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Peter Robert Joseph Whitmore, 35, Convicted Pedophile: Why is this Man Walking the Streets?

Police search for pedophile, Peter Robert Joseph Whitmore, 35, of Morinville, Peter Robert Joseph WhitmoreAlberta after boy goes missing. How many offenses do those that are charged with sex crimes have to commit before they are deemed unfit to live in society? Canada has the same issues as does the United States.

WHITEWOOD, Sask. – Police in Western Canada were desperately searching Monday for a 10-year-old Saskatchewan boy allegedly abducted by a notorious pedophile who’s been jailed several times for sexual crimes against children.

RCMP issued a Canada-wide warrant for Peter Robert Joseph Whitmore, of Chilliwack, B.C., after Zachary Miller, a red-headed 10-year-old from Whitewood,Sask., was reported missing.

(Globe National)

Police search for pedophile, missing boys

WHITEWOOD, Sask. — Police across Western Canada have launched a frantic ground and air search for two missing young boys — one from Winnipeg, one from Saskatchewan — and the convicted pedophile accused of kidnapping them through a pair of shocking schemes, one of which was carried out in Brandon.

Peter Robert Joseph Whitmore, 35, is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant after vanishing from the small farming community of Whitewood in southeastern Saskatchewan on Sunday evening.

Whitmore is believed to be travelling with 10-year-old Zachary Miller of Whitewood and 14-year-old Jordan Bruyere of Winnipeg in a blue 1988 Dodge Caravan with Alberta licence plates.

(Brandon Sun)

UPDATE: A 10-year-old Whitewood, Sask found safe

A 10-year-old Whitewood, Sask., boy believed to have been abducted by pedophile Peter Whitmore has been found in good condition and reunited with his family, RCMP say.

Mid-afternoon Tuesday, RCMP announced Zachary Miller was located on an abandoned farm near Kipling, southwest of where he had gone missing on Sunday.


Missing 10-year-old boy found alive near Sask. town

RCMP said Tuesday that Zachary Miller of Whitewood, Sask., was found near Kipling, Sask., about 170 kilometres southeast of Regina.



How many more offenses does this man have to commit before he is locked away? It is only a matter of time before he escalates to murder. Of course then I guess the courts will take him serious.


Whitmore, 35, is a repeat sex offender whose criminal record includes several convictions and repeated prison terms for sex assaults against children. After his most recent prison sentence, Whitmore initially moved to Chilliwack last year where he reported his whereabouts to the RCMP corporal, but he later moved to Morinville, Alta.


Check out the Chronology of Missing Children that are attributed to this this sub-human.Why is this man walking among us?

1. March 1993, North York, Ont. – Peter Robert Joseph Whitmore abducted an 11-year-old boy from a pool and sexually assaulted him during a 24-hour confinement. Whitmore was later arrested in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont. He was convicted of charges stemming from the incident and served less than a year in jail.

2. August 1994, Guelph, Ont. – Shortly after being released from prison, Whitmore, posing as a professional babysitter, picked up an eight-year-old girl in Guelph and drove her to Toronto, where he sexually assaulted her.

3. August 1994, Shelburne, N.S. – A Nova Scotia inn owner called police after Whitmore checked in. He was arrested in connection with the assault on the Guelph girl.

4. April 1995, Toronto – Whitmore pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual interference and invitation to sexual touching, one stemming from his assault on the Guelph girl, the other from a separate assault on a nine-year-old boy. He was sentenced to 56 months in prison. The court imposed a rare, lifetime prohibition against his being alone with children under the age of 14.

5. January 2000, Mexico – After being released from prison, Whitmore fled to Mexico, where he was arrested again.

6. October 2000, Toronto – After being released from prison, angry neighbours ran Whitmore out of the neighbourhood where he tried to settle. In an interview arranged by his then-lawyer, Whitmore told the National Post he planned to be “celibate from children” in the future.

7. November 2000, Toronto – Whitmore was found in a downtown hotel with a 13-year-old boy, breaching conditions imposed by the court. He was sentenced to another year behind bars.

8. February 2002, Chilliwack, B.C. – Three months after being released from prison and already wanted for breaching probation by having contact with a five-year-old boy in Scarborough, Ont., Whitmore was arrested in Chilliwack, B.C., with a “rape kit” that included zip ties (plastic fasteners that can be used as handcuffs), duct tape, lubricant and latex gloves. He agreed to return to Ontario in exchange for having the B.C. charges dropped.

9. June 2002, Toronto – Whitmore was sentenced to three years in prison after admitting to breaching his probation by having contact with the five-year-old Scarborough boy. He served his full sentence.

10. June 2005, Chilliwack, B.C.- Whitmore was released into the custody of an aunt in Chilliwack.

11. July 31, 2006, Whitewood, Sask. – RCMP issue a Canada-wide warrant for Whitmore for the abduction of 10-year-old Zachary Miller of Whitewood.


UPDATE: Canadian police recover 2 missing boys

Thank God a happy ending. The two boys are found safe and unharmed and Peter Whitmore arrested. Can we please lock him away and now throw away the key.

KIPLING, Saskatchewan – Canadian police recovered two missing boys early Wednesday at the farm hideout of a convicted pedophile, ending a case that sparked angry complaints that the public does not have enough information about sex offenders living in their midst.

Peter Whitmore, 35, of Toronto, was arrested at the farm in the western province of Saskatchewan following a 10-hour standoff broadcast live on national TV. The boys, ages 10 and 14, were physically unharmed, police said.

(Yahoo News)

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  1. What will it take to convince the judicial system that sex crimes are as brutal as murder!!!!! They change the lives of children (victims) forever. I know because I suffered a miserable childhood at the hand of a parent who committed horrific acts upon my sister and I and probably other children in our neighborhood. I often think it was a good thing he died early, otherwise he would still be doing the same things over and over. We can educate our children and parents over and over again but until we lock up the villians this will continue. Please lets stop the madness!!!!

    Comment by nora fruge | January 2, 2007

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