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Jennifer Moore, 18, New Jersey Girl abducted, beaten and killed.

Once again we are presented with a senseless killing of a teenage girl by animals. Teenagers have to understand though, that they are not prepared for what they may come across in the real world. When they have to sneak out of the friendly confines of their home, they are entering a world that they know nothing of. Such was the unfortunate case of 18 year old Jennifer Moore. The two teenagers that went to NYC for a night of fun were unprepared for things that could have gone wrong. Things went terribly wrong.

The teens drank heavily until 2:30 a.m., police said, when they walked back to where they had parked the car and discovered it had been towed. About an hour later they took a cab to the NYPD impound lot at Pier 76.

Clearly drunk, Kenan cursed loudly after an impound clerk told her she couldn’t have the car back until she sobered up. Kenan continued to argue with the clerk and then collapsed shortly after 4 a.m. After employees called an ambulance, Moore wandered off.

At this point Moore had been separated from her friend, alone and vulnerable. It was only a matter of time before she became a victim.

Lost on the far West Side, Moore used her cell phone at 5:08 a.m. to call her boyfriend, Kofi Boakye, in New Jersey. She told him she thought she was being followed, police said. Boakye, 18, told her to take a cab to the hospital.

But two minutes later, Coleman had Moore’s cell phone and she was never heard from again. Cops believe Coleman lured Moore into a cab by telling her he was going to New Jersey.

Jennifer Moore had been missing for 2 days until her body was found in a dumpster.

The 18-year-old’s body was discovered about 4:30 a.m. yesterday, two days after she got lost walking along 12th Ave. on the West Side, wearing a black halter top and white miniskirt.

Chunks of her long, brown hair had been ripped out of her head and her body horribly bruised.

As ex-con Draymond Coleman, 34, and his prostitute girlfriend were being held in the assault and murder of Jennifer Moore.

“It sounds like somebody got a hold of her very quickly and she never had a chance.” Investigators believe Jennifer Moore was sexually assaulted in a drab room on the third floor of the Park Ave. Hotel in Weehawken, before Coleman strangled and beat her as his lover watched, sources said.
(New York Daily News)

A Teenager’s Last Steps on a Trail of Missed Chances

In a city of random encounters, this one seemed especially touched by chance.

She, a tiny prep-school girl in a miniskirt and halter top, in from New Jersey to go to a club. He, a troubled drifter and convicted felon — a pimp, investigators say, who slept in cheap rented rooms and was in and out of jail for selling drugs.

Then there was the happenstance at play: her boyfriend had not come out with her that night; her friend had gotten drunk, leaving her to wander the streets alone; their cherry red sedan had been towed from a “no standing” zone while they were dancing, leaving her no easy way of getting home.

The rest is just a terrible set of circumstances that lead to her abduction, assault and murder.

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  2. If she was my daughter and the cops did not keep her along with her friend there would be one he– of a legal suit going on. Why in these days when our children cant go out the way we did in the “80′s”, why? why? WHY, DID THEY NOT KEEP HER AS WELL??? Excuse me but that angers me so much they are our children, We all have a responsive roll to keep our children not off the streets but to watch them on it!! I dont care about the facts of this murder and that one,as I do about my daughter to be able to walk to school safe. I admitt it, I also told my child not to go out and party but they do anyway. We the adults, set around laughing and telling are stories of this night out or that night out, then we say go look but dont even think you can do that. We did it. The diffrence was our adults cared enough to give us rides and protect us. We did’nt hear every night that 3 or 5 kids are missing and these under ground boxes are now being biult and what no-one sees the piles of dirt? We need strickter laws Im not gonna preach about it but “PEOPLE” we need to stand together make new laws, Im gonna start doing my part by writting a “Bill” that if its their second time arrested for child crimes they get no bail, or first offenders get bail only with cash and the time their out they need to physically show up to probation officers that are trained for child crimes only. We cant keep putting these MAGGETS back on the street. Im sure I will think of more and find out theres gonna be a long fight but Im gonna prove to my child, before something could happend to them that I cared enough to do a small part to get our streets safer again. NEXT!!

    Comment by Marie Starr | October 16, 2006

  3. Jen was a beautiful and wonderful person. She was just genuinly nice. She did not deserve this. Anyone who is saying negative things about this should not be. You do not know the whole story, nevermind how she felt, how scared she was, or what she had to go through. She is in a better place now. RIP j.ho. we all love you.

    Comment by RS | April 16, 2007

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