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Melinda Duckett’s Grandparents partially blame CNN’s Nancy Grace for her suicide

The grandparents of Melinda Duckett have gone on record as saying that they believe that the grilling that CNN’s Nancy Grace gave Melinda Duckett contributed to her decision to commit suicide. Did this interview go too far? It leads to some interesting questions regarding interviewing parents of missing children. What is the media’s role? Does the media have a right to ambush a parent during an interview as police investigate a case? We all want the truth to come out and more importantly Trenton Duckett to be found.

Melindaduckett dead

The grandparents of Melinda Duckett say the grilling that CNN’s Nancy Grace gave their granddaughter contributed to her decision to commit suicide.

Melinda Duckett’s grandfather said it was his gun that Melinda used while she was at their home alone on Friday.

During a news briefing yesterday, police shed little new light on their investigation, refusing to speculate as to whether the media scrutiny led to the apparent suicide.

It is hard to comment as to what goes through the mind of a parent with a missing child. The grief, sorrow and anxiety that a parent feels cannot be experienced unless one has lost a child.  The media is supposed to ask questions, report the fact of the case and get the word out. Could “shock journalism” have played a role in the suicide of Melinda Duckett? Anything is possible and from the tone of the interview I believe that anchors need to remember they are journalists first, not lawyers. They are not there to solve the case on national TV. Does the media know or care about the emotional or mental makeup of a guest they are interviewing prior?

See the transcript of the Nancy Grace show in questions. Nancy Grace was certainly unrelenting. Granted I agree that questions need to be asked. However, no one in the media has the right to ambush a guest on their show. Nancy Grace is a lawyer. She understands what the term, “asked and answered” means. Guests and especially parents of a missing child have to be treated with a certain amount of deference. Just because a news anchor thinks an individual may be hiding something does not mean they have the right to badger them. Granted Melinda Duckett came on the Nancy Grace program of her own free will. However, I hardly think that she thought she would be ambushed or treated in a manner that she was. 

One of the things that is troubling among many in this case is the fact that it is another case of an innocent child being caught in the cross-hairs of two parents in a bitter divorce and custody battle. The child’s welfare is hardly ever an issue when this occurs. Another troubling issue is if Melinda Duckett was somehow guilt-ridden and responsible for Trenton’s disappearance, why did she not leave a note of what she did prior to committing suicide? It is possible that she was just an emotionally unstable person who cracked under the extreme pressure of the case.  

The end result is that Melinda Duckett is not alive to answer police questions or provide anymore information into the disappearance of 2 year old Trenton Duckett. That is the most important part in all of this. Trenton Duckett is still missing. Where is he? As Joshua Duckett has stated the primary goal should be on Trenton and any information as to his whereabouts.

The father of missing two-year-old Trenton Duckett talked to reporters yesterday, for the first time since Melinda Duckett’s apparent suicide.

Trenton Duckett’s Father, Joshua Duckett says it is not time to point fingers and everyone needs to work together to find his son.

“Please come forward if you have anything at all. It may not be relevant. Just please come forward because right now is the time. We need anything to go on,” Joshua Duckett said.

(Central Florida News)

Trenton Duckett’s Description:

Trentonduckett cfn

He’s described as from 2 and a half to 3 and a half feet tall, 30 to 40 pounds and was last seen in a blue and green striped shirt with blue denim shorts, no shoes.

UPDATE: Trenton Duckett Missing: Did the Media and Nancy Grace Push Melinda Duckett Over the Edge to Suicide?

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  1. Melinda Duckett made the decision to go on Nancy Grace. If she didn’t trust the media because they were reporting things wrong why would she go on Nancy Grace.
    I agree totally with Nancy’s questioning and frustration with Melinda. There are so many missing people out there who’s family’s would give anything to have their loved one’s case’s broadcast on her show.
    It has to be hard enough to choose between which cases they can or can not broadcast. It could determine the life or death of someone or if they are deceased wether their remains will be found or the perp captured.
    They don’t need people who they are willing to assist to go on there and take up valuable time being deceptive like they are trying to cover something up.
    Nancy keep on doing the good work.
    SM: There is a part of me that agrees with you. However, there is a responsibility that people like Nancy Grace needs to keep in mind. I actually like her show. She needs to remember what she has stated and called other people like in the Larry Garrioon situation and look at herself in the same light.

    She is a journalist news show, not the DA or police.

    A line does need to be drawn as to whwn to stop otherwise … no one will want to be a guest … JMO


    Comment by Roy | September 10, 2006

  2. [...] Read the full story regarding the grandparents allegations regarding Melinda Duckett’s suicide at Missing & Exploited. [...]

    Pingback by Scared Monkeys | September 10, 2006

  3. Melinda killed herself because she killed her son. It is a murder/suicide, the suicide was just delayed. The only questions that I have are:

    Where is Trenton’s body?
    Did she kill him on accident and then try to cover-it-up?
    Did she kill him with the intent of blaming it on her ex-husband?
    Did she kill him just because she was evil?

    From the moment I heard her story I knew she was guilty, then the Nancy Grace interview confirmed it and then the suicide double confirmed her guilt.

    Comment by Mr. Justice | September 10, 2006

  4. I have watched this Nancy Grace on several occasions, at first I thought whe was ok… but after the way she blew off the story of the woman who had been murderded stabbed 30 or more times,,and she was a mother of 3 small girls, with an muslim husband , and she was pregnant… now Nancy Grace never once, gave any thought to the possibility that the husband was responsible for his wifes death, and I bet you money that he is no longer in this country, but has taken his daughters and fled to his home nation…. I wouldn’t be surprised if his wife was not happy about the way he was treating his daughters and herself as well. Why is it that Nancy did not go after him with as much gusto as she usually gives others caught in the same situation? This was a crime of passion, and no one had a motive but him… I wouldn’t take his aliby with a grain of sand, they stick together, and they would back up his killing his wife, if she was not going along with his orders.. after all that is the way it is with muslim men. His wife was probably not going along with him on issues dealing with how the girls were to be raised or were… I bet he wanted to return to his home land, and she did not, now she is dead and he gets what he wants… the girls and out of America.

    Comment by Lily Powell | September 11, 2006

  5. And yes I heard the interview with Melinda, my heart went out to her ,, these men who want to beat thier wives and when they can’t keep contorl of them they try to take the children… With this political correct atmosphere we are all having to live with, the courts are looking to the father ‘s to give custody of children, just to even the score of so many women having been awarded custody in the past. These men are not interested in having the children , they just want to continue to control the lives of the women who got smart and got away from them. And children are ALWAYS safer and happier with thier mothers. ALWAYS! It is a rare occasion when men can do it better. When I heard that she was found dead I knew that Nancy had pushed to far this time….and that little boy will, and probably has paid the price for the “crazy meat eating Press”. Anything for a story the jusier the better…and they will lie and distort to gain the publics attention. It is always about the money. Nancy Grace doesn’t give a hoot about anyone but her ratings,,, it is all intertianment to her.

