    and now you want me to shut up? It is because of your
    ignorance and the ignorance of others like you that this
    young lady is no longer with us. And YOU, all by yourself,
    say ENOUGH ALREADY??? You act like a teenager that can’t
    take NO for an answer.

    Are you scared??? The last time I talked to you, you said
    that a biker-type didn’t scare you… well how do you feel
    now??? Is it the fear that makes you want me to shut up?
    What??? are you afraid that the biker-type, boogeyman is
    going to come after you because of what they did to Ms.
    Leslie??? Maybe you should worry, as it was you with the
    cookies and the invitation for all to join you!!!

    Are you sure you’re not one of Mr. Earl’s neighbors as I
    swear I hear the sound of fear in your voice? Is it not
    troublesome that I write a story about San Francisco and
    the lack of conscience in our society and up jumps this
    idiot that wants me to just go away… What exactly are
    you trying to hide, Ms. Enough Already??? Who are you
    trying to protect??? Isn’t it time, now, for us to throw
    away all our misunderstandings about the world of the Biker?
    And if not, then when????

    Comment by Patti | October 30, 2006

  60. Patti~
    You must enjoy this. The pain you cause. I sat and read your comments. How would you feel if this was your daughter, your sister, your friend? Or maybe this was your mother and you where her son reading these lies? Leslie was a human being, she had a heart and a soul. I grew up with her. We may had lost touch over the years, but she was thought of. It sadden me to think that something this evil could have happened to her or anyone else. My heart goes out to her family and a son that will never have a chance to grow up with a mother. You go around talking all this bull $h!t. You don’t know what happened. The only ones who truly know what happen is Leslie. The police will put it together, NOT YOU. I don’t know who you are, or how you knew Leslie. If you where a friend to her at some point, a true friend would never say these things. If you are someone looking for some kind of attention, you’re getting it, thats for sure. Let Leslie rest in peace for God sake. Let her family grieve. Let her friends grieve. Enough is enough. Let the police do there work and stop speculating and story making. “Rest In Peace Leslie” We all have an angel in heaven watching over us now. One day we all will see each other again.

    Comment by A childhood friend | October 30, 2006

  61. We have all had enough already of this so called PATTI!!!
    I believe this is this websites creator writting all this “COMMENT BY PATTI” stuff to get some notoriety.
    well Patti, not only are you ringing in my head like a COO COO clock!
    you are so far off with the whole subject of your website!
    blaming bike clubs now!
    you are EXTREMELY ignorant !
    You are the typical ‘puppet’ of the media…
    NOW you have something to bitch about!
    This comment will probably not make it to this page, like my last one, although you acknowledged me!
    PATTI is the author of this “SCARED MONKEYS” website…
    Find another hobbie! Write a book, leave victims alone, let their familys deal with the REALITY in store….Not your CONSTANT whining of your thoughts!
    GET A LIFE!!!!! leave others alone, find more victims to disect….

    Comment by MARK | October 30, 2006

  62. Excuse me…. Since when is this the personal website of
    you or Ms. Lamb as you try to claim??? This is a site
    for the living. Nobody is trying to hurt you or Ms. Lamb.
    If anything, we are trying to make things better for people
    like her… that claim stakes on the empty chatter that bikers are not dangerous people.

    And now, after the death of Ms. Lesley, you are here to tell
    us what?…… that Bikers are good guys? You need to learn
    the difference between motorcycle riders and the Hell’s Angels.

    Bike Clubs…………….You make me sick!!!!!

    Comment by Patti | October 30, 2006


    PATTI THRIVES ON NEGATIVITY!!!! Mislabeling people, organizations…

    The more we respond to this website……

    the more it feeds this coo coo clock that keeps doing just that.
    What will PATTI respond next? RANTING about illrelevant topics to the whole website..

    POST your proof…… PATTI..

    i will from now on refer to the COO COO, CLOCK

    Comment by MARK | October 31, 2006

  64. Mark: Perhaps I could introduce you to a torture chamber
    the latest in our finest technology… as it sounds like
    you need one…. don’t worry your Coo-Coo Clock goes where-
    ever you go. Perhaps, that is a hint… I wonder, Did
    Mr. Earl own a Coo-Coo clock????!?!?!?!?!!!!

    Comment by Patti | October 31, 2006

  65. What is it that you and your Coo-Coo want me to prove???

    Is it that Mr. Earl was a violent person that you have such
    a hard time comprehending??? Perhaps you think that nice,
    peaceful, kind people own torture chambers? Do I need to
    remind you of the most negative fact in this case???

    Leslie Lamb had EVERY bone in her body broken… now that
    sounds like that nice bike club for you, doesn’t it? What

    You want me to separate Mr. Earl from those that he associated with… Sorry, Buddy, no can do. He was a
    VERY PROUD member of that motorcycle club that just
    happens to run most the cat houses, bath houses and massage
    parlors in San Francisco…. I can’t change that!!!

    You need to talk to your legislaturers.

    Comment by Patti | October 31, 2006

  66. Patti (& everyone reading this) – Do you realize that you, “Ms. Patti”, regarded earl stefanson ( or bert?) with the same written, respect =VALUE= as you did for Leslie?…..You did this by how you titled each of their first names; Mr. and Ms. It is your ignorance of publication and opinion, posted here in hardcopy, that virtually damns Leslie Lamb to be connected to this thing THEY call earl. How could you be so careless, insensitive, and disrespectful to Her memory as you sit there at your keyboard and preach to US about Leslie and and about and element of people you obviously know NOTHING about? Patti, you must be suffering and miserlable yourself, to attempt such an invasion on the spirits of these living AND dead people YOU DO NOT EVEN KNOW!

    1-You DO NOT know Leslie Lamb, 2-You HAVE NOT yet written anything of quality in this site, 3-You CAN NOT even conceive what is FACT, what is OPINION, or the difference between them, 4-You, yes you Patti, are HORRIBLY OFFENSIVE to Leslie’s family and friends with your been-there-done-that, written attitude, and 5-You know absolutely, totally and completely NOTHING about motorcycles, NOTHING about anybody who rides one, NOTHING about the Motorcycle Clubs they may (or may not) belong to, and NOTHING about the families and diverse lifestyles of HELLS ANGELS members and affiliates.

    You see, I AM a friend of Leslie Lamb; both before and still after her death. Only a stranger would refer to Her as “Ms. Leslie”. She was “LAMB, or “LESLIELAMB”, or maybe “LES”, to her friends that shared the minutes of the days with her. Trust and believe She does not need you, your opinion, or this site to enlighten the lives of others – it is simply in Her nature. Have some dignity for yourself woman, and keep Leslie Lamb’s name and Her story out of your mouth and off of your keyboard – she wouldn’t like you anyway.

    Comment by a.b. | October 31, 2006

  67. Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate:

    The first one says, “Oh, My, it’s getting late!”

    The second one says, “There’s witches in the air!”

    The third one says, “I don’t care.”

    The fourth one says, “Lets, Run, Run, Run!!”

    The fifth one says, “Isn’t Halloween Fun??!!!!”

    OOOOOOOOOH went the wind and out went the lights,

    and five little pumpkins scamperred out of sight.

    Happy Halloween to All!!!!!

    Comment by Patti | October 31, 2006

  68. You are getting waaay off the subject. You are making this a HELLS ANGEL CRIME. Do you even know if Earl was a biker or not?Did he own a motorcycle? The blame should go straight to Earl. Dont blame bikers or Hells Angels for the sick and twisted torture and abuse he performed. If you dont know what your talking about–I wouldnt print it. You say you are in Earl’s head. Help the police. Quit making up stories.

    Comment by mac | October 31, 2006

  69. RICHMOND, Calif. — Authorities said that the 8-year-old boy they believe died from being tortured tried to run away multiple times, NBC11′s Damien Trujillo reported.

    Raijon Daniels was found unresponsive Saturday in the 700 block of South 40th Street in Richmond. He was taken to Kaiser Permanente Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

    Police said they are waiting on autopsy results, expected Wednesday, to charge the boy’s mother, 23-year-old Teresa Moses, with child endangerment, torture and murder.

    Comment by New topic for PATTI to disect | October 31, 2006

  70. Since patti is this websites author, my last message will not be posted!


    M&E: What are you talking about? Please stick to the topic or make comments regarding posts. Patti is not affiliated with this site. They are a commenter just as yourself. Nothing more, nothing less.


    Comment by new topic for PATTI to focus on | October 31, 2006

  71. You are waaay off the subject.You are blaming bikers and the sex slave industry and even the Hells Angels. Just because his father was once affiliated with the Hells Angels doesnt make Earl one. Did he even own a motorcycle? If you dont know what you are talking about, dont write it . If you are in his head like you say, Help the police.My heart goes out to Leslie Lambs family.

    Comment by mac | November 1, 2006

  72. He is not a member.

    Comment by *** | November 1, 2006

  73. Mr. Mac: Please take the time to read the first information
    that I found on a case that was very similar to this. And
    that is the case in Canada.

    All I’m saying is that there is a Sex Slave operation, and they prooved it in Canada. They even exposed how it operated. It, too, involved having several websites
    that included everything from pediphilia to sexual murder
    (live on film). Isn’t it Earl that made the statement that
    he is the x-presidents son??? And what would that mean???
    Maybe that the x’s son may have special favor and/or be
    privy to the biggest of secrets. If you want to hide out,
    that’s okay… but I was kinda hopin’ that there would be
    at least a million men out there that agree with me…

    Canada has already prooven the link to those who call themselves the Hell’s Angels… why do you think that
    it is so difficult to believe it??

