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Body Found Almost Certain to be Elizabeth Galeana; However Some Questions Arise

Italian authorities are almost certain that the body they found off the Italian coast is Elizabeth Galeana 2that of missing 22 year old Elizabeth Galeana. The body found matches the description of Elizabeth Galeana including identifiable scars.

However, FBI authorities in Tampa wouldn’t confirm Monday that her body had been found. They did say a body was found between the islands of Ponza and Palmarola off the coast of Italy, which is near where the Royal Caribbean cruise ship was at the time Elizabeth went missing.

“In law enforcement we like to positively identify through dental records or fingerprints,” said Carol Michalik, spokeswoman for the Tampa office of the FBI. According to officials with Royal Caribbean, Elizabeth, who attended Gulf Coast High School in Collier County as a senior in 2000, was last seen just after midnight on Monday, July 24, as she entered her parents’ stateroom on the third day of a seven-day trip in the Mediterranean Sea.

Elizabeth Kay Galena map

What has been most strange about this missing persons case is the fact that the family immediately took the tack that there was no “foul play” involved in the disappearance of Elizabeth Galeana. Some merit is given to that premise when we hear that some of the cruise passengers who saw Elizabeth Galeana that last night she was alive.

However, one passenger who contacted the Daily News on Monday was concerned that he and others who were the last to see Elizabeth alive hadn’t been interviewed yet.

Paul Gebbink of the Netherlands said members of the Dallas-based company, International Network, saw Elizabeth alive late Monday night and early Tuesday morning. Gebbink was on the same floor with the Galeana family. “She was sitting at 11 p.m. and crying,” Gebbink said.

He said Galeana was wearing a black top and white slacks. She was later seen around 1 a.m. Tuesday by a colleague of Gebbink’s, who said she seemed happy. Gebbink questions why he and his colleagues haven’t been contacted by authorities, considering they were likely some of the last people to see her alive. “I think it is my responsibility to tell someone,” he said.

(Bonita News)

We understand the families want for privacy in what is just a terrible event; however, there seems to be something missing from this puzzle that would explain what actually occurred. That does not change the fact that a 22 year old girl died far too early.

Autopsy Done On Body Believed To Be Missing Florida Woman

Latina Prosecutor Raffaella Falcione said that she had not yet received the official report on the autopsy but that the coroner had told her that the body had “no signs of external lesions” — an indication that no foul play was involved.

Little doubt remains that the body found Friday was that of 22-year-old Elizabeth Kay Galeana of Naples, Florida, authorities said. Galeana’s family has said she was dead and that no foul play was suspected.


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  2. The Cruise Lines Are Now Responsible for more Disappearances and Deaths than America’s Worst Serial Killer

    Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Elizabeth Galeana who was reported missing from Royal Caribbean’s Voyager of the Seas on July 25, 2006

    60 people have now gone overboard and died on cruise ship vacations since the year 2000. This does not even include the number that have died from accidents, disease, fires, assaults, and other crimes on board or during shore excursions. America’s worst serial killer, the Green River Killer Gary Ridgeway, had 48 victims. This last week, Robert Charles Browne’s claimed 49 killings. July 28, 2006

    See a list of some of the deaths and for list of person’s overboard, outbreaks of disease, and other events. I would encourage all victims and their families contact for guidance, support, and to prevent future tragedies. And refer to for a possible solution that could be implemented quickly.

    The American Public should demand that Cruise ship deaths be given as much attention as a serial killer case. There are about 200,000 beds on the cruise ships. If there were 60 disappearances in six years, or about 10 a year in the same neighborhood and no changes were made in security, we would quickly fire the police chief and not go to that neighborhood. In fact, there is a serial killer on cruise ships; it is the total lack of independent law enforcement and regulation. Law enforcement should treat 60 disappearances like they would a serial killer case. They should cross-check all available data to see if there are any common elements such methods, circumstances, or the same passengers or crew members being present. Any thread of commonality could help solve some of the disappearances andr prevent others.

    Cruise lines have little or no legal obligation to settle because they are not regulated. RCCL is incorporated in Liberia and for many years they flagged their ships in Liberia. A country with a dysfunctional legal court system and no regulations or laws to protect cruise line employees, customers, or stockholders. The Cruise lines have poured millions of dollars into lobbying efforts, at times using lobbyist closely connected to Jack Abramoff and we know what kind of tactics he used. That along with many thousands of dollars of campaign contributions have kept congress from passing any meaningful regulations, they are giant gambling operations. Kind of like a floating crap game. And I have never known anyone who ran a crap game to be concerned with those gambling. Its used to be the only thing you could lose is your life, but with over 60 individuals missing or gone overboard, fires, and viruses since the year 2000, you could lose your life or health. Imagine if Disney World had 60 disappearances and/or deaths in the last 6 years. The only significant actions taken by the cruise lines in the last year was to spend more money on public relations efforts and issue new sets of talking points to their employees answering the phone when the subject of safety and security come up. They do like to suck as much money from their customers as they can. They also suck as much blood, sweat, and tears from their employees as possible by offering low wages and few benefits.

    Comment by SafeCruise | August 3, 2006

  3. THIS IS FREAKING STRANGE TO SAY THE LEAST~ What is the reasoning of this? Wow…I think this makes it even MORE IMPORTANT to look into it more. Go LE! Figure it out!

    Comment by becky | August 8, 2006

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