    Comment by Lily Powell | September 11, 2006

  6. I totally agree, that Nancy Grace’s questioning did NOT go over the line. Melinda said she went shopping, wwweeelllll….if she went shopping what was the big secret as to what shops she stopped in? Then NG asked if she had taken a polygraph…..a simple yes or no answer was all she was looking for. But NOOOOO, Melinda skirted around the question big time! I agree that she was guilty of something. Someone knows where Trenton is. Melinda was a very talkative person, she had to have told someone! I just can’t believe this story is not all over the news.

    Comment by redquartz | September 11, 2006

  7. I live in North Carlina and I have not heard one thing about this case on the news or in the paper. Why not? how can people help look for this little boy if it is not reported? It has been 3 weeks now and I have to search for information. This is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone who lives near this place should be walking their property and searching for this little boy’s body. Everyone needs to help, but they can’t if they are not informed. As far as Nancy Grace being “blamed” for Melinda Duckett’s suicide that is also ridiculous. I watched the show and Melinda seemed to be holding her own, bobbing and weaving all of Nancy’s questions regarding the polygraph. If my child was missing I would insist that everyone including myself take the polygraph, get that out of the way so they could eliminate me as a suspect and look for the kidnapper. Melinda was guilty and now we must do everything in our power to find that little boy’s body so his father can bury him. I pray this happens soon for all concerned. God bless that sweet angel.

    Comment by Tpagrl7 | September 11, 2006

  8. I believe that Nancy Grace has no right to push Melinda Duckett to the corner during the interview last week. Nancy Grace was very rude to Melinda and showed no sympathy to the young mother “Melinda” who’s son is missing. I do think that the death of Melinda has to do with the interview with Nancy Grace. I do sometimes get sick watching Nancy Grace’s show because she’s always rude to her guests and so insensitive to others.

    Comment by Leslie | September 11, 2006

  9. Melinda Duckett’s grandfather said it was his gun that Melinda used while she was at their home alone on Friday.

    You know this may sound mean but the fact is that the Gun should have not been within reach of Melinda. First of all she already was held on a Mental Health issue. Didn’t her Grandparents know that? People need to take responsibilty for things and stop blaming other people. No one wants to take responsibility for their own careless actions. If you have a gun you put it in a safe place that only you know about, because as we know accidents can happen and especially should be hidden when you have Grandchildren.
    SM: You are correct about personal responsibility. However, think about the fact that MD had not used the gun up until a certain point. There are most likely many factors that contributed to Melinda taking her own life, there always are. However, personal responsibilty lies with others as well. Dont you think?

    The situation seemed like a ticking time bomb … it is truly sad that it would appear that Trenton Duckett got caught in the middle of it all.

    Comment by Montana | September 11, 2006

  10. I absolutely agree with Nancy Grace and her treatment of Melinda Duckett. It was so obvious listening to her that she was the one who did something to her child. She was a smart mouth and held her own, like someone with no remorse at all.

    You can bet she has some now.

    Comment by keaton | September 12, 2006

  11. Tpagaglr7 is right. I just happened onto Nancy’s show and saw this story. I figured it would have made the news circuit by now but I too have had to research each time to find any info. There is no doubt that Melinda is, at a minimum, guilty of her son’s disappearance. Nancy Grace should not be blamed for the ultimate demise of Melinda Duckett. Why? ANYONE who knows ANYTHING about Nancy Grace should know that she is one of the most ruthless, malicious, mis-guided “journalists” on t.v. Someone should have advised Mrs. Duckett not to appear on that show.

    Comment by Mark | September 12, 2006

  12. Melinda committed suicide before the airing of the Nancy Grace show…so how can Nancy be to blame?
    SM: Debbie, just to let you know the NG show was taped. Melinda Duckett had done the show first … as the show was being aired, the ticker came across the scroll that she was found dead.

    Comment by debbie hill | September 12, 2006

  13. Debbie, Melinda KNEW it was going to show.

    Comment by Mark | September 12, 2006

  14. I watched NG interview BOTH parents, and I don’t feel a bit sorry for Melinda Duckett. She obviously didn’t want to answer questions, because she was afraid of incriminating herself. An innocent parent would be telling the world where they had been that day, in hopes that someone would come forward with helpful information. I don’t particularly like NG, but I DO see why she was so frustrated with Melinda Duckett. Melinda looke guilty, probably WAS guilty, and that’s why she killed herself. It wasn’t because of an interview. Good grief ! If she truly loved her son, and had nothing to do with his disappearance, she would have done everything in her power to find him, INCLUDING answering questions. Only a guilty person has to avoid questions like that. Melinda took the coward’s way out, in MY opinion, and instead of blaming NG and the media for Melinda’s choice, we need to bring the focus back to FINDING THIS CHILD !

    Comment by Kim | September 12, 2006

  15. What kind of mother would kill herself unless she knew her child was not alive? If my child were missing, I would be looking for her nonstop. I would be on every show I could be on to get information out to the public, and I would take any test or do anything that the police wanted me too. If she really loved her child, she would have gone thru hell and back to try to find him!
    SM: One never knows what mental issues one may have and how they deal with stress.

    This is why its supposed to be left in the hands of professional investigators. They may have known she could not be pushed, but were dealing with her with kid gloves to get answers.

    She may have very well committed suicide later, however, she may have done so in her own terms “so to speak” and left a note describing what was done and where Trenton is. That is a real strong possibility.


    Comment by Wendy | September 12, 2006

  16. Did those who agree with Nancy Grace’s line of questioning even think that if Nancy hadn’t pushed her questions so hard, that maybe the authorities could have gotten more information out of Melinda without feeling ambushed. Instead, the girl is gone and a member of the media who has no business acting like an interrogator may have contributed to a setback in the investigation. I don’t even watch Nancy Grace but from an outsider’s point-of-view, it seemed inappropriate and unprofessional.

    Comment by Susann | September 12, 2006

  17. ya nancy grace should be blamed for melindas death.she should be blamed because she done a real quick investigations in her questioning and she broke melinda down and made everyone look in her direction…so whatever she knows or done to that lil boy, the punishment was coming for her thats why she took the way out she did

    Comment by t | September 12, 2006

  18. That’s right: Blame the media. That mother killed her baby and was caught in her lies on TV. That she killed herself is hardly worth a breath. She deserved it. What is unutterably cruel is that we will never know where she buried her boy’s body.
    SM: Don’t you think if tough questions had to be asked you would want them coming from the police rather than the media? You do realize that a media’s show main goal is ratings, so they get advertizers, so the show can pay its bills … right?

    There is a time and place for the media … its not to interogate potential suspects. Its also not to ambush them which is what I and many people believe. And I actually like Nancy Grace … however, she did step over the line on this one.