    Comment by Patti | November 2, 2006

  74. Did you look at the number of people that come to the U.S.
    under the assumption that they are getting a job, only to
    come up missing, never to be heard from again?

    Are you aware that there WAS, indeed, a very big investi-
    gation conducted by the State Department, the Justice
    Department as well as C.I.A., F.B.I. and local authorities?

    You must remember, there was a computer confiscated from
    a man that was trying to purchase a blond-haired, blue-
    eyed beauty, just like Jon Benet Ramsay off the internet.
    Now I wonder where did THAT investigation lead them?
    And don’t you find it a little “odd” that his computer
    came up missing??? But thank God, we had the copies.

    Everybody needs to step back and look at the BIG picture.

    I believe that these three murders are tied to eachother
    and I am simply making the link using information that is
    readily available to everyone. Perhaps, the only reason
    that some people never make that connection, is because
    they don’t WANT to believe and that’s fine, but the
    Scared Monkeys Missing Persons Site has always been about
    finding them… that is what I want.

    Comment by Patti | November 2, 2006

  75. Childhood friend: If you have heard any negative things
    about Ms. Leslie in my writings, I am truly sorry. Mr.
    Leslie didn’t do anything. She didn’t know anything and
    truly she was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I
    was the first to call Ms. Leslie a hero, an angel and an

    If you, or anyone, has a question, I will tell them, right
    up front: Ms. Leslie was an angel. Much toooo good for
    Mr. Earl. He knew it and I believe that she knew it as
    well; but she always saw to the heart of people. She spoke
    to the heart but she, like all so many of us, was unaware
    of the people like Mr. Earl. If she is guilty of anything, it would be that she was naive about the REAL world of the so-called Biker. That is obvious.

    But is it her fault, or the fault of others that we are
    kept in a haze, truly unaware of the truth about these people? THAT’s what the article about San Francisco was
    about. How is it that people, readily, believe the dark
    side about everyother gang from the Cripps to the Cribs,
    but find it so hard to believe that a gang that has become
    as American as apple pie, are violent? Weren’t they always
    violent or is it their tie to a time when we all believed
    in peace and flower power that keeps us blinded? Those days
    are gone… and all we have left is the reality of our own
    mortality. If you want to hate-on someone, hate the one’s
    that have not only fooled you but kept you in a state of
    ignorance while they did this right under your noses.

    Yes, Ms. Leslie is like me… she is like you… she is like
    all of us. If I died like that, I’d beg people to speculate
    the truth as that is the only way to effect change. If you
    want your children raised to believe that Hell’s Angels are
    nice people, that is your perrogative, but mine are going
    to know the truth… Ms. Leslie brought down the most power-
    ful of them all.

    If you are truly interested in seeing exactly what these
    bike clubs are about; do a web search under “Justice Department Hell’s Angels” and see for yourself how many crimes have been committed by those that are it’s members.

    This story is amazing and true…

    Comment by Patti | November 2, 2006

  76. Isn’t it Earl that made the statement that
    he is the x-presidents son??? And what would that mean???

    Comment by WAKE UP!!! | November 2, 2006

  77. PATTI…



    Maybe you are one of these twisted individuals that torture people and enslave them!

    Check yourself…….

    Comment by WAKE UP PATTI | November 2, 2006

  78. ya know patti, you are clueless and so far off from the reality of things here. I’d like to go back and reiterate on some of the things you’ve said throughout your many days of comments. First of all, you described the night Leslie died in great detail (as if you were there) you said you weren’t there but you saw exactly how it happened through earls mind. Now if you can see in his mind, and you truly beleive that he’s closely connected with the other three missing woman, then there it is. Problem solved, just take your wacky so called sixth-sense and jump back into his head and see where he hid them. then give the police a call and tell them where to look. And my second comment on that same subbject is this, “If you care about Leslie and her family, then why the hell would you go into such gorey details” do you think if someone had just killed your daughter that you would want to go online and read something like that? Come on, Have a heart. First of all I don’t believe in any Psycic mumbo jumbo, I only believe in God. And to confirm why i don’t believe this crap is not only because of God but also because people like you who say they can see inside living people’s minds. Hey question for you, if earl has been doing this for quite some time why did’nt your sick sense put you in his mind before he killed her. And earlier you said that Earl’s statement was that he was the son of the ex-president of the hells angels, correction it was not earls statement it was the newspapers statement and the police statements that said that, in fact earl hasn’t made any statements. Hell, they haven’t even told us his plea as of yet. and just because his dad was affiliated doesn’t mean he was. if my dad was in the circus does that mean that i can walk a tight rope, or am i maybe the lady with the beard. does your dad create wacky websites that find every strange facet that might or might not have to do with a crime or does he have a complete different occupation than you? what i’m trying to say is just because dad does doesn’t mean son does. and when was the last time you heard of the hells angels being accused of running a torture chamber? come on get it right before you put it out therer, or don’t put it out there.

    Comment by I Know | November 2, 2006

  79. Whaaaaaaaaaaat?

    You think I do mumbbo jumbo?????????

    Excuse me? I said that I only READ the living. I look at
    EARL’s picture and SEE what he SEES!!!! I do not think like
    a what do you call them….sIxTh SeNsE business…. ahhhhh
    NO. Tell me… What would YOU be thinking about when the
    police are booking you after a loooooooooonnnnnnnngggggggg
    tour of the city???

    That’s what I see, so I’m sorry that you can’t see how truly
    Godly I am, because I do believe that you would be quite
    surprised. Remember, I was the one that called Ms. Leslie
    an angel.

    The three men were the ones that suspected that there was
    a rat. Now… do you know who the RAT was???????????????

    We know that SOMEONE was revvvvvvin in that ol’ good ol’
    way. You call it as you like… I don’t care if they
    ride bIcIcLeS, drive RtucKS or simply SKOooot down the
    highway; as to tell you the truth, I don’t care. But
    Three men were there that thought that Ms. Leslie was

    Mr. Earl didn’t believe them at first, but you always hold
    the word of a man, especially very old friends in alliegance
    over a woman. Besides, Mr. Earl felt the need to please these men…. they are very powerful., they have alot of

    Mr. Earl DIDN’t care. He had to please these men. These
    men could hold his life, like sugar in their hand. At
    least, he wasn’t cooking anymore and somehow what he was,
    in his mind, was respectful. He is and he was and he will
    always be the SON of the PRESIDENT of the HELL’S ANGLES.
    and he had a lot to prove……alot.

    But, when it was left, totally up to him, he couldn’t let
    her go. He atleast had to give her a chance. And THAT is
    what he did.

    Now, to me, that is NOT having a conscience. That has been
    up for debate, but I believe that if he truly had a conscience, he would have stopped it loooooong before that.

    The three men thought that she was dead, and they had lost
    their appetite for the evil and left. It was only Earl and
    her… and he couldn’t do it to her. The three of them
    left convinced that she as not the rat… but they also left
    thinking that Mr. Earl would get rid of her. Besides, they
    knew that she would never talk again; if she did live. Her
    death was nothing more than a search for a rat. She was
    in their eyes the most likely. She was new, she was female
    and she, well; in their eyes, she had a mouth. Ms. Leslie
    could talk. She was fun! She was craxy in a good way. She
    had a good sense of humor but never slosHHHHHed on…never.

    Now, when I say crazy… I am only talking about Mr. Earl.
    You see Mr. Earl never amounted to a hoooot. Mr. Earl was
    not in charge anymore, but he still was dependent upon the
    financially deep pockets of the club. Every club has those that either through the sacrafices of the father, or of their own, they deserve special favor. But I am not going
    to tell you anything about that because you will all get

    Mr. ReiSer… A REAL BRAIN… too bright even for college. Have you read this man’s resume? He travels
    back and forth from Berlin all the time. He is a true
    Business man… and I don’t mean the monkey kind.
    Although he was responsible in the care of his employee’s
    he didn’t care as much for people as he did for animals.
    He is truly an introvert. He is sooooo brainy, that he
    could easily have given Mr. Earl the recipe… not that
    he did, but he’s got alot of ability in chemistry, as well.
    Very intelligent… but not So smart as to slathe out of
    the business without casualty…

    I told you that Mr. Earl had a lot to lose. This man truly
    has a lot to lose, it’s just that he wasn’t worried about
    it as everything came very, verry easy for him. He had it
    all. The Doctor, as his wife, the children and ofcourse,
    the BuSiNess and what a business it was. He had sold his
    soul out to the devil and he was sure that mR. Earl would
    take care of everything for him in a clean and QUIET fashion.

    He didn’t mind losing his wife, but he wanted his kids. Afterall, he was an intravert and the only ones he truly
    trusted were his children. So he didn’t care, it wasn’t
    important. The only thing that was important was his
    business. He stays busy alllllll the time with his business. and he is very good at this business. His
    business is not the dirty kind, at least not in his own
    mind, as he doesn’t get blood on his hands. He likes the
    money. to him, it’s an investment…. the whole thing….
    simply an investment,.

    The only thing that this man did to further the business of
    Mr. Earl and his kind was to allow them to plaster their
    business all over his network. He had written the secret.
    He was the designer and NOONE knew it unless they were of
    the Brethren. What is a Brethren?

