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Search Continues For Missing BYU Hiker Jonathan Berry

Jonathan Berry was last seen Wednesday when he did not return from a hiking outing.Jonathan Berry Berry is a student at Brigham Young University and is from Grand Junction.

Authorities say the search was suspended over the weekend because of the number of weekend hikers in Rock Canyon. They say the tracking dogs were having a difficult time picking up Berry’s scent.

Police believe Berry was going hiking in Rock Canyon. Officers found his bike above Provo Temple on Thursday – but found no trace of him.


Authorities had hoped to use dogs over the weekend; however, there were too many Jonathan Berry 2hikers on the trails for the dogs to successfully pick up a scent. The search was suspended over the week, but resumed.

Officials think he was going hiking, but they have not found any signs of him on any trails.

Authorities say evidence, including a journal, shows Berry left for Rock Canyon sometime between midnight and 8 a.m. June 1. Later in the day officials found his bike in Provo.


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  1. This is for Jonathan. You have been missing for almost 9 months and your family still misses you a lot. If you are living in some big city someplace, starting a new life, and whether you want to be left alone or not, we, your family, would love to hear from you. Your sudden departure has placed a unremitting sadness in our home, and just knowing you’re alive, I am sure, would dispell all the gloom. I would have never have believed the sadness I am personally experiencing at the loss of one of my sons. Please contact someone. We have all have been profoundly affected by your absence.
    Love, Dad, Mom and family

    Comment by David | February 18, 2007

  2. Jonathan,
    We always loved to listen to you play the cello and whenever we saw you and talked we always considered you a very outsanding young man. You may not know this but there are a LOT of people from Grand Junction who are very concerned about what happened to you and your whereabouts. We all really hope that you are still alive and that someday your family will be reunited with you again. What ever you may be going through, your parents must be suffering a great deal to not know where there son is. I know if it was me I don’t know how I would get through a single day. You are in everyones prayers and there are a lot of people who are still very concerned about you. When we heard that you were missing we all were worried and concerned for you, as well as your mom and dad and siblings. It’s been several months since you vanished and today we were having dinner and your name came up and everyone is still hoping that you will come home to your family one day. We may not have known you well, but we knew well enough that you are an very talented and genuine young man and your parents, brothers and sisters, have to be in the greatest pain imaginalble. If you are out there, you have no idea how many people would love to hear that you are alive and well, no matter what the circumstances. Mrs. and Mr. Martin/Thousand Oaks, CA

    Comment by The Martin's | April 10, 2007

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