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Royal Caribbean Seeks to Dismiss Law Suit filed by family of George Allen Smith IV

Royal Caribbean Cruise lines is looking for the court to dismiss the law suit filed byGeorge smith the family of George Allen Smith IV as frivolous. The family of George Smith are claiming that Royal Caribbean hindered the investigation of their missing son who vanished on his honeymoon leaving only a blood splattered trails beneath his cabin.

The Smith family’s lawsuit accuses the cruise line of deliberately portraying the incident as an accident and contaminating the crime scene. The lawsuit, filed in state court in Miami, where Royal Caribbean is based, also alleged the company delayed reporting the incident to the FBI, deciding instead to report the case to Turkish authorities knowing they would be unable to conduct a prompt and thorough investigation.

Of course Royal Caribbean is calling the law suit frivolous and without merit. Then again, I am sure they did the same with the many other law suits that have been filed against them due to other missing persons and crimes committed against passengers aboard their ships. The difference with the Smith’s parents case is that they do not appear to be in any mood to settle. They want answers. And even more answers.

Royal Caribbean called that argument “parochial and jingoistic,” saying that the ship was in Turkish waters and there was no evidence that Turkish authorities failed to conduct a thorough investigation.

Royal Caribbean denied contaminating evidence and accused Smith’s family of disclosing photos of blood and other evidence to the news media, “without regard to the negative impact” it would have on the FBI investigation.

(AP via Yahoo News)

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  2. Parochial & jingoistic?? This family loves and misses their son & brother. He is more valuable to them than any settlement. Mr & Mrs Smith Sr & George’s sister Bree deserve answers from Royal Caribbean–not a motion to dismiss. Royal Caribbean has turned itself into the Aruba of the high seas. My thoughts are with them

    Comment by bc | August 5, 2006

  3. DJ DUMPED AT THE DOCK- Tampl, Fla.
    A Royal Caribbean Kiss-off
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    Comment by Susanne DeMar- DJ Legend of the Seas | August 14, 2006

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