    This man and the other two men, are the true killers of Ms.
    Lamb. They are the ones that came to Earl and spoke these
    things that upset everybody. There were people in places
    that they should NEVER BE. And Reiser was not going to go
    down for THIS. THIS was nothing to him. What he did for
    Earl and his kind, was NOTHING compared to what he COULD
    do and he was NOT going to GO DOWN over THIS BULLSHIT.
    I can hear him saying, “That’s it!!” He was VERY ANGRY,
    VERRRRRY ANGRY. But he trusted Earl. He knew that Earl
    would take care of it… there would be NO RATS!!! NONE!!!

    and that’s why everyone died. Looking for a rat. Is that
    conscience to you?????

    Ms. Leslie, sweet, lovely, feminine, funny, stupid, hillarious, and pure silky Leslie.

    How many times could one man stand to melt in your eyes?

    She deserved the best, but always felt the need to help the
    worse. She had so much love in her that she knew that just
    a drop of it could heal Earl of all his ails. She knew he
    sufferred. She knew that he was a miserable person as sure
    as she was that she could help him. She saw things in Earl
    that none of us will ever have the opportunity to ever see
    again. She pictured him in a suit and the two would laugh
    about it. To her, they were young… they had their whole
    lives ahead of them. So what if there were a few bumps along the way, she was sure it would get better. She knew that she was as right about Earl as I am today… that’s how
    sure she was that he was a good guy. She was not afraid of
    him. She was ever as much “NOT” afraid of him as I “am” of him right now.

    And no… I do not read the dead… I read the living.

    Earl can’t love… did you know that? Earl is the type of
    person that was stripped of his innocence and played games
    with his whole life. Women ALWAYS play games with him. He’s had women thrown at him and chasing him since he was
    knee-high to a grasshopper. He’s seen so many people party-
    ing and having a good time that he is just about sick of it.
    He likes to be alone. He is not an intravert, he is not
    quiet; he is quiet when he needs to be. But he can’t keep his thoughts quiet… nobody can.

    In his thoughts, he’s crying to death…

    Comment by Patti | November 4, 2006

  80. One more thing… Whoever said that she felt bad for telling Ms. Leslie what was going to be expected of a
    biker’s woman…. Please don’t worry. Ms. Leslie
    would have never believed you, anyway. No matter what
    ANYBODY said, she would do what she wanted. I’m tellin
    you SHe felt NO DaNgEr…ever… until that night.

    Comment by Patti | November 4, 2006

  81. I just reread your blog. The reason I wrote about why Mr.
    Earl took Ms. Leslie to the hospital was because it is the
    ONE thing that Mr. Earl can’t get out of his mind.

    It’s as clear to see and to hear as if he were standing
    right here. I really didn’t see that much wrong with it.
    It wasn’t a scene from a horror movie, her smile was gone.

    Do you know what it is to lose your smile??? You will never
    laugh…. and that’s what Earl loved about Ms. Leslie the
    most. How would you feel if you were trying to put on a
    show for these three guys to prove that 1) they were more
    important than anything 2) that you could be trusted to
    take care of things, even if it involved the one that you
    loved and 3) that everything was going to be alright; only
    to find afterwards that you had gone way too far… that
    Ms. Leslie really didn’t know anything? And here she is,
    the woman YOU loved, begging to go home…

    Look, I don’t know why I wrote it… most people want to
    know these things because, they usually invision alot
    worse. To me it was a blessing to know the truth…that’s
    all. I suppose that perhaps you’re right, I assumed too
    much, but I didn’t want her family to think that she had
    died at the hands of plenty or in some sick sort of
    ritual… that’s all. They know of her injuries, I wasn’t
    telling them any thing that they didn’t already know…
    there was nothing ugly about the way Ms. Leslie died, she
    simply fell asleep. She didn’t die hating Earl, she knew
    the truth…

    And I didn’t want her folks to think that torture was some-
    thing that their daughter liked. Sure some of us like to
    wrestle or joke around about who’s the man and who’s the
    woman, but Ms. Leslie didn’t like THAT much pain with her
    pleasure. I suppose that I felt the need to tell them that
    because it would’ve hurt them to think that Leslie was into
    that sh!t. She wasn’t… she didn’t even know about the

    So if that is ugly for you, I’m sorry.

    In fact, this case is old… this case as far as I am con-
    cerned is solved. It is not I that is inticing YOU to
    write more.

    So I agree with you all! Let sweet, lovely Ms. Leslie
    sleep. Let her be in paradise where all that she will
    ever want or ever need will be fulfilled, before even
    a word is spoken. And allow her pain and her suffering
    to end. Never speak badly of Ms. Leslie for she simply
    was unaware of the evil in this world.

    I am truly sorry if I offended anybody and to tell you the
    truth, I thought that this was a site regarding the crime.
    This website is for people like me that help the families,
    but it is also a website that tries to answer the question
    of how and why all these people are coming up missing. The
    torture chamber is a BIG reason why… sex slaves.

    I just, tonight, went to a seminar that had as it’s guest
    speaker, a man that at one time did business with the
    Bandido’s. Privately, I asked him about this case… and
    he said the same thing that this site has been saying for
    a long time. There are women from all over the world,
    with the Bandito’s it was Mexican women AND YES!!! It
    happens ALL the TIME. Thank God that there are people
    like us that want to end it so there are no more Leslie
    Lambs, but more than that; end it so there are no more
    girls, little girls killed.

    ANNNNND, just for all those that feel the need to go
    rushing head-first into defending them, he said, “The
    Hell’s Angels, he stayed away from them. He refused
    to do business with them. They are more violent than any
    of them. In other words, they make the Bandito’s look like
    choir boys.”

    So for any of you girls that think that the Hell’s Angels
    or any gang for that matter are cool:

    Look at what their colors mean:

    Click on the skull

    Now that sounds like a warning, doesn’t it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    Comment by Patti | November 4, 2006

  82. This is the last comment that you will hear from me. Unless
    you write to me.

    About the man I met with tonight: I merely mentioned the
    torture chamber and HE was the one that brought up “Sex
    Slaves”. According to him, the Bandito’s were into the
    trade, mostly to make movies. They dealt mostly with
    Beastality. He said that there have been many girls that
    have been killed… and many of the movies are made for
    those who enjoy the death. They are very violent, but not
    nearly as violent as you know who.

    I do no believe that was the case with Ms. Leslie. But it
    could have been. I can’t stress enough how fortunate the
    family of Ms. Leslie are, in comparison to some. Be grateful that she was taken to the hospital. Be grateful that you have her. But don’t let ANYONE forget the lesson
    that is to be learnt from her death… there are people out
    there, in this nasty, evil world that are capable of doing
    anything… some thrive on the illness in this world…
    some make money off it… and feed the monster that lives
    in the mind of the psychopath.

    XXX-rated movies cause more damage to our society and to our
    children than you could ever comprehend. So raise your
    children to be wise in their association… raise them to
    HATE what is bad and keep them close to you.

    Now, about the father/son stuff: There is a saying, and
    I believe it is in the Bible, that goes like this:

    The fruit doesn’t fall very fall far from the tree…

    You don’t have to work in the same line of work to become
    like your father. You have a genetic predeposition to be
    like him. If you read about psychopaths or schitzophrenia,
    you will find that it is, in fact, genetic. Even something
    as simple as depression, runs in families; you don’t want to
    use that as an excuse for Earl. There is no excuse. He is
    what he is and he did what he did, and for that, he will pay
    the ultimate price… life in prison.

    So farewell to all my friends in San Francisco… may you
    all keep yourselves and those around you safe… look out
    for the boogeyman, as he can be anybody.

    Comment by Patti | November 4, 2006

  83. Okay Patti, Since you seem to dance around half of the questions i send your way, let’s see if i can’t find a more direct approach. question #1- when you look at earls picture, who are the guys with him that night? why don’t you describe their faces to the police? Question #2- Where are the bodies of nina and the other woman? you said that leslie was as right about earl being a nice man as you are right about all the stuff you are saying about him.. so that says it all. you are so far off from the truth here. question #3– what does his picture tell you about his mom? and his brothers? how was he raised? are his mom and dad still together? you don’t know do you? Question #4– Maybe his neighbors were in on it, i mean afterall, they admitted to hearing the screaming all the time and never doing nothing, that’s what i call an accomplice.. Did they ever mention that for the last 5 years numerous motor cycles were at his residents? NO they did not. now you of course know that bikers aren’t called bikers cuz they ride horses Right? So where are all the “hell’s Angels ” bikes and earl’s bike as well? see you have to have supporting evidence if you are going to make the accusations that you have. a persons father doesn’t make the son. now if he was not only the son of the president, but was also constantly seen w/ the hell’s angels, had a known history with the angels, had a motorcycle himself, had bikes at his house constantly, that might be another story, but your whole theory to this is because back in the day his dad was the president of the hells angels, that’s it.. ya know my dad use to work as a mechanic, that doesn’t mean i sell cars. anyway, you seem to think that this world is so good and we need to weed out the bad, but i think you’ve got it backwards. the world is bad, and those of us that are following gods will, are doing the best we can and to not let the corruption of this world take us. the world is bad, it has always been bad and is getting sicker day by day. read the book of Revelations, God told us what is going to happen, and it’s up to us to choose him or the ways of the world. Society and and all that it includes is taking over the world, our society sucks, there are all these help programs and drug rehabs and just say no types of things, but with more programs and new names for old diseases and mentall illnesses it seems as though people are using what our society calls solutiouns for excuses to do more damage.I’m sorry patti, but i really have nothing more to say, except that you need to look at reality, and quite blaming something that has nothing to do with it. and before you right do your homework. sixth sense aren’t facts, it’s psychic stuff and i’m sorry but psychics aren’t godly, and in case you haven’t heard, This is Gods world. so take it for what it’s worth, I wish you well, and i hope you find truth oneday.. God Bless.

