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Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey, You know You in Trouble When Serial Killer Attorneys Stay away from your Case.

Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey face a monumental task in proving their innocence in the murder of Teresa Halbach. You know you are in trouble when attorneys who have handled cases for serial kills want no part of your case and are glad they never involved themselves. That would be a serious problem.

The lawyer who handled David Spanbauer’s serial murders says he’s glad he’s not involved in Teresa Halbach’s murder case, which now involves Steven Avery and Avery’s 16-year-old nephew, Brendan Dassey.

Spanbauer was convicted in 1994 of kidnapping and murdering two children, and murdering a young Appleton woman about Teresa Halbach’s age.

Tom Zoesch earned a lot of praise for the way he handled Spanbauer’s case, but he found his experience handling Spanbauer emotionally draining.

“I was able to successfully keep my professional cool until it was all done. It wasn’t easy, but I was able to do it,” Zoesch told us. “Then I just broke down. I went home and I was just weeping.”

One could imagine that if this would be difficult for a lawyer who has handled serial killer cases, imagine what the potential jury must deal with?

But he’s uneasy with all the graphic details made public about how Avery and his nephew allegedly murdered Teresa Halbach. “If it goes to trial, I think it’s going to be difficult to find twelve people who haven’t formed some sort of opinion,” he said.

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Time Magazine; Crime Rocks The Boats (Cruise Ship Chaos)

Time has done a masterful piece on the cruise ship industry and the rash of cruise-ship crime that occurs. From names that you have heard about in the news like honeymooner George Allen Smith to lesser unknown names like Janet Kelly and Merrian Carver.

The article begins with the chilling yet unfortunately all to accurate statement:

Like so many other tales of cruise-ship crime, Janet Kelly’s story begins with a cocktail and ends with a confidentiality agreement.

This is a must read from Time.

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The KlassKids Foundation Aides in Search for Missing Amber Harris

The KlassKids Foundation of California is leading the search for the missing 12 year old Omaha, NE girl. Its been nearly 100 days since anyone has seen Amber Harris.

Nearly 200 volunteers showed up Saturday to help. They were taught how to search and what to look for. When a volunteer identified something of interest, they flagged it with orange tape, and a professional was dispatched to that area to deal with the item.

Amber Harris was last seen wearing light blue jeans, a black and white wind breaker, and white K Swiss tennis shoes.

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James Crook, 51, David Crook, 28, and Hilbert Bradley, 43, Still Missing

Shelby County firefighters used a sonar device to search for James Crook, his son, David Crook and friend Hilbert Bradley. They have been missing since Tuesday when they went fishing in the area of the Blakeley and Apalachee rivers.

Search teams have recovered life jackets, ice chests and a gas tank from Blakeley and Apalachee rivers, items that friends and family said they recognized. That debris is evidence that the men had an accident in their 12-foot boat Tuesday, authorities have said.

In an accident, the missing men would have had to fight cold water, strong winds and possibly hypothermia, Miller said. Under those conditions, the chances of survival have decreased, he said, but they could still be alive.
(Mobile Register)

Three missing fishermen apparent victims of boating accident

“We’re convinced there has been a boating accident,” said Ken Eslava, of the Daphne Search and Rescue Team.

On Thursday, the North Baldwin Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Team searched the Apalachee River with a dog trained to locate human bodies.

Divers also probed the bottom of Blakeley River for possible remains of the boat or the missing men, said Rick Miller, a spokesman for the Alabama Marine Police.
(Columbus Ledger-Enquirer)

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Jennifer Marie Isle, 16, Reported Missing on February 27

Jennifer Marie Isle, 16, a possible runaway was reported missing by her mother, Anna Pittman. It is reported that Jennifer Isle nearly cleaned out her bank account and withdrew $750 after running away.

“If I was a parent, it would be a pretty urgent thing,” said Sgt. Glen Stinar with the Great Falls Police Department. “At this point, her disappearance is not suspicious, but we’re concerned about her welfare.”

Isle is described as being 5 feet tall, 135 pounds, with brown hair and blue eyes. She is a junior at Great Falls High School.

Anyone with information on Isle’s whereabouts please call Great Falls police at 771-1180 or Pittman at 231-1367.
(Great Falls Tribune)

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