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Craig Roger Gregerson Lured and Suffocated Destiny Norton According to Police Statements

What was the senseless and tragic act responsible for the death of Destiny Norton? According to police Craig gregerson mugtranscripts we may have the answer as to how and why Craig Roger Gregerson killed Destiny Norton.

Police statements:

“On July 16th 2006, Craig Roger Gregerson observed juvenile female…outside his residence in Salt Lake County, Utah. Suspect Gregerson opened the gate to his backyard and lured the juvenile female into his residence. The juvenile female began to scream. Suspect Gregerson put his hand over the juvenile’s mouth and began to squeeze. The juvenile female went limp and suspect Gregerson laid her body on the floor.”



Craig Roger Gregerson failed the initial lie detector test the police gave him which led to the further investigation of his story he provided. As it turns out it appears that Craig Gregerson failed two polygraph tests.

Craig Gregerson lured an unsuspecting 5 year old to his home? For what reason? This individual supposedly has had no criminal record and certainly non for sex offenses. Or is it that he just had never been caught? Let’s just hope that Gregerson never asked for an attorney during any of his interrogations that could get any of this evidence thrown out as it was in the Couey case in the murder of Jessica Lunsford.

Death Of Utah Girl Destiny Norton Raises Outrage: Suspect had violent past.

How can antone know this type of sick individual lives next door to them?

Court documents showed Craig Roger Gregerson, 20, had a violent past and was arrested for domestic abuse in 2004.

Documents from Salt Lake District Court and Sandy Justice Court say Gregerson attended group therapy and ordered him to create a plan aimed at keeping himself and others safe.

But Tuesday the Salt Lake County Jail released a statement describing what Gregerson allegedly did with Destiny, whose body was found at 8:30 p.m. Monday.

A probable cause statement says Gregerson lured the juvenile female into his home and covered her mouth when she began to scream.

The document blacks out the name Destiny Norton. The document says Gergerson observed a female outside his residence on July 16 in Salt Lake County, Utah.

Previous complain againt Gregerson by his ex-mother in law:

His mother-in-law filed an affidavit accusing Gregerson of once choking and punching her when she tried to kick him out of her home.

Gregerson once threw the couple’s 1-year-old daughter across a bed when the infant kicked some food off his lap, said an attorney for Gregerson’s wife.

(CBS4 Boston)

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