    Comment by I Know | November 5, 2006

  84. What did you do, go to church today so you could use your
    bible on me? That is just sooo stereotypical, to try to
    bring God’s word into an argument. But that’s okay… I’m
    used to it.

    Question #1 – I don’t know

    Question #2 – Nina Reiser has been cut up, ground up and
    dumped in the Bay. Asha’s body was found… face down in
    an area between the road and a creek… she was six months

    Question #3 – I don’t know, as it is not important what his
    family is all about… his family had nothing to do with
    the murder of Ms. Leslie…. unlike the murder of Michelle

    Question #4 – Sounds like just more rambling from the very
    sick thing that sits on your head that most can call a
    mind. Not only are you stupid but I do believe that you
    have totally lost your mind. Perhaps that coo-coo is going
    off again and you can’t hear the voice of reason over all
    the clatter.

    And as for the neighbors and the motorcycles, I don’t even
    think that Mr. Earl lived there five years ago.

    Obviously, we are getting nowhere. One minute you have all
    these questions for me and the next you are defying the very
    thing that could answer them for you… so which is it?

    You have no idea of what God is. Nor do you know the
    difference between mumbo-jumbo and discernment. Go, go to
    all your drugs and your rehab as I believe that you may
    very well need it and more. Tell me, can you touch the
    face of God, after you inject that meth into your veins?

    You are nothing but an unbeliever that wants only to use the
    word of God to defend yourself. You know nothing of him or
    his son. Tell me, what is Proverbs the Eighth Chapter all
    about??? Discernment – look it up – and then pray for it.
    Perhaps then you will come to realize that I don’t have to
    waste my breath on fools like you. Read all of Proverbs as
    there are very important lessons there… the one that
    especially reminds me of you is about VANITY.

    As to the rest of your mumbo-jumbo of a statement: It’s
    uneducated, unintelligent fools like you that make our
    society as bad as it is. Perhaps if you had gotten your
    G.E.D., things would have been easier for you.

    I must say; if you are the one that is going to help the
    Lamb family through their time of crisis, they are in for
    the worst of it. Already, you are defending the very
    person that took their loved one’s life. You are willing
    to forego anything and everybody to try to endear yourself
    to them. What is your problem, anyway??? Feeling Guilty?

    Comment by Patti | November 6, 2006

  85. well patti, I Know’s questions obviously make you mad, but that’s proof that you don’t have all the answers that you claim to have. and who are you to question I Know’s religious status. I actually think the questions had very good points, but you seem to be acting defensive because you are being backed into a corner and you are just grasping at straws to sound good to get out. Attacking one’s education, and also accusing of drug problems is just a way to get the spotlight off of you. I think i speak for every one, your way over the edge, and everyone is just plain sick of hearing your crap. find a new hobby, or even better, why don’t you get a job, get a life, or just get some pscyatric help.

    Comment by what's a matter patti | November 6, 2006

  86. Marc:

    ther is a cwestshun 2 everything!!!

    Comment by Patti | November 6, 2006

  87. Okay Marc, you win round four now let’s see just how smart
    YOU are. Tell me your piothesis on why man invented the
    torture chamber.

    Comment by Patti | November 6, 2006

  88. Take your time………..

    Comment by Patti | November 6, 2006

  89. Whoa PATTI !!!

    You need your OWN website ( if THIS ONE is not) to debate intelligence with people.

    You taunt a lot with people don’t you?
    You also make statements you know nothing about!!!

    I do read a well educated mind of yours, as I can imagine ALL you do is READ and STUDY!!!

    You probably check this site 100 times per day to find something to pick and write about!?

    Come on!? Admit it? You have NO life and this site is your source of entertainment. And something, someone to talk to/ write to.

    PLEASE go to the police with your facts as you hold so incredibly true!
    Damn, you NEED to go to the police!

    Comment by ENOUGH OF PATTI | November 6, 2006

  90. So…. while Marc is trying to figure that out…

    Let me tell you about Earl. Earl was a legend in his own
    mind. He grew up knowing that all he ever had to do was
    go back to Daddy and he could find something for him to
    do. He packed a whallop. It’s too bad that he wasn’t
    born a Puerto Rican cause he really had the machismo part
    of being a Hell’s Angel right. Women were like a bus.
    You don’t have to wait long before there is another one.

    HE didn’t care. Women were just women… they were nothing.
    You know we complain ALL the time about Indian men. And
    I have to admit that, even, I complain about them. When
    I see the man walking ten steps ahead of the woman, lookin’
    rich and on the sly; and she’s following behind with her
    head down, packed down with TWO carts of groceries. He
    pop’s the trunk open and by the time I get there, I roll
    down the window and yell, as SHE is placing all of them in
    the trunk, “Hey, Lady, You’re FREE!!! You don’t have to
    stay with that goood for nothing’ whore, you’re FREE!!!!!”
    I turn to him and I say, “And YOU otta be ASHAMED of YOURSELF, if you live in America, you ACT American!” And both of them look at me like I’m NUTS! Her, because she can’t understand a word I say, and him, because he’s
    embaracced. But, honestly, THAT’s EARL! Especially the
    last part, the whore. That’s ALL he ever thought about.
    No matter where he was or what he was doin’, he thought about that feeling… He LOVED that feeling more than his
    love that he felt when he touched the face of God.

    Well, actually the two of them went together. He especially
    liked to get them both a goin’ in a SICK kinda way. And
    SOME people kinda like it. Did you hear what Mr. rEISEr
    said, he accusted his wife’s lover, Mr. Sean Sturgeon, of
    doing a little S & M to prove that he was a bigger man.??>!
    Yep! He said it in court, under oath that Mr. Sean was
    accusting his wife and performing types of torture on her.
    Atleast that’s the way I read it.

    You see…. Mr. Sean was Mr. rEISEr’s bookkeeper, or should I say book cooker. I wouldn’t be suprised for Ms. Nina was
    an expert of acting like she liked it. She wasn’t a motor
    cycle mamma. She was the REAL thing! Smart, respectable,
    polite, married to a rich man… you know how that goes.
    I can tell you what it’s like from the last part. I was married to a rich man… in fact, I am a very good reason why he IS so rich… but I’m sure you’ve heard THAT one before as it happens all the time…. the only part I hate is that he waited 28 years,two children and a grand child for him to figure out that he didn’t want me anymore.

    San Francisco is quite the Payton Place, if you know what I
    mean. But the fact of the divorce was that Sean had come
    into their house and done a BIG f.u. all over the place…
    and Mr. rEISEr was very upset. So they were battling it out
    when, suddenly, Ms. Nina decides that she is going to date
    the competition, so to speak. A salesman that could sell
    his aunt to a hog farm, if he wanted to. Atleast, he is a
    lot more mature than her x’s that she has left in her dust.
    Free at last, Free at last. Thank God Almighty, I’m Free at Last!

    Now… doesn’t that kinda sound like an “inside job” to you?
    Well, it kinda was…. You see, Mr. rEISEr and Mr. Sean
    were buddies from WAY back…. and the thing that rEISEr
    said were simply threats,literally, thrown at eachother!!!!
    Both knew that they would NEVER go THERE. But I think it
    rather wise on the part of Ms. Nina that had to put up with
    their schemes to make their money, most of it dirty, and
    keep up the charades. Sheeeee was SICK of it. So she
    betrayed him with the man that he could never hurt and left
    the two of them fighting in the TOOOOOO near past…

    Perhaps Mr. Sean was one of the men that got picked up with Mr. rEISEr? There IS an old blues song that goes, “Hey, Mista’ you wife is cheatin’ on Us”. You see, what I see is a breathren. I looked up that word and it means a brotherhood. Just like a gang has a brotherhood. I do,
    believe that they are all in the brotherhood, together.
    If not the Hell’s Angels, then maybe the Masons or one of
    a hundred “secret societies”. I know was kinda right.
    Society is wicked, but then again, so is religion… but a
    secret society is something that is nearly impossible to

    Did you read the latest news on this website about what the
    Canadians found??? They found a man that was fondling his
    pre-school daughter LIVE on the network. You need to post
    your thoughts at other sites… okay… bye.

    He almost CONSTANTLY had a woodie. He could take care of
    more women than a box of chocolates.

    Comment by Patti | November 7, 2006

  91. torrture chambers were invented, obviously for torture. hundreds of years ago they were for a jail type punishment, now they just put these guys in jail, and even now if convicted of a capital punishment, they are put on death row. but some guys sit on death row for 20 years. just because they are sentenced to death doesn’t mean it will happen at the hands of our justice system. back then punishment and incarceration went hand in hand. No argument that it was barbaric, and very sadist, but i think the question here is that you seem to be tieing it in solely to the fact that earl’s dad was a hells angel so it is all gang related. there is no way around it, it was sick, wrong and demented, but in my opinion, i think that leslie died at the hands of a man whose mind just was just out of control and lost. you said in earlier comments that you didn’t know how he was brought up and that had nothing to do with it. but now you say that all his life he grew up knowing that all he had to do was go running back to daddy, on one note you say you know nothing about his past and then you on the flip side say all his life he ran back to which is it?

