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Rachel Entwistle, 27, and her 9-month-old daughter, Lillian Rose found dead

Rachel Entwistle, 27, and her 9-month-old daughter, Lillian Rose were found dead in their Hopkinton home. After a missed scheduled dinner party for friends and family Enteistle murdersSaturday night; Sunday, friends and family called police because they were concerned when they could not contact someone at the house.

HOPKINTON — A mother and her infant daughter were found shot to death Sunday — apparently killed by the same bullet in their Cubs Path home — and the missing father has been called “a person of interest” by authorities.

Rachel Entwistle, 27, and her 9-month-old daughter, Lillian Rose, were discovered at 6:30 p.m. in the home at 6 Cubs Path after family and friends could not contact them, Middlesex District Attorney Martha Coakley said yesterday at a press conference at the Hopkinton Police Department.

Sunday, friends and family called police because they were concerned when they could not contact someone at the house. At 6:30 p.m., police went to the ho a “routine well-being check” and found the mother and baby dead on the bed in the master bedroom, covered in blankets, Coakley said.

Police had no idea a murder had been committed when the bodies were first discovered, Coakley said.

“They were in the bedding, almost not visible,” said Coakley. “There were no obvious signs of foul play. The officers thought it might be a medical, they didn’t know if it was carbon monoxide.”

Coakley said there was “little to no blood” found on the bed, and the bullet wounds were not discovered until later.

He drives a BMW, but Coakley said she was not sure if he was driving the car when he left.

There has no been no evidence of domestic unrest uncovered by investigators, Coakley said. She said no police records were found, and family members spoken to said there was no indication of unhappiness in the marriage.

(Daily News Tribune)

Mother and 9-month-old daughter found dead

HOPKINTON, Mass. – The same small-caliber bullet appears to have killed a mother and her 9-month-old daughter who were found dead together at home in the same bed, in what police are calling the first homicide in this Boston suburb in more than a decade.

(Portsmouth Herald)

UPDATE: Father, Husband Of Slain Family Located

Officials said they have made contact with the husband of a woman who was found dead with her infant daughter in her Hopkinton home Sunday

Rachel Entwistle, 27, and her 9-month old daughter, Lillian, were found dead in their bed Sunday. Each died of a single gunshot wound, according to autopsy results released Tuesday. Rachel died from a gunshot wound to the head. Lillian was shot in the abdomen, but that bullet also entered her mother’s torso.

Both deaths have been ruled homicides.

The Middlesex district attorney said they have contacted the woman’s husband and the infant’s father, Neil Entwistle, and he is out of the country. Officials would not confirm or deny if he’s in England — where he lived previously.

Entwistle’s BMW was located in the United States, but officials would not say where.

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  1. Where would you been if tis was your family???

    Comment by MLS | February 6, 2006

  2. First of all, I would like to start out by saying…that if he did this horrific crime…absolutely, then he should suffer….death immediately does cases like this…he should be made to suffer long and slowly….for killing an infant the way that he did…a little trusting baby…whose father shot her with a gun,in her stomach! NO little infant should suffer in this manner, and secondly, for him to kill the mama, and “His Love” like that, this is horribly painful,and he should rot in prison…for what he has done to her..she looked like a very happy mother….and that baby looked like she was totally a great child to have!!!
    Thirdly, I believe that while we humans are so quick, and too quick…I might add that to judge what “Really actually Occurred” …and not looking at the facts…that, first of all every person is presumed and should be looked at as INNOCENT UNTIL they are PROVEN guilty! It always seems as though, there is a massive witch hunt….turn the tables and pretend that this was YOUR own life! How would you feel if, you HAD NOT done this horrific crime, and the police and the media botched the story(the real story) up? How would YOU REALLY feel?!!! There are so many many sides to a story,and nobody in their right mind can sit there, and presume over tidbits and whatever in the news or what they have heard on “that particular neighborhood etc” that all of those things are “true”…when they are just “heard thru rumors”…..I really believe that we need to stop, look,and wait…and listen ,,,,before we throw or cast out that heavy old stone..of “you done it!,and you cannot deny this!”

    As human beings, people HAVE to have a way to blame immediately…and to find a “somebody”…in this case who is most definitely guilty…no matter what..and that you can tell HE/ or SHE did it!”

    I am so tired of these lame things that the media does to others…and this does not pertain to just and only the famous…We had better get crackin’ on how it would affect us…think about all of the coverage about and regarding the accused…and what if…just for saying for an honest example…that Mr. Entwistle never did these things…..and that we got as the general public “misinformed”….but, even if we had not….we are “automatically” in every case out there, “Prejudging” before the trials of these persons.(and while it is true that there are also mistrials, and there are so many accused out there, that have NEVER done ANYTHING to ANYBODY and are serving a life sentence or on death row..) Still I say….we need to get more on the ball to bring in the “correct” evidence…instead of locking people up,and telling the media that this or that person is “THE ONE” who “done it”!!!
    We are no better than those that accused so many”innocents” long ago of crimes, because of their religious beliefs or what have you, we immediately took these people ,away against their wills…when there were the others out there,…..who really knew what had happened..and or the evidence that lead to them!
    WHy can’t we leave our big mouths out of this? Why do we always have to find “the perfect scapegoat” to submit,and say that they were the “real ones,” and that we automatically assume, and or start the “hidious manhunt or witchunt”… this world, it seems like nobody stands a chance! Not even all of the ones that put that media crap out there in the first place!!! Heck, they could be accused, and then, say, “I didn’t do this!, I am famous, and I never would do such a thing, to anybody!” As Human beings we go out of our way to make lives “unpleasant” even for ourselves…!

    I think that while it may be possible that Entwhistle killed his family, before we condem, let’s hope that people got the right evidence collected, and preserved to be able to see, “what really happened to his family”.I would rather NOT prejudge him or set him up to “Fail” because of the garbage that is floating around about him! I would rather wait and see. (but I also have to say, that just because a court finds a person guilty with the evidence that they found on the sites.,or on the person,this ..doesn’t mean that that person IS the right one in prison…or isn’t)!!
    I think, we just have to wait and see, and bide our time…the judge and the jurors have to know the “real facts” before assuming anything….I STILL believe , that everybody is /and should always be,”PRESUMED INNOCENT”…..before their peers and trial…and like I said before….some even after…are still innocent…because of the wrong evidence ,foul play with the clues being screwed up somehow,and not enough technology to have proven a case at that time..and thank God, people are now changing this, and reversing these things for so many innocent lives that have gone to prison, for crimes that they have NEVER committed!!!!

    Look at the cold evidence, and see how the crime was constructed and every piece of evidence….and hear the testimonies of people that knew these persons.and the family, need I say more?!!!
    Before we judge, or even presume….cuz’ what if this was your life? People in this world would have to decide your fate….!!!! Think about that!!!!
    SM Response:

    We have looked at the evidence and the behavior of Neil Entwistle as he described what he did that day and also what he has done since he left the US and fled to England.

    His story makes no sense and has holes in it left and right.

    If it were my life I would not have done what he did. Neil Entwistle is very aware of what he did and the forensics more than prove it even with his lame attempts at excuses. People are allowed to discuss cases, see evidence that has been reported and draw their own conclusions.

    As for guilt or innocence that will be up to a jury of his peers.

    Comment by Anne | February 19, 2006

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