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Steven Avery charged in the death of missing woman, Teresa Halbach

Steve Avery was was charged Tuesday with killing and mutilating a freelance photographer, Teresa Halbach, who had an appointment with him the last day she was seen. According to authorities, the gruesome findings by searchers of the Avery Salvage property yielded human teeth and bones in a burn pit behind Steven Avery’s garage.

Preliminary results Tuesday identified the remains as Halbach’s, according to a criminal complaint charging Avery with first-degree intentional homicide and mutilation of a corpse.

Authorities believe the charred remains are all that’s left of the 25-year-old Calumet County woman, who vanished Oct. 31 after going to the Avery family’s auto salvage business to photograph a minivan for sale for Auto Trader Magazine. Halbach’s family members later found her sport utility vehicle at the salvage yard.

Steven Avery appeared before the County Circuit Court where bail was set in the amount of $500,000 and the homicide charge carries a mandatory life in prison sentence.

Avery appeared in Manitowoc County Circuit Court on Tuesday, when Judge Patrick Willis set bail at $500,000 cash and scheduled a preliminary hearing for Dec. 6 on the homicide and mutilation charges.

Avery, dressed in black-and-white prison clothes, looked straight ahead and said nothing during the 12-minute hearing, which did not cover the weapons charge. The judge set a tentative status conference Monday on that case.

The homicide charge carries a mandatory life in prison sentence, while the mutilation charge carries up to 12 1/2 years in prison and $25,000 in fines. Wisconsin does not have the death penalty.

Avery has repeatedly told reporters he believes he is being set up because of his pending $36 million lawsuit against Manitowoc County for his wrongful conviction.

As Steven Avery proclaims his innocence and states he was set up as his blood was found in Teresa Halbach’s vehicle, Avery’s family also acts just as strangely and are in a world of denial. The Avery Salvage Yard is open for business and the family is just going to throw themselves in to work. After what just occurred there?

Steven Avery’s father and brother threw themselves into their work, trying to get caught up after losing a weeks worth of business.

Steven Avery’s father, Allen, talked of his frustration and anger from inside his business office.

“All I can tell you is that it did not happen on Avery property. That’s if it happened and I don’t believe it happened.”

The idea that all this gruesome evidence that was found on the Avery property was planted as Steven Avery states is simply appalling. However, what else would one think he would say trying to capitalize on his previous improper incarceration.

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  2. IF it WAS someone else, and they did kill the woman elsewhere and bring it all to Averys business, then boy is that one dangerous person. That would mean that the person is a maniack so horrible that he could plan and murder a young woman, just to frame Avery, and to keep protecting the facts about himself. What else is that person currently doing that he fears discovery now? Is this just a murder to get rid of Avery again? Or is it a psycho killer fearing being found out?
    But then if it actually WAS Avery who did it, he must want back into prison really badly. So bad that he filed a suit that he would probably win, then blew it by killing a woman, and making it easy to find the evidence, thus sending him back to prison. Cleared his name to prove his guilt? Weird?
    Any one in Averys own family have a long time grudge against him? Which family member found the car? How hard was that to see? Who owns the Avery property? Who gains the most from Avery not having civil rights. Who hates Avery enough to murder in order to keep him punished, or away from the family? Anything of value on that property? Maybe the FBI should search that place for more bodys?
    Either story merits checking at this point.

    Comment by Anna Allen | November 16, 2005

  3. Of course if this was Aruba they would not have searched the property. Might not have evey started an investigation!

    Comment by John Staton | November 16, 2005

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