    Comment by what's a matter patti | November 7, 2006

  92. BLLLLLLLAH!!!!!! Wrong Answer… try again. Keep in mind
    that the torture chamber was invented long before there
    were jails.

    Comment by Patti | November 7, 2006

  93. Well…. you’ve had plenty of time. What’s your problem,
    can’t get some of that voo-doo-poo-poo goin???

    Here is proof of Earl Stefanson being a biker AND a lover
    of motorcycle mechanics… straight from the biker’s mouth:

    Read it and weep…. now will you kindly leave me alone???

    Comment by Patti | November 8, 2006

  94. well if you looked at the my space you should have seen that his hero is his deceased father, earl’s father is obviously alive being that he was at his house the night of the chase, so again you know not what you speak and he is also 41 yrs old not 43. you read it and weep and maybe now you will leave it alone. there should be a wide selection of crossword puzzle books at your nearest store, go buy some and do something productive with your mind and your time , i’m outta here

    Comment by I Know | November 8, 2006

  95. How do you know that Earl’s dad was at his house that night?

    Comment by Patti | November 8, 2006

  96. well you commented on that but what about his age? no comment there? the newspapers clearly said he was 41 yrs old and he is a libra not a virgo. do you know how many guys are named earl that might perhaps like motorcycles? now you are totally putting some innocent guy named earl’s my space thing all over your wacky website, do you realize or even care what kind of responses this poor guy will get? and it says he last responded in november, you know as well as i do that mr. earl is in jail, so now what? i know your way off base and now this truly confirms it. there are more than one earl in the world and there are alot more patti’s as well hopefully the other patti’s are alot more grounded and realistic than you. lets face it you are truly grasping at straws here, to go into my space and pull up guys named earl who might like bikes and instantly assume it’s him is utterly ridiculous, have you ever saw the t.v. show “my name is earl?” UH OH!! i think that guy likes motorcycles too, maybe he’s covering up his crimes with a comedy t.v. show. maybe he’s gonna kill joyce next. you better hurry and look at his picture to see what you sick sense tells you on that guy. and earl was at his dad’s house the night of the chase, the newspapers said that the cops waited for earl to leave his fathers house and then they pursued him.

    Comment by I Know | November 8, 2006

  97. I found the “myspace” address on the internet. I don’t
    cruise through my space to try to find him. This was
    reported as Earl Stefanson’s myspace address, so don’t
    blame me.

    If you know so much about Earl, why don’t you just tell
    me without attacking me at every venture???

    Comment by Patti | November 8, 2006

  98. I went back and pulled it for you:

    Page down to Earl…..

    Hope it works.

    Comment by Patti | November 8, 2006

  99. well it worked but if you look at the picture that’s not the same guy. and the age is wrong, and this guys dad is obviously past, so it is a guy named earls my space but it’s obviously not earl stefansons.

    Comment by I Know | November 8, 2006

  100. Okay…. I’m sorry. I hope they find out the truth about
    Mr. Earl… whatever it is. I’m sorry if I upset you.
    That was not my intentions.


    Comment by Patti | November 8, 2006

  101. WHOA PATTI!!!!

    The person you outed as Earl on myspace was so incredibly incorrect!!

    Puting someone whom is 110% NOT the Earl Stefanson that did this crime!? His info out on this website as the killer himself!?


    You are not correct posting info that YOU know NOTHING about!

    I know the {{edit}} killer, not going into ANYMORE detail regarding him to YOU except that! HE NEVER WAS COMPUTER SAVVY…. Let alone a profile!
    RE-READ the profile you idiot! The person was last logged in today you jack-{{EDIT}} Earl is locked up you ignorant person!
    I cannot believe you did this to an innocent person with a myspace profile!

    To the person on myspace with the profile ( you will be reading this soon I know) SET YOUR PROFILE TO PRIVATE under your profile settings!

    To where only “friends” can see your profile, if ANYONE else wants to view your profile, they will have to have a myspace account profile and request to be a friend!
    Right now, EVERYONE & ANYONE can view your profile from this site thanks to an IGNORANT PERSON NAMED PATTI…

    PATTI………………….Get a LIFE other than messing around with others, you are insulting to the core

    Comment by I ALSO KNOW!! | November 8, 2006

  102. San Francisco: The land of a thousand dreams. It is one
    of the most beautiful cities in the world. Except that it
    has no heart. To leave a whole civilization in the hands
    of the monster that you have created through your lies and
    schemes is more than ANYone could ask…

    Your drugs have diseased our minds, your diseases have
    wrenched our bodies and your perversion has tested our
    very souls. Your city is pungent with your filth that
    spreads like wild-fire to every man, woman and child alive.
    How is it that your people want this??? How is it that
    they can see it with their own two eyes, and yet turn their
    ears from the ones that tell the truth?

    The truth is derived from several different sources but the
    story is the same. We live in violence. Our children are
    being killed by double-digit numbers daily, our neighbors
    cry, everynight, and yet you do not hear. None of us is
    happy. None of us are content. We are just a mass of
    people trying to make a living in a city that has grown more
    treacherous by the minute. There is no safe city, anymore.
    There are no good parks anymore and our streets are filled
    with your demons at night.

    Book stores, smoke shops, liquor stores, cat houses, massage
    parlors and bath houses keep our men out at night. The
    kids are restless and their mothers worry as they know of
    the boogeyman that seeks them out. He is right there, in
    our streets, making our city a shameful place to be; and
    Daddy’s gone.

    I wonder if they did a study on the rate of suicide by
    locale, how San Francisco would rate? How much ticking of
    the clock and marching of the feet can one person stand
    in their lives? The ticking, a constant reminder that our
    time is short and the marching of all the ones that want to
    run to your badness… like soldiers in a sick musical play
    in total balance only with eachother… ever marching into
    that river of madness that you have created and that we all
    seem powerless to stop.

    Yes, I would imagine your river of depression runs deep with
    the fathers that beat their wives and their children that
    cry out for answers to a deaf audience that doesn’t seem to
    want to take the time to see them to the end. You are piti-
    ful, San Francisco, with your broken families living on the
    verge of poverty and your people just throwing their lives
    away on your short, but oh so sweet, pleasures.

    Just livin’ for today…. trying to make our way in a city
    that has already proven that it holds out no future for us.
    Where are you San Francisco??? Our men are gone, our women
    are afraid and our children won’t stop crying. How long
    will it take, San Francisco, for our children to understand
    that it is not that we don’t care… it’s that we just can’t
    change. Can’t they understand that it’s not that we wanted
    it to be this way, but we have become just like the
    boogeyman, another soldier, marching steadily into the
    darkness seeking out what is bad.

    The children cry, “please stop…”

    And San Francisco says, “Shhhhhhhhh…”

    Comment by Patti | November 9, 2006

  103. Hey PATTI, I have left two comments that NEVER went through!
    I understand you will NOT post anything that really disagrees
    with you ?

    Although YOU claim this is not your website!?

    Interesting that your views get posted and they ARE graphic and just plain REDICULOUS!!!

    Interesting that my two “SHORT” comments NEVER went through!








    Comment by THIS SITE IS patti'S site | November 9, 2006

  104. Patti—If you would have read the crime blog before jumping to conclusions, this poor guy named Earl on myspace would not be slandered again. The Oct. 30,2006 posting by driver states that it is not EARL STEPHENSON. Quit trying to solve the case.

    Comment by mac | November 9, 2006

  105. Exactly how was this person slandered??? YOU need to get a
    life!!! ANDDDDDD you need to leave me alone!!!!! I don’t
    care if Earl is a biker or not and it is non of your
    business what I say or do.

    I have done nothing to hurt ANYONE so get on with what you
    were doing and I will get on with what I was doing.

    That man’s website is readily available to ANYONE, that is
    not my fault. ANNNNND, this would not be the first time
    that someone was mistaken for someone else… so YOU
    need to get a life.

    AND I have every right to try to solve this case, just as
    much as ANYBODY else does. Earl is in jail for murdering
    someone and has the blood of two other people on his hands
    and it is no mystery what has been going on in Frisco all
    these many years and I can write about it all I want.

    Comment by Patti | November 9, 2006

  106. Hello, San Francisco:

    Just sittin’ here wondering….. what is going to happen

    You know I went on that website that was for the people
    that wanted to find Ms. reiSier and since then, I have
    been harrassed by these people that are upset because
    the San Francisco Chronicle and the Oakland Police Dept.
    said the Mr. Earl was the son of the President of the
    Hell’s Angels.

    Truthfully, I would probably have taken him for a man
    with a Harley Davidson, since that is what you must
    ride in order to become a Hell’s Angel; but I really
    don’t concern myself with it otherwise. In other words,
    I sOrTa believe in the 1%’er club, but with all this
    marching that goes on in the case of San Fran, I’d say
    it must be in the high 80′s. Afterall, the Harley has
    and always HAS been the best selling motor-cycle in the

    You know, I did read that there is a hazing that goes on
    in that club much like the ones that are conducted upon
    the freshman of certain fraternities. You have to EARN
    the right to wear those colors and once you do, you’d
    better hide them in your closet; because bad things come
    from the worst of them. I can’t believe the nerve of that
    guy, asking me, ME, to find out or proove that mr. earl,
    the rat, is real…. it’s like asking someone if they are
    listening to you.?>?>….