    Comment by Kevin Darling | September 12, 2006


    When you realized that she was not responding, when you realized the nature of the case you should have HALTED! IT WAS NOT ACCOMPLISHING A THING. When you established that she was “off her rocker” and when you knew your viewers were aware and in agreement that this lady was not well in the head, you should have stopped. HER FAMILY SHOULD SUE YOU IF YOU DO NOT FIX THIS ON YOUR SHOW TONIGHT AND APOLOGIZE with all your heart, BEG FOR FORGIVENESS. AND THEN PROMISE ALL YOU WILL NEVER, EVER DO THAT AGAIN. THAT WAS NOT TRUE, CREDIBLE, RESPECTABLE, JOURNALISM THAT WAS A HANGING, A LYNCHING. IT WAS ONE OF THE WORST DAY’S IN CNN HISTORY IN MY OPINION AND IF YOU GUYS DON’T FIX IT!!! THEN I WILL NEVER WATCH YOU AGAIN, AND PASS THE WORD ON TO OTHERS TO DO THE SAME AND GET WORD TO THAT FAMILY TO SUE YOUR HEAD OFF!!!


    Comment by Danette Tucker | September 13, 2006

  20. In the US we are inocent until proven guilty. Shame on Nancy Grace for her interview with this case. I am sure that Melinda thought that through this interview it would only aid in finding her son. Instead Nancy Grace pushed this allready grieving women to her final decision about her life.
    May GOD be with the family and friends.

    Comment by Sharon Turner | September 13, 2006

  21. All these people assume the mother is guilty because she dodged questions from a REPORTER? Was Grace the DA? The investigator? The anybody? No, she was a reporter. She pushed tough questions in the face of a fragile woman. Let me ask you doubters: if your own child was missing and someone was throwing questions at you, hinting at your guilt or possible involvement, would you put up with having to state where you were at the time of the event? I myself would be appalled at such incrimination! So now Melinda gets cornered and she feels the world has taken away her baby and then her innocence, what’s there left to do? Stress + shock = bad decisions. If you people want to talk about her being guilty, wait till your baby gets taken away and then we’ll talk.

    Comment by Jesse Lee | September 13, 2006

  22. Yes Melinda is Gone… why who really knows why? I think the police and investigators need to focus back on the 2 male friends she had over..Like (1) was the child already in bed before the friends arrived to watch a video ? Or did Melinda put him down when they got there? (2) Did the males see or hear the child with in the 2 hrs or whatever it was they were there? (3) why would Melinda leave the window open with her son in the bed asleep ALONE, with the door closed? Who does that ? Did the male friends or Melinda get up at anytime to check on the child? or to use the restroom ect? Did they not hear one sound out of the little boy?

    Why Sould NG apologize for Asking question.. Question that i know where on the minds of many people.. She was out shopping Why not say where you were ? Nothing hard about that.. People need to stop .. Let’s Focus on the Child ONCE AGAIN.. He still has a father.. A father that clearly loves he’s son ..

    Comment by Becca | September 13, 2006

  23. I agree with Ms. Tucker in the above post. Ms. Grace is trying to play prosecutor on television. If Ms. Grace wants to continue prosecuting people, she should go back to the court of law and not ‘try the case’ in the court of public opinion which is what CNN has unfortunately become. I recognize that ratings are important to the TV executives, but gaining the ratings at the expense of an obviously trouble young woman who had just lost her son (whether it was her fault or not) is plainly wrong. There is no excuse for it. Ambulance chasing and National Enquirer crap…that is a perfect analogy. Ms. Grace is a “disGrace” to the business of solid reporting and good ethics related to that field.

    Ms. disGrace is wrong and I do not think that apologies are the answer. Apologizing does not mean that she will stop her relentless pursuit of ratings in unethical ways. She should be fired.

    Comment by George Fett | September 13, 2006

  24. Why do the executives of CNN/HD and Court TV allow Nancy Grace to get away with this kind of stuff?

    Melinda Duckett 21

    Child was taken! she is given an invitation to come to CNN and be interviewed in hopes that this might help her in getting her child back. So what does Nancy Grace do? She attacks this woman that just wants the Publics help in finding her Child.

    Comment by Ra | September 13, 2006

  25. I dislike her deeply for the life of me I have no ideal why they keep her on the air! I refuse to watch any channel that airs her sanctimonious bullpucky. Court TV, Headline News and CNN I refuse to watch as long as they keep her as part of there daily business.

    She could not even get it together about that guy they brought back from over seas to Colorado she was screaming her self-satisfied bull about how he was going to hang, just to find out that he didn’t even do it. That should have been the nail in her casket, but no they keep her on the air still with her tremendously bias remarks that always sides with the DA.

    Comment by Ra | September 14, 2006

  26. Wow, how could you find so many people that presume people guilty in one room. If Melinda has part of this, NG and all her guests can now brag about the “justice” Nasty passed out. This should make her even more brazen in her treatment of guests and experts.

    She might be right in this, the girl might be guilty, but she thinks everyone that gets arrested is guilty and those are pretty good odds.

    What they are not is fair. Our justice system is about fairness. There is a possibility this girl just felt guilty for not watching the child close enough and after getting treated like this on national tv she blew a fuse.

    You just do not treat people like this. NG is not the person investigating the case. She has fabricated a lot of her past and some of her cases in court, so she is much more like Melinda than she might like, but her viewers just assume everything she says is right.

    It bothers me a show like this can be so popular. It is terrible makes me sad that our country thinks more of revenge than justice.

    How many thought Elizabeth Smart was murdered by the guy they had in jail that died of a heart attack?

    So, I guess if I told you everyone arrested is guilty and it turned out that over 99 percent of the time I was right you would think I was a genuis..

    Gosh, I guess Nasty is one too “friends”.

    Comment by Mark Spencer | September 14, 2006

  27. I never liked this Nancy Grace… To me she was always disrespectful to her interviewees. Now the witch has cast her magic evil spell and sent another mind overboard. She deserves the same future as the DJ from The Fisher King movie (1991).

    Also some people in this board (like Mr “Justice”) are going against human rights – one is innocent until proven guilty. What if the mother was just reckless, left her kid alone while she lost her mind doing shopping, and suddenly wakes up to the reality that she lost her baby due to a trivial act – and there is no coming back: her marriage is over, she is stuck in a small town with no future, and her only reason to live is gone because she was just not careful enough. What remorse! Is that enough reason for her mind to go a little bit more over the edge? And suddenly there is this witch implying that you are the one that killed your own baby… now you spiral down to a level where there is no reason to live… a week mind out of control.

    Comment by A disgusted viewer | September 14, 2006

  28. About Trenton Duckett’s mother. Nancy Grace has blood on her hands. All for the sake of ratings. She eyebrowed, pushed and stomped all over Melinda, then pushed her over the edge. Causing the woman to commit suicide. And what makes this an even worse crime is that Nancy will sleep well at night for it. It is things like this that makes me glad that there is a higher power. And everyone will receive the justice that they deserve.

