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Pregnant Woman, Christine Rudy, missing in Wisconsin

Christine Rudy , a 21 year old pregnant woman has been missing from the North Central Wisconsin area since November 12, 2005.

She was last seen in Clark County Nov. 12 when her husband left her along the side of a road during an argument.

Police said 21-year-old Christine Rudy is six months pregnant.

They are treating this as a missing person case, not a criminal case.

Rudy’s husband is in jail on unrelated charges.

Mother Talks about Missing Daughter

She says she’s been crying every day since Christine disappeared. She says she’s not sure what to think of her son-in-law, Shaun. The Clark County Sheriff’s Department says Shaun Rudy waited two days to report her missing. Last week, he was arrested on unrelated charges. Authorities say he is cooperating and is not a suspect at this point.

If you have any information that can help in the search, please call the Clark County Sheriff’s Department at (715) 743-3157.

Authorities Continue Search For Missing Pregnant Woman

Backus said Shaun Rudy told officials Christine voluntarily got out of the car.

Police said they’re treating it as a missing person case.

Backus said authorities have no reason to doubt Shaun Rudy’s account but they are not ruling anything out.

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  1. What is wrong with all the stupid men that think they can kidnap, rape and murder women and get away with it? All these “ex-boyfriends”, “estranged husbands”, and the fathers of the unborn children who go missing with their mothers…they have to know they will be the first one looked at in a missing person’s case, yet they commit the most heinous and disgusting crimes. We read these stories in the paper every day and it just sickens me. How many Scott Petersons are out there in this world? How do they become the sociopath animals they are? At least here in America we can count on our local LE to do a proper investigation of the crime…and if they don’t, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Families in America give a D*&# when their loved ones go missing.

    I sincerely hope that this young woman and her unborn child are found safe. Hopefully she was just mad and wanting to scare her husband. Unfortunately, I’ve grown very cynical over the years and my feeling is that this story will have a sad ending.

    Comment by monkey wench | November 29, 2005

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