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Teresa Halbach Case Now A Homicide

It looks like terrible news out of Calumet County, WI as police tell family not to search today for Teresa Halbach. Adult female remains found at the Avery salvage yard. Video available.

Mike Halbach says investigators also gave them more information about the case, but told them not to talk about it publicly until a law enforcement news conference was over later today.

Mike Halbach says “there have been better times in our lives.”

According to the Calumet County sheriff Thursday, human remains found at Avery salvage yard. Investigators found the remains of an adult woman at a salvage yard owned by the family of a Steven Avery.

The remains were found by people searching for Teresa Halbach, who was last seen Oct. 31. Calumet County Sheriff Jerry Pagel said investigators have not identified the pieces of human bone and teeth found at the salvage yard owned by Steven Avery’s family.

“It appears that an attempt was made to dispose of a body by an incendiary means. However, that attempt was not completely successful,” Pagel said.

With all of the evidence found at the salvage yard including Teresa Halbach’s SUV the investigators are now calling it a homicide.

They also found a significant amount of blood in Halbach’s vehicle, as well as more blood in some buildings on the Avery property, he said.

“We are classifying this as a homicide investigation,” Pagel said.


According to today’s Sheriff’s Press Conference, the scope of the investigation is now criminal in nature. We are classifying int as a homicide investigation. It appears that there was an attempt was made to dispose of a body by an incendiary means…

Pieces of human bone and teeth were found on the Avery property and the bone has been determined to be that of an adult female. The teeth are also that of a human being…

A significant amount of blood was also discovered in Teresa Halbach’s vehicle. samples of blood were also found on the Avery property and in buildings on the Avery property.

The key used to start Teresa Halbach’s vehicle were found in Steven Avery’s bedroom.

Update: Warrant indicates someone tried to conceal Halbach vehicle

Documents filed today in Calumet County Circuit Court in conjunction with a search warrant suggest someone made an attempt to hide Teresa Halbach’s vehicle in the Avery’s Town of Gibson salvage yard.

“During a visual observation of the vehicle, (it was) noted that there were tree branches covering the vehicle and also vehicle parts placed alongside of the vehicle which looked as though someone had attempted to conceal the vehicle,” said the affidavit.

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Update: Star Tribune; Investigators in missing woman case find remains at Wis. salvage yard

Investigators searching for a missing woman found burned human remains at a salvage yard owned by the family of a man who spent 18 years in prison for a rape he did not commit.

Calumet County Sheriff Jerry Pagel said authorities were working Thursday to identify the pieces of bone and teeth. Family members of the missing woman, freelance photographer Teresa Halbach, found her sport utility vehicle at the salvage yard Saturday.

“It appears that an attempt was made to dispose of a body by an incendiary means. However, that attempt was not completely successful,” Pagel said.

It appears that an attempt was made to dispose of a body by an incendiary means. However, that attempt was not completely successful,” Pagel said.

Pagel said investigators found the key to Halbach’s SUV in the bedroom of Steven Avery, whose family owns the salvage yard near Mishicot.

Investigators found blood in Halbach’s vehicle and in some buildings on the Avery property, said Pagel, who classified the case as a homicide investigation.

Teresa’s brother made an emotional statement at at press conference today as the Sheriff’s office had earlier stated the findings at the Avery Salvage Yard.

“We know we will see Teresa again. It looks like it won’t be here on earth, but it will be in heaven,” said Mike Halbach, Teresa Halbach’s brother.

“We were preparing ourselves for that.”

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Oregon Girl Missing, Mykensie Martin, in Brazil Found Safe

Great news from Brazil with regards to the Mykensie Martin. According to ABC News, Mykensie Martin was found safe northeastern Brazil. Family members had tears of joy MyK familyover the news of Mykensie’s being found safe and sound.

Mykensie Martin was taken to a police station in the coastal city of Salvador, about 700 miles northeast of Brasilia, said Lt. Alexandre Silva of the federal police in Bahia state.

She was physically unharmed but appeared “stressed,” said Rodrigo Koble, an Interpol agent at the police station.

In an interview with Brazil’s Globo TV, Martin said she arrived in Salvador on Tuesday. Someone tried to rob her shortly after she arrived, but she said she was helped by a waiter, Globo reported. It said she had already contacted her host family. MyKensie pic

Fox News: Missing American Girl Found in Brazil A 17-year-old American exchange student missing since last weekend was found safe.