    Comment by Wanda Castillo | September 14, 2006

  29. I’ve tried to watch the Nancy Grace show but I can’t stand it. I do not know what kind of journalism her show is but it really does not benefit anyone and I don’t know what kind of people tune in everyday to watch it. I think all that she is trying to do is to prove that someone who she thinks is guilty admits that they are guilty. Nevertheless, I don’t know why people go to her show, I’d hate to see myself being grilled like that on national tv, she’d probably have to pay me a lot of money for me to allow myself to be treated like that. As for this Melinda Duckett’s story, I did not see it and so I cannot comment too much on it. But my best guess is that after she went through all that grilling, she could have felt worthless and couldn’t bear to live anymore. I wish that her family could sue not only Nancy but CNN, since it is the entity that is allowing such kind of grilling to take place.

    Comment by Michael | September 14, 2006

  30. In response to Lily Powell’s assertion that children are ALWAYS better off with their mother; I disagree. I believe that it varies from one situation to another. My stepdaughter lives with her mother who will not hold a job, does not have an actual home for her children (she bounces from one “friend” to another, dragging her children with her), she takes no interest in the fact that my stepdaughter has a learning disability or that she has had head lice 13 times in the last 2 years. She spends her child support on tattoos and things for herself and then cries that she has no money. My husband and I hold steady jobs, have a nice home, have 2 other children who are doing well in school, and are able to provide for them properly. However, because a judge believes that children are “better off” with their mother, my stepdaughter is not afforded the opportunity to live with us…

    With regard to Melinda Duckett, I have a sick feeling that she has something to do with her poor child’s disappearance, and most likely his death. I hope for the father’s sake and for his own personal sense of closure that the child’s body is found, so that he can be laid to rest.

    Comment by Mom in Virginia | September 14, 2006

  31. Any way you look at it, this whole thing is so tragic. My heart goes out to the family of Trenton and Melinda Duckett.

    The news media has a responsibility to report the news, not make it. Nancy Grace crossed the line. I think she should be fired.

    Of course this isn’t the first time I’ve thought that but while we’re on the subject…

    Comment by Kathy | September 14, 2006

  32. Wait a minute!!!! What if the mother just reckless and left her kid alone while she lot her mind shopping? What kind of crap is that? You justify leaving a two year old behind or alone while on frenzy looking for a bargain? That has got to be on of the lamest comments of the year. A responsible parent does not leave a young child that age out of their sight no matter what he or she is involved with.

    Yeah she woke up alright and realized that she is a friggin idiot for being irresponsible and leaving the baby alone, and so yes she partially at guilt for the death of her child….oh wait excuse me, she lost her mind just for a few minutes whilst she was sifting through a bargain rack of shirts on sale… I am sure she did feel like crap.

    But as for Nancy Grace, she tries to get to the meat of the issue where most people fear to tread and does not fear the “Oh don’t hurt their feelings or be too rough” factor or the “It’s not politically correct” factor. Screw all of that, but htere are times where I think she has gone a bit overboard, but she is trying to get to the core.

    Comment by Steve Sumvestri | September 14, 2006

  33. Nancy grace is a big mouth and she likes to yell and push people.
    She is responsible for pushing this woman to suicide, and she doesn’t even have the guts to say sorry, her show’s spokesman had to do it. Nancy will burn in hell for this

    Comment by Mario | September 14, 2006

  34. For gosh sakes…..another nutcase kills her child and we are suppose to feel bad for her? What does it take for people to have accountability for their actions? Everyone wants to blame Nancy, however, why don’t we all call a spade a spade and not worry that this nutcase killed herself? Guilt, after all is it’s own hangman.
    SM: If you believe in accountabilty of which we are 100% proponents of, then why are you not doing the same for Nancy Grace?

    The point is that she did cross a line. I watch her show all the time and this time she did cross over that line. It was an ambush.

    However, the point is the person who many believe is the key suspect is now dead and cannot admit to anything or tell where Trenton may be. This is not about NG trying to solve a crime live on TV …


    Comment by Mary | September 14, 2006

  35. Does everyone understand … whether Melinda was guilty or innocent and we actually think there is a lot of evidense that points towards her …


    That is the point folks.

    However, it is hardly the job of the media to get a live confession on air for ratings. That is the investigators and police’s job.

    Does anyone think that Melinda’s suicide has not put a monkey wrench into this investigation? They can say she is not a suspect all they want … of course she is a prime suspect in the common sense defination of the word.

    She was the last one who reported seeing Trenton, was the one who discovered he was missing, opted not to take a lie detector test, etc.

    Trenton went missing under her watch and her roof. She had to be considered a suspect.

    Now we will never know what she had to say.


    Comment by Administrator | September 14, 2006

  36. I dont feel that Nancy Grace is in any way responsible for the suicide of Melinda Duckett. If Melinda is not guilty of something herself, why would she abandon her 2 yr old son by killing herself? Nancy Grace was asking questions that needed answering. Nancy was trying to set a timeline for the viewers, who may have seen her and the baby. If she refused a polygraph then she must have had something to hide.
    SM: Just curious as although I do hedge toward she had something to hide and may have known more, I do not 100% agree about the lie detector. Question for you … Do you think that John and Patsy Ramsey killed JonBenet? Please don’t forget that some guilty people pass lie detectors and other innocent fail them.

    Here is one thing to remember when considering possible causes for ones suicide. Had she committed suicide prior to the NG show? What had transpired then in that period of time? NG did not help the situation.

    Many of you have misunderstood why we are upset at NG’s actions. Its because we no longer have the prime witness available to talk and provide info.


    Comment by Stephanie | September 14, 2006

  37. First of all, you guys do need to know 1 fact: NANCY GRACE IS STUPID B{{edit}}!

    I do not know about the case, but I do know Nancy Grace doesn’t have any sympathy what so ever when Katrina was happening!!!!!!!! No Sympathy to Katrina victims and ask stupid questions to Anderson Cooper how Katina victims eat with Fire and raw meat! I really wish CNN fired her ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SM: I think we can describe individuals w/o cursing … don’t you?

    Comment by STUPID Nancy Grace | September 14, 2006

  38. She is the most obvious suspect but wouldn’t it just be something if it turned out that he was abducted? I’d love to see Nancy Grace even mention that case ever again if that turned out to be the case. Nancy Grace has gone too far before and perhaps she did this time as well. Even if this woman was the murderer….assuming he was murdered and not just given away or sold or something…Nancy Grace shouldn’t be acting like she knows everything because she has been wrong before.

    Nancy Grace assumes everyone who has ever been labeled a suspect is guilty…even if it turns out that the person is innocent she’ll still accuse the person of being guilty.

    Comment by Michael | September 14, 2006

  39. I cannot believe the ability of people to make up their mind on someones guilt or innocence, based on what was said on the Nancy Grace show. None of us can imagine the loss of a child, especially thru kidnap and murder. Some of us might be able to appear “together” while others might appear “scattered”,
    “evasive” or not answer questions. Both the innocent and guilty can appear with any or all of these emotions.
    Chicagoland had an awful murder of a little girl. Snatched at night from the house, while her father slept on the couch. Her body was found, and father taken, arrested, and under pressure, he confessed. Months later he was released. Why? Because HE DID NOT DO it. But, from the time her body was found, till the time the father was released, the talk was he had done it. The police also forced the confession. And for weeks, after the event, and the little girls death, people interviewed on tv, radio, and print were often scattered.
    Google the Riley Fox murder, and see for yourself. Lawsuits are pending, and if you read the full story, you might just withhold judgement of whether Melinda Duckett did anything.
    Whether Melinda Duckett murdered her child, or knows more about it, remains to be seen. Its not for us to judge, let alone Nancy Grace. Nancy Grace is there to deliver the news, not make the news. (Remember her treatment of Elizabeth Smart several weeks ago?).

