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Noreen Gosch , the Mother receives pictures of her son, Johnny Gosch, 24 years after he was Abducted

The following is an example of when the tragic and bizarre becomes beyond cruel and unusual. Johnny Gosch 1You may not remember the name Johhny Gosch; however, he was one of the very first missing children to ever be placed on a milk carton in the 1980’s.

Johnny’s disappearance triggered nationwide fears of child abductions. He was one of the first faces of missing or abducted children to appear on milk cartons across the country.

Two photographs were left at the door of  Noreen Gosch of her son, Johnny Gosch, who was abducted and has been missing for 24 years. The pictures were of Johnny Grosh, 12, and two other boys who were gaged and had their hands bound.

Johnny Gosch 2

(NBC5, WMAQ Chicago)

The old photos appear to show 12-year-old Johnny Gosch with his mouth gagged and his hands and feet tied. The boy is wearing the same sweatpants Johnny was wearing when he disappeared while delivering newspapers on the morning of Sept. 5, 1982, his mother said.

For someone to abduct a 12 year old boy is sick. For someone to send a picture of the missing abducted boy some 24 years later to the boy’s mother boards on cruel and twisted vile insanity.

Gosch said investigators confirmed the photos were authentic and likely taken within “hours or days” of the abduction. She said they were checking for fingerprints that could lead them to the source and possibly a breakthrough in a case that has long baffled authorities. The other boys in the photo were unidentified.

Meanwhile, others connected to the case have reported receiving the photographs through anonymous deliveries and the Internet.

(The Kansas City Channel)

Noreen Gosch had believed that her son was taken by child pornographers.

Gosch believes her son was taken by child pornographers. She told authorities he briefly contacted her in 1997 but feared for his life and declined to give details about where he was. She believes his abductors got him involved in crimes, which is why he is hiding his identity.



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In 1984, Gosch’s photograph appeared alongside that of Juanita Rafela Estavez on milk cartons across America; they were the first two abducted children to have their plights publicized in this way.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Poster with age progression.

John David Gosch in Iowa Missing Persons database

Reported pictures of Johnny Gosch under scrutiny

State crime lab to examine possible Gosch photos

Police said today that state crime experts were examining photographs to determine if they are of a newspaper delivery boy who disappeared 24 years ago.

The photos were left Sunday at the front door of Noreen Gosch, the mother of Johnny Gosch, who disappeared on Sept. 5, 1982, while delivering newspapers in West Des Moines.

Lt. Jeff Miller, a spokesman for the West Des Moines Police Department, said the photos were given to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation’s computer crime task force.

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