    Oh, no, I didn’t hear you. You say you’re miserable down
    there… as if we didn’t know by his reactions. Askin’
    me how many Patti’s there are. Oh no…. I wish Mr. Hog
    were here… somehow I’d feel safer. He’s probably down on
    the Boulevard hanging out with the gay people. At least
    he’s not hangin’ out on Aruba.

    Sooooo, maybe I should be the brave one and call the Police
    myself. But I already did that, too. I haven’t heard any-
    thing. They MUST have their own investigation going on as
    they have had PLENTY of time to get those tests done.

    I just hope I don’t get the Hell’s Angels after me. Now
    THAT’s a scary thought!!!!! The BIG BOOGEYMAN!!!!!!!

    You heard about the lady that didn’t buckle down on the
    political pressure to stop writing… right??? Well, I’m
    not her. If someone put pressure on me not to write, I’d
    stop and wait in silence as, truly, I know less that any-
    one about the hard core FACTS in this case. Soooo

    Catch ya later!!


    Comment by Patti | November 9, 2006

  107. Good Morning San Francisco!!!!!

    Comment by Patti | November 10, 2006

  108. Wow!! You mean to tell me there is another week gone by without any word??? Isn’t that puzzling to you???

    Comment by Patti | November 10, 2006

  109. Okay… Let’s talk about guilt. We all know what it’s like
    to feel guilty. But what does it feel like to actually be
    guilty. There is a difference.

    First of all there is the guilt that is felt by the victim.
    Yes, victims feel guilty. Because they were caught in a
    stupid scheme that they should have seen coming a long time
    ago. They feel that they have let everybody down. They
    know that they will probably never see their families again
    and that brings on more guilt as they realize that their
    falling victim, will, ultimately, hurt everyone. And it

    The problem with that is that truly we understand the fact
    that anybody can fall for their schemes simply by having a
    false hope in mankind. Do you think that the girl that was
    killed by Dundey thought that by helping a man with a broken
    arm with his groceries was going to get her killed? No. Do
    you think that the men that went to Gacey’s house in search
    of a job thought that he was going to kill them? No.
    Nobody does.

    When they die, what happens? The guilt is then transferred
    to us. The friends and family of the victim. It is us
    that feel guilty for not being there, or for not warning her
    or for not being there to stop it. That guilt runs deep. In
    many cases it is a guilt that we may never overcome. Even
    though we are not fortune tellers, we expect for ourselves
    to know… but we don’t… no one EVER does.

    Then you have the guilt of the community. How do they feel
    when someone that lived next door, or down the street or
    even in the same city, dies? They feel the guilt as well.

    Isn’t it true that we are one. Isn’t it also true that if
    one is suffering over there, we feel it as well? Isn’t that
    the way it is supposed to be? Yes, and it is. Everybody
    feels some measure of guilt. That doesn’t mean that you try
    to shut everyone up and no talk about it, does it? No. Why?

    We are one. We are all on this same planet wanting the same
    thing… peace and security. If the peace is disturbed by
    the murder of one of OUR children, we weep. If it’s an
    absolutely pointless, horrible and excessively vulgar crime,
    we cry louder; and if it is one like this that is planned
    out months or maybe even years ahead, we SCREAM. Why?

    Because for someone to go out and buy all that it takes to
    construct a torture chamber and for all the work that goes
    into the planning and the manpower needed to prepare is only
    for one thing… causing pain to the innocent. That is what
    makes this an especially heinous crime. That is what makes
    this a crime, not of passion, considered in a second of mad-
    ness; but a crime that had been fantasized about for a great
    deal of time and carried out methodically.

    I looked at some evidence in a case, and it made me realize
    how truly innocent the victim is in this case. It also made
    me come to realize just how ruthless this man, if we can
    call him that, truly is. Am I angry? Yes I am, but the ones that I am angry about the most are the ones that have
    done nothing to stop the other numerous rapes and murders
    that have been carried out on a daily basis all over the
    city of San Francisco. And why does that guilt and anger
    fall only here? Because this is the MOST heinous. This is
    the MOST unacceptable; and this is the most senseless crime.

    Bikers, Hell’s Angels, Roofers, men named Earl, none of that
    really matters to us because we, as well as you, judge THIS
    man by his actions and his actions alone. That does not
    mean, however, that we ignore ALL the other times and ALL
    the other crimes that have been afflicted upon us; no it
    means simply that we become wiser.

    There is nothing wrong with talking about the problems that
    San Francisco has because to talk about it brings it out in
    the open. Once it is brought to the light, it is not as
    scary and we can see the truth in it.

    Did you know that the Bible speaks of people that have
    shining eyes? What does it mean to have ones eyes shine?
    It means that they can shine the light so they can see what
    they need to see and use our wisdom and our discernment to
    accept it as something good or bad. The Bible also speaks
    of the blinded ones. It speaks of this one in the same con-text as the ones that are stupid, running to badness and
    having no conscience.

    Conscience is the factor that effects change; whether it be
    in our actions as an individual, a family member, a friend
    or a community. Public conscience is spoken of generally
    relating to making changes in our laws or in the way we do
    things… as it truly is our conscience that moves us to
    act. Granted there are those with no conscience, that simply ignore the problems of this world and their are those
    that have a conscience that will only accept change as a

    There is also a way in which we train our conscience as the
    Bible, as well as others including scientists, have proven
    that without conscience, there is no hope.

    Do you feel guilty, if you do then you have a keen conscience that makes it possible to get along with others,
    to try to do the best you can and also to be the best you
    can for others; and that is the reason that there will
    always be those that cry out, like me, for this senseless
    murdering of one another stop.

    For the victim, to the family, to the friends and to the
    community we all cry, “Please, make it stop”. And as for
    those with a conscience, they will hear.

    Comment by Patti | November 11, 2006

  110. Now THAT is truth to me. Mr. Earl, to me is a title to
    represent to you that I am only speculating about him as
    I don’t know him well enough to be on a first-name basis.
    I started off calling him Mr. Earl Stefansen, or whatever.
    Then I changed it to simply Mr. Earl cause it was still an
    indication to you that I don’t know him. He could be Santa
    Clause as far as I know. So I still can call him Mr. Earl.
    After all, he is innocent until proven guilty… and I am
    only speculating. You want to hear some more stories???

    My husband was a Naval officer. He was very popular with
    the flying kind. NASA. But now he’s retired, with a much
    younger woman and I am permenantly on vacation… except
    when my son visits. He’s here cause he likes to ski the

    I just love California. You can surf here as the waters are
    safe this time of year. Or water ski, which ever you like.
    I always loved the Surfer Boys. You know what I mean???
    I saw Ms. Leslie around some times, but usually she kept to
    her friends. She was well liked… plus I was older. I
    waited late in life to have children. God, I have to take
    him to a game in the morning… got to go.

    Comment by Patti | November 12, 2006

  111. AGAIN,

    Patti…. This website is yours!

    Quit threatening to close this “THREAD”, because YOU won’t!!

    TAKE all your info to the media! If the police will not listen!

    There are several comments NOT going through!

    Although yours ALWAYS do CONSTANTLY!


    This is PATTIs website, with a “SCARED MONKEYS” title!

    It fits you well patti, AKA RED!? RIGHT!!!!
    Go to the media with your facts and HURRY solve these CRIMES!!


    SM: You are an uninformed fool. You simply could not follow directions. Take your nonsense elsewhere as families with missing loved ones hardly need to read this BS.

    SM: There are no comments that have been deleted; However, you are banned. You cannot respect this site, you are nothing more than a troll.


    Comment by ENOUGH!!! | November 12, 2006

  112. 1. Leslie Lamb’s death did NOT occur in San Francisco. It happened in Oakland. Leslie did not live in San Francisco either (nor did she live in Oakland). No residents or law enforcement from San Francisco are involved in this case. Any association between this crime and the city/county of San Francisco is baseless. Please extrapolate your negative opinions of San Francisco based on things that happen in the city or effect the city, not its neighbors. Jersey would be pissed if you blamed them for 9/11, eh?

    2. The Oakland Chapter of the Hells Angels organization is nearly infamous due to the tragedy at Altamont 35 years ago, but they have nothing to do with the actions of Earl Stefanson. The link you seek Patti between the HAs and Earl is methamphetamine, and nothing else. HAs are famous for distributing it in the 60s and 70s and Earl was busted for cooking it. Methamphetamine most likely fueled his sadistic and homicidal personality and had a LOT more to do with Leslie’s death than any motorcycle gang ever could. Consider Earl an addict, not a brainwashed cult convert.

    3. Leslie hand-picked a bouquet of flowers for Earl the day he beat her to death (I was at her memorial service. That’s how I know this). She was a true innocent and deserved so much better than Earl. Regarless of how psycho anyone gets ranting about her murder, her loss will always be personal for me. Hopefully Earl will go away forever for this. That would make many people very happy, including Patti – who probably will finally be happy and move on to another drama!