    Comment by Michael | September 14, 2006

  40. I am writing from England, I was horrified to read this story in the British Press, Nancy Grace has no right interfering in the on going investigations of the case because this can affect the out come of any possible future trial.

    This Hollywood style of justice, ‘the truth, you can’t handle the truth’ serves only to boost Nancy Grace and her show. If Melinda was blue eyed and had blonde hair she would have been treated fairly. Nancy Grace was exercising her subconscious racist views.

    Charles Henry

    Comment by Charles Henry Morgan | September 14, 2006

  41. Despicable, This woman who has made her livelihood off the death of her fiance, she loves telling her audience, how much a victin of a violent crime she is, this woman was more like a witness then anything else, BUT if she can sell this victim garbage, to the uninform, more power to her.
    Then its her less then stellar performance as a prosecutor, that comes into question………………Wow this woman should be barred from tv.
    Its almost funny how soon so many forget her rambling predictions of guilt for OJ (court TV), Kobe, and M JACKSON. she could have been brought for a dime, after weeks of screaming, and yelling about their guilt and misdeeds and how personally she act offended by the mention of their names. NG have you NO shame! Selling your soul for ratings will earn ou a special place in hell

    Comment by ed from Chicago | September 14, 2006

  42. Oh please…..Who gives a flip if Melinda is dead or alive at this point? You are beating a dead horse here. Your reason for being upset “because we no longer have the prime witness available to talk and provide info” is pathetic. Do you honestly think Melinda could ever bring herself to tell the truth about anything other than her name??? She had no intentions of admitting anything and it’s obvious that she had no remorse for the loss of Trenton. I’m sure that in her mind she felt that it was all about her and Trenton was merely the hook she needed in order to get the attention she was wanting. She will burn in Hell and little Trenton will be in Heaven waiting for the day that his Daddy joins him.
    You actually have no idea what you are talking about. Do you know how many cases, crimes or missing persons, are solved by the guilty party eventually coming forward, especially if there is a previous emotional or mental issue?

    You are saying that a dead potential suspect is some how better than a live one that can still provide information?

    Who gives a flip if Melinda is dead or alive at this point?

    What planet exactly do you live on? Yea, I am sure police and investigators would agree with that convoluted logic. Ahh ,,, we care because if as all who think she may have been involved in a disappearance of Trenton, her voice is gone. Are you serious? Why would you even follow this case if you cannot comprehend that fact. If she was guilty, in’t anything she knew now gone to the grave?

    If Melinda Duckett was weak enough to succum to suicide because of pressure from outside sources, from her own guilt or both … she would also be weak enogh to eventually crack and tell all as to whatever her involvement was.

    That’s why police and investigators have trained psych experts to deal with people like this. It behooves no one to back an animal into a corner when the end result is we are supposed to be looking for clues to finding a missing boy.

    You cannot make the judgement that she would never have said anything, data proves otherwise.

    Comment by Jodi | September 14, 2006

  43. I’m just curious about the interview. I’m seeing a lot of comments about the interview being harsh but the interview wasn’t aired. Just wondering why. If we’re interested in finding the truth, lets it.

    Comment by myth | September 14, 2006

  44. the Point is The Child Is still Missing

    Comment by Becca | September 15, 2006

  45. The death of that young woman was very unfortunate. My heart bleeds for her family. I believe that Nancy Grace is just as much to blame for that girls death, she just did not pull the trigger, but she has blood on her hands. This young girl, was going through a lot of issues and if she did or didn’t have anything to do with the death of her child, it was not Nancy Grace job to beat her down like she did. I am so tired of people excusing her inappropriate behavior by stating she was a victim. This vigilante, rogue cop mess is unacceptable. Some of the people that write comments on this board have convicted this girl with absolutely no evidence. Any chance of finding the baby quickly is now damaged, and the work of the police officers have now went back to ground zero. Listening to that interview, after knowing that this girl was already dead breaks my heart. I can not imagine what state her family is in, and before anything could even be said about what happened with her, people are already cosigning Nancy’s behavior. She is a sociopath, and if she is not stopped there will be more disaster. The problem is in all of this, “A person is innocent until proven, proven, proven, Guilty.” There is no way around that. Nancy Grace, she is going to go off on the wrong person one day. She is psychotic. Her ego is the size of the studio, but as long as the ratings go up that is all that matter. I hope God have mercy on your soul.

    Comment by sherry m. | September 15, 2006


    SM: I agree … that’s why I find it rather appauling that NG went on GMA this morning to basically do damage control of what she did. It is a terrible thing when the media makes themsleves the story while the real story, TRENTON DUCKETT, is the story.


    Comment by JAUNITA | September 15, 2006

  47. This is a very sad situation. I believe whether Melinda was innocent or not, remember No one could possibly have known that answer because she wasn’t on trial, she wasn’t convicted of a crime in a court of law. Melinda was a mother of a child who disappeared. Whether she was innocent or not who are we to judge her, none of us have the authority to do this. In this country unfortunately you are presumed guilty first. As for nancy grace, I don’t have an ounce of respect for this woman, she conducts herself like a wolf. Nancy grace appears to me to be a very bitter woman. She has a lot of hate in her heart and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out. That’s just my own observation. If my child were missing I’d be in a complete different state of mind. First do a complete investigation first, that whole situation has to be mind blowing. If parties involved are suspected. Provide evidence. There is no evidence of wrong doing. Show me a body and some evidence first. Melinda didn’t even have a chance. The public and the infamous nancy grace already had her tried and convicted. Nancy grace should be investigated for her work ethics because her tactics are grimy, low class, she appears to be very desparate to be the center of attention, nancy when are you going to realize that its not about you honey. I think you’re the one who’s unstable get some help soon, for everyones sake. CNN needs to make some changes before they lose all of their viewers.

