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DC Sniper, John Allen Muhammad Found Guilty on All Counts in Maryland

What a shock, John Allen Muhammad was found guilty on all 6 counts of first degree John Allen Muhammadmurder for the six slayings in Montgomery County. One might say the verdict was “over-kill” as John Allen Muhammad  has already been convicted in Virginia, where he is awaiting execution. In a case like this that was so premeditated and heinous, one can never be too sure.

After all the lenient judges we have heard about lately in dealing with murdered and child molesters, my cap is off to Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge James L. Ryan with his no nonsense approach in dealing with this man who has caused so many families grief.

After the jury’s decision was announced, he asked the judge: “Your honor, may I speak?”

“No sir,” Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge James L. Ryan responded.

Muhammad was led out of the courtroom in handcuffs.

(Washington Post)

John Allen Muhammad convicted of six more sniper slayings

Muhammad, 45, is already under a death sentence in Virginia for a killing there. The most he can get for the six Maryland slayings is life in prison without parole.

The jury took slightly more than four hours to convict him after a four-week trial. The trial marked the first time Malvo testified against the man prosecutors say was his mentor and manipulator.


DC Sniper Time-line

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