    Comment by the teacher | November 13, 2006

  113. What??? Do you think this is DRAMA for me??? Oh yeah,
    I forgot all about how Oakland is only a hop, skip and a
    jump, small one at that, actually, it is a crawl, in traf-
    fic from San Fran. Whether you live in Oakland, or
    simply the San sisters, you live in the trap. If you can’t
    see it… atleast don’t cast your shadow so others can see.

    I almost posted my ever sooooo famous “I agree with you”
    posts but it seems that you have ME confused with one of
    your friends, as I am not the type of person that nails
    a title to anyone. It was not I who said that Earl, as you
    like to address him, was a friend nor a biker nor a HA’s
    or whatever YOU think I said he was.

    Read what IIIIII write, before you judge me.

    Comment by Patti | November 13, 2006

  114. Oakland??? You want to talk about Oakland? At least Oakland has tried for many, many years to clean up
    their streets. If San Fran would clean up theirs, we
    would ALL be better off. I guess San Fran is afraid of
    hurting someone’s feelings.

    Do they not know that we are absolutely numb for all the
    pain we’ve been through? Come on San Fran, please step
    on SOMEONE’s right and make us ALL alot happier. We have
    been through your study on how NOT to run a city, now let
    us see if you and any others that want to join your group,
    can move ahead in time….

    Earl was not arrested for COOKING METH in the ’60′s or
    ’70′s when people, I suppose from your writing, would
    have been HIP at the time. He cooked his in the 90′s
    when EVERYBODY knew of the poison that reaks from that
    pot of brew. So save your sob stories for the cops.

    Comment by Patti | November 13, 2006

  115. Patti, I apologize. Leslie’s death was indeed dramatic and our collective response to it – whether we knew her or not – is rightfully intense. However, I posted to clarify a few points that I thought were misunderstood about San Francisco and the Hell’s Angels.

    I know Oakland has its own crime problems (as well as public relations problems), but I felt it unfair for San Franciscans to bear the brunt of resentment for Oakland’s shortcomings in this matter.

    I also know that Earl was busted for meth making in the 90′s (not the 60′s and 70′s) and am confident he revisited his habit after release from jail for that offense. I was simply asserting the idea that meth consumption effected Earl’s personality and most likely was a factor contributing to his behavior the night she died. I don’t excuse his addiction (far from it), I simply recognize it as a potential spark in his powder keg.

    Finally, I mentioned the sad truth that Leslie hand-picked flowers to take to Earl the night he beat her to death to restate the obvious: Leslie was an innocent and her death is a tragedy. ALL of us will sleep better when her psycho-deranged murderer is put away. You didn’t even know her but her death saddened you and Leslie would have respected that because that’s what she was about – connecting with people. True, you’ve gotten a bit intense talking about your feelings regarding her murder, but I must admit, it is nice to hear someone care so much.

    Again Patti, I apologize. May Earl rot in hell!

    Comment by the teacher | November 13, 2006

  116. AMEN!!!!!

    Comment by Patti | November 14, 2006

  117. By the way, I saw a billboard tonight about Nina Reiser in Hayward (I dunno if you’re familiar with the East Bay but Hayward is south of Oakland and north of San Jose). I had never noticed it before but after reading your posts today Patti, her name jumped out at me when I drove by. I think its doubtful that Earl had anything to do with Nina’s disappearance, but I seriously hope someone comes forward with some information so that Nina can be found. I cannot imagine the agony of having a loved one go missing and be presumed dead, so my thoughts for solace are with her family and friends. I just wanted to say thank you for letting me know about her. Now I want justice for Nina as much as I want justice for Leslie. Lets cross our fingers and toes!!!

    Comment by the teacher | November 14, 2006

  118. I actually just went back and re-read every post here (I didn’t just read the first few and then skim the remaining like I had when I first arrived) and gained some insight on Patti. I think I get that she was talking about having a sort of sixth sense with the living and that although she wasn’t there to actually observe the relationship between Earl and Leslie, she was atuned to the dynamics that surrounded their lives and led them to this tragic end. She could tell, from a distance, that Leslie wanted and needed love and that Earl thought he loved her in his own criminally insane way. Most of all though, she understood that Leslie thought she loved Earl – a characteristic (personality flaw?) even her closest friends couldn’t deny. I think I see that Patti was/is just trying to motivate those of us who care about justice for Leslie to proactively demand it. Admittedly naive of the facts, Patti has implored us to seek them out and act upon them. I reads like a lot of little misunderstandings clouded everyone’s judgement until things began falling apart at the seams. Hopefully, these posts of mine with help!

    Comment by the teacher | November 14, 2006

  119. Exactly.

    Comment by Patti | November 15, 2006

  120. Where there’s smoke, there’s FIRE??!!!!!

    Page down to article.

    Comment by Patti | November 15, 2006

  121. Try this:

    Comment by Patti | November 15, 2006

  122. What’s that got to do with Leslie? Isn’t this comments page about her?

    Comment by ??????????? | November 15, 2006

  123. ????????????????

    This comment page is about the crimes against the innocent.
    This page is about the many crimes that are committed each
    and everyday against a number of people. There is not only
    Leslie, there are more.

    Anyone that has read my past posts and have listened to what
    I think happened and the people involved know what this info
    means and the way in which it is related to Leslie.

    Where there is smoke, there is FIRE!!!!!!!

    Comment by Patti | November 16, 2006

  124. Okay… Let me explain. Mr. Earl was involved with something very powerful that a torture chamber was a large part of . Mr. Earl wasn’t your average roof-man. He was indeed, one of the most horrific people that you will ever want to meet.

    Mr. reISer has Mr. Sean living with him in his home, working with him as his (supposed) bookkeeper. Mr. reISer and MR. Sean are friends and have been friends for a very long time. THey have done things together that you dare not write home to mother. I don’t know for sure, but I would be willing to bet that Mr. reISer and Mr. Sean are members of SOME sort of club.

    Mrs. reISer is a student from Russia studying to become a doctor. She is very intelligent and extremely “blessed” with a bubbly personality and a big heart. She is very good at appearing totally innocent and in many ways she is, but the company she keeps is far from it… and she is tired of THAT. She didn’t come all this way to become a doctor so that she could be neck-high in THEIR b.s… as that was what it was to her. She went along with it for as long as she HAD to but secretly, she hoped it would be over. Then she could slip away… away from this life with the club and all its members.

    Mr. Sean had always had eyes for her. She was ANY man’s dream of the perfect wife. She would soon be making really big money and whoever ended up with her, was going to be rich. So it wasn’t hard for her to lure Mr. Sean into her scheme to rid herself of her husband. When she broke his heart she broke it AND stomped on it afterwards. Mr. Sean treated her the same way in which the others had been hurt. She had complained about the others, but he never listened… so she let herself be victim to his dirty little trap as well… and THAT’s what REALLY hurt.

    You see, Mr. reISer had always considered that part of the business as a seperate entity. He had never wanted to talk about it, but Mrs. reISer had to deal with it occasionally because of her ability to play doctor with them. She spoke their language and was comforting to them. She hated the business and couldn’t wait to free herself of it… and since MR. reISer wasn’t concerned, she left his friend with a wild story about how she LOVED being beaten by him and having to succome to him in EVERY way. THAT’s what hurt Mr. reISer.

    The one woman that he stuck his neck out for. The one that he had treated differently… the one that he had never wanted involved in the business… the one that HE chose to be his wife when he had the pick of THOUSANDS and she treat him like this???? There was anger everywhere and in every direction, because if it weren’t for him, she would be nothing. And now, all that he has left is this image of the one that he had put upon the pedestal, above everyone else, playing whore to a low-down good for nothing back stabber. Not just in ANY way, but in THAT way… the way that she had always HATED!!!! Yes, it hurt him. His world was crashing down ALLLLLLLLLL around him.

    All he needs is the FED’s to come snooping around… that would blow his fuse clean into the next county… and it does. He was taken on a bad note… to get money that Mrs. reISer had spent WITH her lover, his friend, the one that made her look like a whore and now THIS… he’s threatening people with the I.R.S. when HE was the one cooking the books??? He’s threatening to blow Mr. reISer’s cover AND have the I.R.S. all up in his s*it.

    SOOOOoooooo… what does Mr. reISer do????? What does ANY body do when their backs against the wall and they have time to observe their hand….. they upt the ANTE!!!!! They fight back… and if Mr. reISer is going down, he’s going to take some people with him… afterall, Ms. Nina was his.

    Comment by Patti | November 16, 2006

  125. Yep!!! That’s what Ms. Nina did. She left Mr. Sean in her dust having to deal with all the trouble and she ran off with Mr. Right.

    Now, Mr. Sean, hearing all the calls from Mr. reISer, decides that he will call a truce with one more threat… one that he thinks will serve him well in the way of protection as he can see that all this bickering over Ms. Nina has gone too far. So he threatens Mr. reISer with his friends… HIS friends, the gangsters that will slit your throat as to look at you; hoping that it will end now… secretly, he doesn’t even care anymore but he doesn’t want Mr. reISer to go any further. He would even drop the suit if it were up to him. Being without Ms. Nina took all the wind from his sails and he was scared. That is the ONLY time you make that threat, especially in court, in public where everybody could hear… but none of them knew what was lurking just around the corner.

    Enter John Marc Carr…. the he-she faggot that is confused at which end of the table he likes to eat. The pervert that claimed to be there (how, I wonder) when Princess Jon Benet was murdered. The man that surfs the web for sites that he can buy people, especially, children. I wonder…

    Comment by Patti | November 16, 2006

  126. Well, I hope that my last posts answer any questions that you had. This is very sad. This is not drama to me. This is a very disturbing side of the “Bay Area” that few of us have the opportunity to see in black and white and written in a newpaper. Yep! There were fuses going off, the short kind… but that was just the beginning.