    Comment by sylese | September 15, 2006

  48. And children are ALWAYS safer and happier with thier mothers. ALWAYS!


    Comment by Wayne Frazer | September 15, 2006

  49. Nancy Grace KILL Melinda Duckett. (IMO)

    Comment by Priscila Blix | September 15, 2006

  50. “t Says:

    September 12th, 2006 at 3:57 pm
    ya nancy grace should be blamed for melindas death.she should be blamed because she done a real quick investigations in her questioning and she broke melinda down and made everyone look in her direction…so whatever she knows or done to that lil boy, the punishment was coming for her thats why she took the way out she did ”

    *****NANCY GRACE is not to blame,NG is there to try to sort out the facts of the case and the things that surrounded the dissappearence of little Trenton[thats her job]if those people can’t run with the BIG dogs..STAY on the porch and if you have nothing to hide please do as the FBI,Police etc. ask you to do[Melinda did not]!!!NG had every right to ask the ?’s she did,she was just trying to found out where that baby and his crazed Mom{using that word loosely}was before she said he that maybe some one saw something in the area of where she might have been that could have been helpful.
    This is crazy…Melinda took the cowards way out.She murdered her son and then could not face the public[or her low down self for what she had done!!!When the going got tough and she realize that the police supected her she know she had had it.The b*t*h could have told someone where that baby was!!But as usually...even at the end she could not be truthful[did not care].Didn’t even care enough about her son to give him a proper burial.

    I hope and pray that they find the baby!!!!!

    Plain and simple that baby was in her way of partying and living the way she wanted.

    Comment by debbie hill | September 15, 2006

  51. I find it odd that a mother would take her own life when she “claims” the child was missing..what mother does this? . That just puts up more red flags..But once again..She was not PROVEN guilty..This is a very bad situation.. alot of people are saying that she sold her baby… Who knows… I’m upset that this only airs on CNN…. This needs to be on News Nation Wide ..I think when it (if it) becomes Nation wide. something could come up .. Why only on CNN?.. lets put this on every news station out there…I know the myspace investigation states that she told a COP a friend she had on her page that she was in the army That she wanted to Visit Cali.. that she palnned on Going to Newyork,Virginia…Melinda stated she last seen tretton 2 hrs before she found him missing from his bedroom.. Was the Child already in bed before the Male friends Came over? Did she call them that day to come watch a movie? Or the day before? Did the male friends just drop by?..Family claim that they seen tretton 26 hrs before he was missing? this is Enough time to get on a plane or drive.. Did the police check the airports? She stated she went driving the day Tretton went missing..Shopping ect… Did she stop for gas? Police need to check gas station.. Credit Card statments.. Phone records ect..

    We need to Put the Word at there This Story needs to be On News Station Nation and WORLD wide… God Bless Little Tretton and His Father..

    Comment by Rebecca | September 15, 2006

  52. Nancy Grace is not to blame in the suicide. Melinda committed suicide because she had a guilty conscience. If she wasn’t guilty, she would have nothing to hide. I am sure that the child is no longer alive, because she said she loved her son. Why would she kill herself if she there was a possibility that her son was alive.

    Comment by Upset mother | September 15, 2006

  53. I really believe in all honesty that there should be more Nancy Grace’s around, people who tell it like it is, yeah you can say that she is no mind reader, only human.
    On the other hand, just by talking to Melinda on the interview you had to know that Melinda seemed that she didn’t care whether the media, police, F.B.I. or even the dogs found her child, and another thing, this suicide took place 24hours after the interview, who is to say that someone or something else happened to stumble in Melinda’s way between that time period to have caused her to kill herself…. I REALLY DON’T EVEN THINK IT WAS GUILT. I REALLY THINK IT WAS FEAR OF BEING FOUND OUT THAT MADE HER DO IT.
    Do any of you who seem to judge so rapidly know exactly that it was the interview with Nancy that caused Melinda’s death….I think not..
    SM: No one is judging Nancy Grace.

    If you think that Nancy Grace was without some fault in this matter … why do you think NG went on GMA for damage control.

    Obvioulsy she felt she needed to get her word out to more people than actually watch her show.

    Comment by barbara valencia | September 16, 2006

  54. Who forces anyone to appear on this type of programming? Answer: no one. Whether it’s Larry King, Greta VanSusteren, Bill O’Reilly, Nancy Grace, etc. They all center around questions and answers. That is the purpose of the program! If one does not choose to be questioned, refuse the invitation.

    While some may enjoy the soft-ball demeanor of a Larry King, other viewers expect some honest answers from the guests who choose to appear on a program. Otherwise, it amounts to not much more than an ego-trip for the guest, and host.

    What questions would have been acceptable for NG to ask of Melinda Duckett? “Did you love your little boy?” “Can you describe your feelings for us since he has been missing?”

    Ridiculous line of questioning, IMO. I’ve heard it often enough. So Nancy asked a few relevant questions. Clearly, M. Duckett refused to answer any of them.

    Let me tell you that if one of my children disappeared, I would want any help I could get, the media included. If I chose to go on a TV show, Nancy Grace and her viewers would know every move I had made and everywhere I had been with my child. I’d do anything I could to get my child back.

    Nancy can be a tough interrogator, maybe too strong for a TV journalist. Yet she doesn’t pull the “we must be nice here” baloney when a guest prefers to skirt the issue.

    We’ll never know for sure what drove Melinda Duckett to commit suicide, or whether the police or FBI would have gotten pertinent facts had she not. However she learned that she was being looked at as a suspect, she may have taken the same action.

    More was involved here than her “grilling” by Nancy Grace. Obviously she was unstable. If guilty, so are many who appear on TV shows and eventually are convicted of the crime.

    Comment by Joanne | September 16, 2006

  55. I didn’t see the show but I did read the transcript, and I feel that Melinda was extremely evasive with her answers, and very much like Susan Smith. She doesn’t want to say where she and her 2 year old son were for so many hours the day he disappeared? Will only cooperate with ONE of the four agencies looking for her missing son? Refuses any kind of polygraph and lawyers up? And then commits suicide after being asked quite bluntly why she won’t answer questions?

    IF…and in my eyes, it’s a big IF…but IF she was innocent, she sure was ignorant. She was the last person known to have seen the child, and yet refuses to say where they were? Any idiot would know that getting that info out would help police find her son or the person(s) responsible for his disappearance.

    Very suspicious to me…and I called Susan Smith’s guilt from the first moment I laid eyes on her, begging for the return of her little boys.

    Comment by Madkat | September 16, 2006

  56. I meant to add this last paragraph but got a little caught up and forgot…

    Although I believe in my heart of hearts that Melinda Duckett had some guilty knowledge in her child’s disappearance, or at the very least was guilty of extreme ignorance, I in no way condone Nancy Grace’s interview methods. She is a television reporter, NOT a police officer or a prosecutor…leave those kind of questions and grilling to them. NG was grandstanding again, plain and simple.

    However, even though Melinda was only 21 years old and her mental stability was questionable, I can’t say that Nancy Grace’s interview pushed Melinda Duckett over the edge into suicide…I blame the person who pulled the trigger for that.

    Comment by Madkat | September 16, 2006

  57. Nancy should not be blamed. We don’t have all the facts around Melinda’s suicide and then not even blamed then, she didn’t have to do the interview. We don’t have all the facts about Melinda. Nobody knows what happened between the time that show was taped and the actual suicide which was nearly a full day after the show was taped. Anything could have triggered her into pulling that trigger. I think she realized that this show was going to air and everyone including police would see her inconsistancies. Her saying she has co-operated fully with the FBI was far from the truth, they had no more info than anyone after 12 days so I hardly think a 20 minute interview would push her over the edge.

