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Tim Miller and Texas EquuSearch Maybe be Entering the Search for Missing Trenton Duckett

The investigation continues into the disappearance of 2 year old Trenton Duckett. With the Trenton Duckettrecent events of Melinda Duckett’s suicide, the investigation has certainly been thrown for a loop. The national media exposure created by the Nancy Grace Show has created some new leads according to police.

Police in Leesburg say last night’s national TV exposure of the Trenton Duckett case is again drumming up new leads.

TV host and legal analyst Nancy Grace featured Trenton on her show again Monday night. Police say the broadcast generated new and credible leads that they are following up on today.

(Central Florida News 13)

Of course the spot light of appearing on Nancy Grace also seems to have created a set back in the case of missing Trenton Duckett in that Melinda Duckett committed suicide shortly after her interview for the program. However, the fact remains and should be focussed on the fact that there is a 2 year old missing child out there and his name is Trenton Duckett.

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Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch was interviewed last evening on Nancy Grace and had this to say with regards to searching for Trenton Duckett and offering help to the search.

To Tim Miller with Texas Equusearch, also a crime victim himself. What`s your best Tim Milleradvice to help the police? They`re doing everything they`ve got. You`ve conducted more searches than any of us put together, Tim.

TIM MILLER, TEXAS EQUUSEARCH: Thank you, Nancy. Thanks for having me on.

You know, No. 1, this is just a tremendous tragedy for everybody involved. And you know, we`ve had so much success with finding victims out there and the problem being is that Trenton`s been gone a long time now. Just two weeks ago, we found a lady on the 19th day of her disappearance, and it took 10 days to even get her identified.

GRACE: What`s your advice to the police?

MILLER: You know, right now, I think the search needs to go on. We`re certainly offering our resources to come out there. The sooner Trenton`s found, let`s hope he`s alive. Let`s hold on to that miracle. But if he`s not, we need to find him, determine that cause of death.

They`ll have a crime scene and then they can be really put a case together. So, again, we`re willing to offer anything we can do, but you know what? This search needs to continue. We`ve done a lot of research on this. We know there`s a lot of water around there; there`s a lot of areas. And we will — we`re willing to help any way that they can help.

GRACE: And of course, you know everyone, Tim Miller has volunteered to do searches all over the world, including in Aruba for Natalee Holloway.

(Full Nancy Grace Transcript 9/11/06)

We had the opportunity to speak to Tim Miller this afternoon regarding Texas EquuSearch’s involvement in the case of missing Trenton Duckett. Tim Miller said,  “he is offering the Leesburg Police TES as a search resource”. Tim Miller also went on to say, “that if Trenton is not found soon, TES could be involved in the case as soon as Thursday or Friday of this week.”  Tim Miller said “there is a lot of water in the area so they could bring in boats and the aerial plane to scout potential areas”. Tim Miller will play it by ear and wait for the police’s request for their help.

We can all hope that Trenton Duckett is found sooner rather than later.


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