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Olivia Newton-John boyfriend Patrick McDermott Seen in Mexico?

Could Patrick McDermott really be alive? The boyfriend of Olivia Newton-John wasOlivia Newton John 2 reported missing from a fishing trip last year. The American cameraman,43 year old Patrick McDermott reportedly vanished during an overnight fishing expedition off California’s San Pedro coastline between June 30 and July 1, 2005. However, he has been reported as being seen in Mexico according to three witnesses. It is rumored that he possibly faked his disappearance to avoid debts and a possible jail sentence and unpaid child support.

Here’s a twist we didn’t see coming – Olivia Newton-John’s missing boyfriend Patrick McDermott is apparently alive and living in Mexico.

An investigation by an Aussie tabloid has found three witnesses – a bar owner, a surf camp owner and a businessman – who all claim to have seen him on the remote Baja Peninsula as recently as 10 days ago. (ABC News: Arts & Entertainment) Olivia newtonjohn 2

Singer’s missing boyfriend ‘seen’

(CNN) — The missing boyfriend of Australian singer Olivia Newton-John may be alive and living in Mexico, according to a report in a Sydney newspaper, the Daily Telegraph.

Patrick McDermott, 48, who had been the “Grease” star’s boyfriend for nine years, disappeared in June last year.

He was reported to have fallen overboard while on the fishing boat Freedom, which made an overnight trip out of San Pedro in Los Angeles.

Olivia newton john

This story just gets more and more strange. The Daily Telegraph is speculating that Patrick McDermott faked his own death to avoid a jail term.

The newspaper said there was speculation that McDermott may have attempted to fake his death to escape mounting debts and a possible jail term over unpaid child support for his son Chance from his marriage to actress Yvett Nipar.

It said the fishing boat Freedom made a previously unknown stop for fuel that would have allowed McDermott to leave the vessel.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the galley chef on Freedom is now the key witness for investigators.

A galley chef on Freedom is now the key witness for investigators and will be compelled to answer questions about

McDermott’s last movements. McDermott can be traced to at least two towns on the Baja Peninsula: the small village of Todos Santos and the bustling holiday mecca of Cabo San Lucas on the southern tip.

In Todos Santos, about 80km north of Cabo San Lucas, a Mexican bar owner said he was positive McDermott had been in his bar about three months ago.

Olivia’s boyfriend ‘sighted’

The newspaper says the sightings come as a US grand jury prepares to investigate the disappearance of McDermott, who was Newton-John’s boyfriend for nine years. (The Sydney Morning Herald)

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  1. How many sightings of missing persons are there every time someone goes missing? Just ask America’s Most Wanted, or Unsolved Mysteries. I will believe he is hiding in Mexico when they go and get him.

    Comment by jackie | June 5, 2006


    Comment by JESSICA MORALES | June 9, 2006

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