    Comment by tkwb1961 | September 17, 2006

  58. I think melinda duckett was guilty of killing her son.why would a parent want to take a 2 year old child into the woods for 8 hours to target practice with a rifle? that was what nancy grace said happened the same day the child got abducted.maybe she aciddentally shot him then got scared and buried him. hmm maybe the shotgun she shot herself with was the same one she used to target practice.I guess we may never know but may joshua find some closure. also I don’t think nancy grace should be held responsible for melinda’s suicide….one is accountable for their own actions.

    Comment by christina | September 17, 2006

  59. I am writing to assure you folks that I will boycott, and encourage others to not watch CNN until Nancy Grace is out of a job. She has badgered an emotionally sensitive young woman into suicide. Whether she was or was not culpable in the disappearance of her son is irrelevant. If she was, then obviously she was disturbed and needed our help, and would be able to help with the case. If she was not, then Ms. Grace’s hectoring humiliated her before the whole country.

    Her style is abrasive, and this particular instance is a glaring example of spectacularly bad journalism. It is not her place to prosecute any longer, especailly when her guests have no one present to defend them as well.

    Melinda Duckett is dead. Nothing can bring her back. Her family must now live with a double tragedy. Her grandfather will live out his life with the horrible knowledge that Melinda took her own life in his house, with his gun.

    While the rest of her family struggles with all the terrible feelings of “what if” and “if only” that follow in the wake of a suicide, I wonder if Ms. Grace wonders what she could have done differently. If there is anything she said she wishes she could take back. I am sorry to say, I have a hard time imagining her having such depth of character.

    It is only fair to report that I am a survivor of the suicide of someone very close to me, so there is a reason why this story has affected me. It is a terrible thing to have to live through, and often it is something people have to go through in isolation because suicide disturbs people so deeply. The survivors are left to sort through all the emotions alone. Despite having lived through this period in my life largely alone, I write now because I know I am not alone. I am now a life long member of a terrible, terrible club. We know each other by a look, and a turn in a conversation. We reach out to each other where others run in fear.

    It is my expectation that all survivors of suicide are of similar opinion in this matter, and I am sad to assure you, we are legion. Ms. Grace should be ashamed of herself. She should not be on the air. She should resign. CNN should not permit a bully such as Ms. Grace to represent their organization to the world. Shame on you, Ms. Grace. Think of what you have done.

    Comment by C. Schmidt | September 18, 2006

  60. Nancy Grace is NOT to blame for this woman’s suicide. Malinda kept saying that she spent the day driving around and doing some shopping…..NOW we find that she spent the day driving around looking for a gun range in the Ocala National Forest, armed with a gun….and taking Trenton with her. NO WAY is the baby always better off with the mother….as in this case, many times the mother is too unstable to care for a child. If she had not had custody, Trenton would not be missing. I am sure her grandparents choose to point the finger of blame at ANYONE, they are surely heartbroken at this latest turn of events. Suicide is a selfish act, leaving so much anger, sorrow and unanswered questions. Let us not forget that a child is still missing……..these families need to join together to aid the authorities in the ongoing search.

    Comment by Mimi26 | September 18, 2006

  61. I say to Melinda’s grand parents don’t let her death be assumed a suicide until it is proven suicide. My grand son was killed it was ruled self inflicted before the investigators recieved the autopsy report. She may have shot herself. I don’t know how. Just as easy some one else could have shot her thinking that would close the case. I beg you to get involved now. I didn’t get involved soon enough, because I thought his death had been investigated. Now 3 yrs. later I am still fighting just for an investigation.But I will never give up. I hope you have a different kind if police dept. Good luck to you, and most of all I hope Trenton is found and brought home.

    Comment by CLINTON H. ADDISON SR. | September 18, 2006

  62. cnn should fire nancy disgrace. . . I will never watch her again & screw her sponsors to!

    Comment by Fred G. Sanford | September 19, 2006

  63. I’m no big fan of Nancy Grace, but this finger pointing at her as the cause or contributing factor of Melinda’s suicide is comical.

    First, there was no law forcing Melinda to go on the show, or even staying on the line when questions got a little too uncomfortable for her. Second, Nancy Grace is NOT a journalist. She is a talk show host! Can you really not tell the difference? She has no obligation to maintain neutrality on any subject.

    How sad that Trenton had to endure a life with this idiot for a mother.

    So now that the police have determined that Melinda:

    1) Faked the threatening email from her estranged husband

    2) Dumped photos, toys, etc. the day her son goes missing

    3) Wouldn’t cooperate with authorities to provide information about her whereabouts the day of the disappearance

    4) Refused to take a polygraph

    5) Provided a map (which has now proven to be false information) to her attorney about her whereabouts that day

    6) Took her own life while still contending that her child had been ‘kidnapped’…soooo unlikely that a mother with any shred of hope of getting a child back would do this

    …so now that these FACTS have been established where are the loudmouthed grandparents and other family who thought they were going to be rich with a lawsuit against CNN and Nancy Grace?

    And where were they when this lowlife decided to spend money on a shotgun when she claims she had to work two jobs to make ends meet and had received a mental evaluation because of a suicide threat? Did they maybe think to tell her that it might be a bad decision? Maybe they should watch Trenton for a while? Oh, no…that might be bad for her self-esteem!

    Give me a break!

    Comment by Utterly Amazed | September 22, 2006

  64. Oh wo is you. You sound like the scumbag Leesburg cops that drove Melinda to suicide.

    Last time I checked, you were still innocent until proven guilty. Apparently not.

    No one should EVER cooperate with the police, EVER under ANY circumstance.

    Comment by Josh Saunders | September 22, 2006

  65. It saddens me to hear that Melinda Duckett chose to take her own life. However, the questioning by NG was not the cause of her demise. Melinda agreed to be interviewed and NG was doing her job, asking those questions that the public wanted to know. A parent who is innocent would not refuse to take a polygraph and evade answering direct and pertient questions. She may have fooled herself into believing she could appear on TV and obtain public sympathy.

    I believe Melinda suffered some sort of socio affective disorder, and combined with the tulmultuous divorce and custody battle; caused her to have acute stress with depression – and she wasn’t thinking clearly. In any event, she is responsible for the disappearance and probable homicide of her son. It may have been an accident steming from neglect due to her state of mind, or it may have been an intentional act? She was very young, beautiful and unhappy and I feel for the loss her family is feeling at this time.

    Melinda’s sorrow and guilt over the death of her son was too much to bear. Further compounded by being a suspect and knowing in all likelihood she would be facing criminal charges.

    Melinda faced NG as a journalist and realized that a court trial would be more grueling. Feeling trapped, she chose what she deemed to be the easiest way out. Not to mention, she loved her son for she was his mother and I’m sure regretted the outcome. If her son was alive, she would not have abandoned him. Perhaps in her distored thinking, she was desirous to join him in paradise.

    My condolences to her family and her husband.

    Comment by Elaine Bales | September 22, 2006

  66. uh, Josh?