    I went on one of the other sites and got myself in a bit of trouble. It all began when some lady named Vikki said that I smelled like a troll. Ofcourse, being the lady that I am, I questioned it. Needless to say, I got upset and WHAMMO they kicked me off. It still makes no sense to me that a person can call another person a troll (sticks and stones) and the person calling names goes unpunished.

    Oh well, that was another case. One that I hope gets solved in the near future. There are alot of good people working on that case, but there are also a few idiots (mostly posters) that take all the fun out of it. I think it’s for the money.

    I promice, I will never ask you for a dime. All I will ask and all that I want is for this case to go forward. There is alot of stalling going on and that is never good. Call the prosecutors, call the police, do whatever it takes to keep these cases firmly planted in the mind of the public. Unless there is public outcry, they get lazy; make them work!

    Good Luck… and as always may God be with you.

    Comment by Patti | November 17, 2006

  127. This is my final post. The holidays are getting nearer. I have a lot to do to get ready for family and friends. I have to head back to the mainland and as soon as I get there, I will have alot less time on my hands. Next week is Thanksgiving and soon it will be Christmas, New Years and the Superbowl.

    I hope that you find justice, even if it is only in your heart. I shall pray that the truth, whatever it is, be revealed to all. If there are any other innocent women out there that fell victim to Mr. Earl and his friends, may we pray that their families find the truth.

    I was being harrassed by a group of people that kept repeating that I should write a book. Well, to be honest with you, I have; and I am working on another. They also told me to get a life, that I have as well. I have three children and one beautiful grandson. I wasn’t too sure of being the grandma-type but truly it has been a blessing.

    Enjoy your lives, be kind to one another and pray for truth.

    Until we meet again.


    Comment by Patti | November 17, 2006

  128. Okay are you ready to hear about the third victim? I hope
    I can bear to tell this story for it is truly the sadest of
    them all.

    Comment by Patti | December 5, 2006

  129. Okay… Joanna Asha Veil… “Asha”

    A very free spirited young lady with her whole life ahead of her. A woman who if anything was too good for this world and if not for the world, most certainly, the people that she chose to surround her in her personal life for the past couple years. She was a dreamer. She wasn’t from a wealthy family but she certainly could have passed for one, she had more class in her little finger than most people have in their hole bodies. She was a keeper and how she ended up like this was, much like Ms. Leslie, way beyond her control. She was a victim of being at the wrong place for far too long and involved with a person that had too much to lose and too much to hide… Richard.

    Richard was a biker. He was an artist; and artsey person with only the boundries of his own imagination to stop him. He was truly talented… a photographer, a film director at heart working as a light-man in the overly saturated field of films. He, too, was part of the brethren and was familiar with the other two victims, although Ms. Leslie was certainly the newcomer.

    Mr. Veil, Richard, was present when Ms. Leslie was murdered. Although he wasn’t present, he knew of the death of Ms. Nina as well; and he also knew that Ms. Asha was going to have to die as well. They all knew, or thought that they knew; that one of the women had ratted and if it took the death of all of them, there would be no witnesses nor any loose strings. Afterall, NO one was going to go to jail for this, especially, not HIM.

    He was only involved in the porn part of the business and while that was bad enough, if they found out the rest of what they did, there would be hell to pay. Richard didn’t really think that it was Ms. Asha that had told, but it didn’t much matter to his friends as they were both bound and determined to put an end to any possibility that they may get caught.

    Neither the many girls and women nor the money were worth the risk… and, in reality, Richard hadn’t even taken the time to worry about that part. It was a pretty safe bet that no one would ever have found out. The girls had been, at one time, a steady stream of work and that always meant more money; but no one, not even Richard, had given much thought into the reprecutions of getting caught… simply put, Mr. Richard left it up to the others to see to it that that didn’t happen.

    Comment by Patti | December 5, 2006

  130. So… has ANYBODY heard anything? What about the two men that were being held for questioning as they were with Mr. reISer at the time of his arrest? Does anybody know who they are?

    I went on a word search on Ms. Asha and found that the police are not sure of their case that they “think” they have against the manager of the store that Ms. Asha worked at. It seems that he had a past history of making comments and in some cases threats to past employees. I don’t think that he’s guilty. It sorta sounds like they have done their trace evidence tests and can’t tie him to the crime. I also looked at what a “psychic” said during a reading and he specifically says that “Richard” knows who the killer is and that he thinks that the killer may have been hired to kill her for $60,000. I feel that Richard knows, very well indeed, who killed Ms. Asha but am not sure that they paid someone to do it… unless Mr. Earl managed to line his pockets, but I really don’t get a sense of that.

    The sense that I get is that Mr. Earl would not dispose of the body, because it is against his code of honor; but I am and always was sure that he was the one responsible for her death in the physical way. I always felt that he did not dispose of the body in the same way for her because of the pregnancy.

    Richard knows alright. He knows because whether anyone will admit it or not he loved Ms. Asha for many reasons but mostly because she nursed him back to health after a very bad motorcyle accident. She was “that” type of person. The kind that sticks with you through the hard times… but even the best of us can only stand so many hard times. Besides, she was young. She had won her freedom and a big part of that freedom was the right to walk away from the relationship that was fun for her but was never more than an arrangement to win her freedom in America.

    Ms. Asha loved the mountains. She loved the outdoors with a passion. That was one reason why Richard was so perfect for her, at the beginning. He loved the outdoors, too. They had traveled together and were truly what most young people call eachother, “best friends”, til the end.

    It must be a hard thing to have to choose between the love of your life and the breathren of people that are not only your brothers in honor but also your brothers in fear. Everybody knows that there is an honor system that runs deep in those clubs… even yaught clubs. Wherever you have people that have been joined for a common good, even if it is truly bad, you have power. Sure you have some in-fighting, but generally speaking people naturally will buddy up with one another to strengthen their ability to accomplish whatever their mission is. Well, in this case, it was greed that kept the boat from tipping over… and it was for greed that it finally capsized and sunk like a rock to the bottom of the bay like so many other things.

    Actually to say that it was only greed would be in error. It had as much to do with ego. These guys REALLY thought that they were slick. No matter what the age of a criminal, they will ALWAYS think that they are slick. I will agree to a point in that, slick is atleast a starting point for slimey… as that best describes the things that have been committed here.

    XXXX rated movies… WOW !!!!!

    live on the internet for the whole world to see…????

    Not quite… but close. You see, one of the things that makes the business so lucritive is the fact that the things that these people were broadcasting, LIVE, was much tooooo tu-tu to be shown to just ANYONE… besides, it was the FILM that truly was the money maker. They could slice and dice and pretty much do whatever they wanted with both the film as well as the stars… and this is where only an eccsentric ego-maniac would be interested in this work… they ALL were dispendable. No contracts, no lawsuits, no royalties.

    I suppose that anyone that is dealing with people in that type of business is going to look long and hard over their shoulders… seeing dispendability everyday would certainly give you a sense of your own mortality. Who would DARE cross them??? Certainly, not Richard. Richard was WAYYYYY too fun-loving to have to worry about THAT for the rest of his life. Even he was relieved with the death of the women; NO body likes to go to jail, but even fewer people want to be dead. Richard was relieved that they didn’t think that HE had talked… he knew that these people were dangerous… besides, they held his life in their hands. Like Mr. reISer, Richard was staring down the barrel of a gun, and his future depended on the silence of the trusted ones… the only ones that knew the secret of the things that they did… and in their minds, the only ones that could have told.

    If you step back and look at their situations, you may be able to understand, or should I say comprehend, how this thing escalated.

    The two women, Ms. Nina and Ms. Asha were both home free. There was nothing that was holding them to these men anymore and to them, it felt like hell. Mr. reISer was the worst. He hated the fact that Ms. Nina could just up and walk out like that. He thought, for sure, that Ms. Nina would stay with him for the children’s sake. Richard was easier with it, but even for him, the pregnancy was troubling. To them both, it seemed not only possible, but plausible that they both were being ratted out. This became even more probable to them as it became more obvious to them that Ms. Leslie had nothing to do with the leaks.

    Poor Ms. Asha. Believing in a guy like Richard… never saw it coming.

    Comment by Patti | December 7, 2006

  131. OK…so I am reading the last few entries. Just so I understand, these three peeps Earl, Richard and Veil were all involved in Leslies death??? How do you know this? and do you sit in on the trial? Thanks!

    Comment by Tami Lou | December 12, 2006

  132. Earl did it by himself. He is a freak.

    Comment by tanya | December 13, 2006

  133. I’m so sorry for the pain & suffering you had to go through Lamb… He will get what he deserves.. You will 4ever be in my heart.. God I miss your SMILE…Sleep with the angels my friend..

    Comment by Friend of Leslie | January 17, 2007

  134. I’m so sorry for the pain & suffering you had to go through Lamb… He will get what he deserves.. You will 4ever be in my heart.. God I miss your SMILE…Sleep with the angels my friend..xoxoxoxox

    Comment by Friend of Leslie | January 17, 2007

  135. Anyone know when this creep goes to trial?

    Comment by someone who cares | January 17, 2007

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