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Charges Dropped Against Debra LaFave in Marion County

Well Debra LaFave can thank the lord that she is a pretty and a woman. Today, the states attorney of Marion County dropped the charges against her for having sex with a 14 Lafave 4year old boy. There is no way this ever would have occurred if she had committed this same crime as a man.

Debra LaFave had just found out the Marion County state attorney dropped three charges against her. So she doesn’t have to stand trial and risk a prison sentence on allegations she had sex with a 14-year-old student in Ocala in June 2004.

Earlier, Marion County Judge Hale Stancil rejected a plea agreement for LaFave, prompting the state attorney to dismiss the charges against her.

Needless to say Debra LaFave is doing cartwheels over this decision. Lafave 5

Debra LaFave, Sex Offender: “Mental illnesses are real and how they can cause good people to do bad things.”

Talk about a double standard. What do you this a states attorney would have done if it was a man having sex with a 14 year old girl? Equal justice under the law, huh? Ever wonder why we are beginning to hear nothing but these types of stories? Maybe its because the women know that they won’t be taken seriously.

This is priceless …

Debra LaFave: “I offer my deepest apology. I’ve been undergoing extensive therapy and believe it has helped me tremendously. I would hope that all media outlets will let us peacefully move on.” And despite the intense media interest in her case, LaFave says she is taking courses on –line to become a journalist. (Tampa Bays 10)

Teacher Debra Lafave Won’t Face Student Sex Charges

Prosecutors and defense attorneys had urged the judge to accept the Lafave teachersexdeal for the sake of the boy involved. A psychiatrist who examined the teenager told the judge at a previous hearing that the boy suffered extreme anxiety from the media coverage of the case and does not want to testify.

Marion County Circuit Judge Hale Stancil, however, said the lack of prison time for Lafave under the plea deal “shocks the conscience of this court,” and he rejected it.

Assistant State Attorney Richard Ridgway, in explaining the decision to drop the charges, said: “The court may be willing to risk the well-being of the victims in this case in order to force it to trial. I am not.” (Local 6)

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  2. Sad. It is indeed a double standard. One of the attorney’s comments was that she was too pretty to go to jail.

    So we have a new legal standard I guess, pretty criminals walk free.

    Comment by Katsuey | March 22, 2006

  3. Debra is indeed lucky that she’s a pretty woman. I fear for society. Morals are no longer being upheld.

    Comment by Leon | March 23, 2006

  4. This Person is a Predator, She should be locked behind bars. take the make-up off, and she is nothing but a ugly child seeking animal, she blames bi polar disease on her crime, just a excuse, to get off of the hook. they should lock her up. this country is supposed to protect our children, instead they let a child raping animal back on the streets, to do the same to someone elses child.

    Comment by Shelley | September 26, 2006

  5. Since when is “being too pretty” an excuse for a child molester to escape jail time? I guarantee if a “handsome man” had done the same thing to two underage girls, you wouldn’t hear some idiot lawyer saying he is too good looking to go to jail! That guy would BE in jail. This case sickens me. If I never see this fake, pouty-faced bimbo again it would be too soon.

    Comment by Glenn | October 11, 2006

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