    Last time I looked, those backwood, donut eating Leesburg cops (as you refer to them on your site) seemed to have had little difficulty getting to the FACTS of the case in spite of the lame attempts by your girl Mindy to throw them off the track. Sure hope she didn’t pay much for that online law enforcement correspondence course she was supposedly taking.

    And if the cops were that incompetent and she was so smart why did she shoot herself? She shoulda been home free! Oh, I get it…..she’s just foolin’ with ‘em again, huh!

    Never failed to be….Utterly Amazed!

    Comment by Utterly Amazed | September 23, 2006

  67. Dear Utterly Amazed and those who think similarly, I hate to have you as jurors in my case because don’t we have a system of justice in this country that presumes that one is innocent until proven guilty. Wouldn’t you want as much for yourselves. I think we have to be careful about calling someone guilty, especially what has recently happened in the JonBenet case.

    As for Nancy Grace, well, we have a prime suspect who committed suicide right after going on her show; if Ms. Grace was trying to solve the case (determine the whereabouts of Trenton) right then and there on national TV I think she made a mess of it.

    Comment by superbanana | September 26, 2006

  68. I’d like to know if Melinda Duckett has any family outside the country. I’m trying to keep faith alive even though at this point it’s hard to do and I’m trying to belive that she just didn’t want Josh to have him. I also would like to know if anyone has investigated the aunt that was left everything in her will. Was she polygraphed? I wish I could just give Josh Duckett a hug and I wish there was something I could do. I’m almost positive that Trenton was never in his room the night that he was claimed to have gone missing, he was already gone at that point!

    Comment by Tami Shortt | September 29, 2006

  69. I think Nancy Grace went too far, and was malicious in her treatment of Melissa. Melissa is young, mentally disturbed and had enough on her plate. The way we treat others does have an effect on whether or not they commit suicide. I don’t think you will find a suicide victim who is not unstable. Yes Melissa is reponsible for her choices, but that does not leave some responsibility to Nancy for deeply pushing her over the edge.
    MOTHERS ALWAYS MAKE THE BEST PARENTS…WHAT PLANET DO YOU LIVE ON?? My husband’s children live with their alcoholic mother who had 8 husbands before the youngest was 12!! The youngest was raped, had full intercourse by age 8 by her mother’s stepson. The children have been left alone since they were 4 and 8, while their mother hit the bars, bringing home every Tom, Dick and Harry, a different one each night. She lived in luxery on “child support”. Another mother I know who has her kid, the first was taken by social services at age 6, the second found near dead overdosed on drugs in a hotel room with a 36 year old man at age 13, the 3rd, is 13, and kicked out of school, and beats everyone in sight…the 4th is with his dad, and doing very well. Dad’s and step mothers should be given credit for the love, time and effort they put into raising their children. You need to get out, and see how some of these custodial parents live!!! Maybe there is a GOOD reason why they are divorced.
    My heart and prayers go to Josh, Melinda and of course little Trenton. Please God he be found alive, and has a happy life.
    God Bless You All

    Comment by Greta Smith | October 5, 2006

  70. . I think she sold her kid. the family claim they last seen Treton what 36hrs before Melinda reported him missing? That is enough time to leave the state . She said she had Family in Va Newyork .ON her Myspace to a Cop? Maybe she went there I dont think Trenton is anywhere in the State Of Fl.

    Comment by Becca | October 6, 2006

  71. I don’t think that he was sold. The $900 that Melinda had was what was left of a donation that she received from her Grandparents’ church. I am quite concerned because of some of the stuff that I have read about the father, Josh.

    For instance, there was an article about how he had invited a few friends over to his mom’s flower shop and for kicks they decided to call Melinda on the speaker phone. After irritating and harrassing her, Melinda finally said that she had heard enough and that she was going to just end it.
    Upon hearing that, one of Josh’s friends, a female police officer headed over to Melinda’s apartment; took her to a psychiatric hospital and put Josh in foster care. I believe that was the first incident having to do with Melinda and the mental health authorities. I don’t know about you, but I find that rather disturbing. How hopeless she must of felt…having her rights stripped by forcing her to be committed and taking her child away. I am a mom and if I were put into that situation, I would want to die, too….all for a few laughs?

    Then after marrying, approximately two months later, he and Melinda went in front of the judge over the incident. Josh told the judge that it was a mistake as he misunderstood Melinda because of a bad telephone connection. The judge ordered therapy for both. Melinda completed her therapy but Josh didn’t (typical of most abusers). That’s why the child ended up with Melinda.

    I am saddenned when I hear reports of Melinda making the baby cry over the phone or holding him over a swimming pool threatening to drop him. Everybody talks about how bad Melinda was, but what about it? Don’t you think that perhaps that was how she got Josh to stop harrassing her
    or to leave her alone…that’s what it sounds like to me.
    Young mothers, especially, will use “you’re making the Baby cry” to stop the abuse.

    Also is it true that Josh’s father, who also was a police officer, is currently serving time for molesting an 11-year-old girl? Maybe Josh is a control freak, much like his father? At any rate, there is something about him that does not seem right to me.

    For instance, do you believe him when he says that he never spoke to Melinda during the two weeks that Trenton was missing before her suicide? Get Real. I don’t believe that for a second. Remember the suicide note, she stated that even after Trenton is found and returned, she felt she would not be a good mother. She said that with going to school and working two jobs, she always fell short. Doesn’t that sound like something that may have been suggested to her? There are alot of people that blame the parents (especially the Moms)when something bad happens to their children.

    The whole situation is sad especially with this new information about Josh. Maybe it’s true that she didn’t want Josh to have custody of Trenton and for good reason.
    It’s obvious to me that he underhandedly used the police, the court system and now the press to hurt Melinda.

    I am hopeful that Trenton is safe and sound. It is not that far-fetched to believe that Melinda gave Trenton to a friend or a family member. Afterall, their whole family had problems, not just Melinda.

    If you’re out there somewhere, Trenton, God bless you! If I had you, I’d keep you.

    Comment by Patti | October 8, 2006

  72. How can I get an update on Trenton? Are the grandparents helping? We just pray that Trenton is found alive and well. Our hearts go out to all who really care for Trenton’s well-being!

    Comment by Jean | October 15, 2006

  73. What the hell when there’s a divorce, parent fight for a child, but the hell thing is why Grace pushed so much on a young mother. All parents loved their children, whether you’re white or black skin. Not because you’re an american you bully a chinese woman. I think someone pushing someone on the tv press, that person should go to jailed and responsible the case, why a young mother sucide, it because she can’t stand it, and people just sit and watch the tv. It because people pushed to hard, this people don’t have heart to think that any divorce will be difficult for them. So shame to see this news, a good lawyer should be able to handle a case well, without pushing someone. The police is the duty to find the child and not Grace Jone to pushed so much. That’s why poor mother can’t stand this suitation. Do you think chinese face is a loser. I felt shame in such a professional manner.

    Comment by mayick | November 22, 2006

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