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Teenage Girls Rob Man they Met on is back in the news again and of course for all the wrong reasons. This time a man is taken by two teenagers. When will people ever learn that no one is who they say on the internet?

A Jacksonville man says he was duped and robbed by two girls after attempting to meet with a woman he met on the internet.

The victim says he chatted on-line with a woman, known on her profile as “Natalia”, for two weeks before deciding to meet with her. He says her profile showed sexy photos, and a blurb which said “just lookin’ for something fun”. That brief, friendly description was all he knew about her before they planned to meet.

You know what happens to people who believe everything that someone types to them on-line? When will people wake up and understand that a dark element exists in these social-network on-line environments just waiting to take advantage of gullible and exploit others.

“This was not the girl that the picture was of on MySpace,” the victim said.

Now sensing something was wrong, he was ready to take off, but was stopped by a shocking discovery.

“[One of the girls] took [a] gun out and put it to my head and told me to empty my pockets.”

The girls didn’t get much because the victim had forgotten his wallet. They let him go, unharmed, and he called police.

Police did a search of the area and found the two teens with another male suspect. They searched a purse and found two loaded handguns. may have been developed for friends and music, but this victim had to find out the hard way that not everyone is logging on for the right reasons.

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  1. And I bet the man went straight back to his pc looking for another girl.

    Comment by Momintn | June 28, 2006

  2. Aaah, the Internet.

    Where Men are Boys,

    Boys are Girls,

    and Children are the FBI.

    Comment by Colonel Panic | July 5, 2006

  3. Why in the world would you meet someone off of myspace?! The people of myspace try hard to keep people safe and then kids post that they are 18 when they are under so people can search for them. I know I have found some kids on myspace that lie about there age and them put else where on their site that they are younger and reported them. When myspace is used right to meet up old/new friend and connect that way it is fun. Where are these kids parents? When I was under 18 my parents checked everything I did, everyone I talked to and things went smooth. I’m glad they did what they did so nothing stupid happened to me. I get sooo tired of hearing myspace is to blame, they can’t stop people from lying. I know they tell people to take off totally personal info like their address and phone number. Be smart and things like this wouldn’t happen!!

    Comment by Crystal | September 14, 2006

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