American Embassy spokesman John Wilcock said he could not immediately confirm the report. “We have no confirmation of that information, we are looking into it, if it’s true, it’s great news,” he said. Police in Salvador could not immediately be reached to comment.

KTVU; Missing U.S. Student Found Safe In Brazil

BRASILIA, Brazil — An American exchange student in Brazil who has been missing since last weekend has been found safe. An Interpol agent said the 17-year-old American girl “seems stressed” but is OK.

MyK photo

The Interpol agent said the exchange student has been talking with the FBI by phone from a police station in the northeast city of Salvador. The agent said he has no details on how or why she ended up in the town, far from her apparent destination of Brasilia.

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Recent Posts: Oregon Teenage Girl, MyKensie Martin, Missing in Brazil

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Oregon Teenage Girl, MyKensie Martin, Missing in Brazil,

MyKensie Martin traveling in Brazil on an exchange program is missing. The 17 Martin_110905year old girl was last seen last weekend hitchhiking to the capital of Brasilia from a small city about 80 miles away.

MyKensie Martin, a senior at Summit High School in Bend, Ore., on an exchange visit to Brazil, was spotted by a witness by the side of a highway leading to Brasilia about 6 p.m. Sunday, said Unai police Detective Celso Avila Pardo.

The witness talked with Martin as she was trying to hitchhike, and the girl said she was on her way to attend an event in Brasilia sponsored by the Mormon church and did not have enough money for a bus ticket, Pardo said. The girl is a Mormon. Unai is about 500 miles north of Sao Paulo.

According to reports a witness told police that MyKensie Martin appeared nervous, but believed that was because she did not have enough money for a bus ticket. The teens parents have been notified and are arriving in Brazile Wednesday. The interesting part of this case is that the FBI already seems to be involved in the matter. MyKensie

The girl’s parents were scheduled to fly Wednesday to Brazil. The FBI was also assisting in the case, said FBI spokeswoman Beth Anne Steele in Portland, Ore. “We’re preparing for the worst and hoping for the best,” the teen’s father, Steve Martin, told The Bulletin newspaper of Bend. “We just feel we need to get down there because we can’t effectively communicate from here and we need to be there to find out anything we can.”

American officials in Brazil are in contact with the girl’s family, said Maryann McKay, a spokeswoman for the American consulate in Rio de Janeiro, which handles cases involving Americans in the state of Minas Gerais, where Unai is located.

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KOIN News6: Oregon Exchange Student Vanishes In Brazil

We talked to Martin’s sister-in-law, Ashley, Wednesday morning. She’s been told that a couple of eye witnesses saw Martin change her ticket.

“No, we don’t have the slightest clue why she would want to go to Unai — it’s 5 hours in the other direction,” she said. Ashley says one of those witnesses was the bus driver. The driver says it was just the two of them on the bus, so there is no one else to confirm that report. And that’s not the only story.

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Alinda Miller Is Listed as an Endangered Missing Person

Alinda Miller has not been seen since November 7, 2005. Alinda Miller was kidnapped by her husband Ronald Joseph Nelson Monday morning, who broke in to her house that Alinda Millershe shared with her father.

Metro police are still looking for a woman they believe was kidnapped and is in danger. Police say Alinda Miller was taken by her husband Ronald Joseph Nelson Monday morning. She hasn’t been seen now since Nov. 7.

Police say Alinda Miller was at the home she shares with her father when her husband, Ronald Joseph Nelson, a parolee, broke in through a sliding glass door. A friend staying at the home fled and called police.

Alinda Miller is listed as an endangered person and there are warrants from the D.A.’s office for Ronald Joseph Nelson’s arrest.

Lt. Snodgrass said, “We have listed her as an endangered missing person. Ronald Joseph NelsonWe have requested warrants from the D.A.’s office for his arrest. If he shows up in another state and gets checked out by police, they’ll come up hot on the computers.”

But police believe that Nelson and Miller are still in the valley. If you see either Nelson or Miller, or know where they are, you are asked to call Metro Police at 229-3111.

Police say Joseph Nelson did have an ankle bracelet for his house arrest. However it did not have a global positioning system, or GPS, which would help police locate him now.

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