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Olamide Adeyooye’s Missing Car found in Atlanta

The missing car, a green 1996 Toyota Corolla, of a slain Illinois State University student Olamide Adeyooye was found in Atlanta. Atlanta, where police have a man in custody and awaiting extradition to Illinois on unrelated charges but may want to question him in the death of Olamide Adeyooye.

The missing car of a slain Illinois State University student has been found in Atlanta, where police say a man they may want to question is awaiting extradition to central Illinois on unrelated theft charges, authorities said Monday.

Normal police Lt. Mark Kotte declined to characterize the 27-year-old man as a suspect in the disappearance and slaying of 21-year-old Olamide Adeyooye, whose badly burned body was found Oct. 21 in a central Mississippi chicken house.

Adeyooye’s green 1996 Toyota Corolla, missing since she disappeared, was found abandoned Sunday in a residential neighborhood on Atlanta’s southwest side, Kotte said. Authorities are processing the car for fingerprints, weapons and other evidence such as hair or fibers, he said.

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More Searches for Tara Grinstead in wooded areas of Ocilla and Irwin County

According to WALB News there were massive searches yesterday and ones planed for today for the missing 30 year old teacher Tara Grinstead in the wooded areas of Ocilla and Irwin County.

More than 50 people on horseback and ATV’s searched the wooded areas of Ocilla and Irwin County for any sign of Tara Grinstead. Last Saturday was the last time anyone heard from the Irwin County High School Teacher.

“If you’re with someone and you’re going to go talk or whatever, this might be a place where you might come to talk and it’s also if you’re going to take, you know it’s a very secluded area,” said Sonya Popken, Volunteer.

Many volunteers turned up to help with Sunday’s search. Eight days after she disappeared, police say they have few clues about what happened to Tara.

Many volunteers turned up to help with Sunday’s search. Eight days after she disappeared, police say they have few clues about what happened to Tara.

“We’re looking at everything, we’re not ruling out whether it’s an abduction, missing person, we’re looking at any possibility,” said Chief Billy Hancock, Ocilla Police Department.

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Update from one of our Scared Monkeys, Shellbell:

The search went well. There were so many people there for support. Nancy Grace will be in Ocilla tomorrow night, and Geraldo on Tuesday. So this will get coverage. Please keep her family and friends in your prayers. And Tara if you see this please come home.

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Body Identified as Missing 24 year old Lynn Moran; Accidental Drowning

Another unfortunate end has come to a missing persons case. This time it is Lynn Moran who was found Monday morning floating near the Maine State Pier in Portland.

The body of a 24 year old woman who disappeared three weeks ago was found Monday morning floating near the Maine State Pier in Portland.

The state Medical Examiner determined that Lynn Moran died by accidental drowning.

It would appear that the investigators are ruling this an accidental drowning as as Lynn Moran was seen intoxicated the night before her disappearance. The area in which Lynn Moran was last seen is approximately two blocks from The Maine State Pier where Lynn’s body was located this morning.

Now, investigators say there is a good chance Moran fell in the water the night of Oct. 10. She had been drinking and was described by witnesses as extremely intoxicated when she was seen at about 10:30 p.m. on Market and Middle streets. Her body was spotted at 7:30 a.m.

The Maine State Pier is about two blocks from where she was last seen.

From WCVB TV5 (Boston); Portland Harbor Body Identified As Mass. Woman. Investigators Believe Moran Fell In Accidentally

Acting Portland Police Chief Tim Burton said the state medical examiner’s office confirmed the identity of Lynn Moran, 24. He said the cause of death was determined to be accidental drowning.

The Shrewsbury, Mass., woman was last seen alive three weeks ago, as she was partying with friends in the city’s Old Port on Columbus Day.

Has Lynn Moran Been Found?

From earlier this morning.

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How Can You Help Families of Missing Persons? Ask Sunny in TX; She helped find Jesse Wayne Steel, Jr.

JESSE WAYNE STEEL, Jr had been missing since 10/26/05 in Texas. He is a 15 year old special needs teen who was last seen at home. Enter Texas Equusearch and the many inspired volunteers to help in the search for Jesse Wayne Steel, Jr.

The great news is that Scared Monkeys received an email from Joe Huston notifying us that Jessee was found safe and sound Saturday. We also received more information from one of the volunteers who took time out of her life to help find Jesse. If you ever want to know what one can do to help the many families in need who are missing their loved ones? Volunteer to help. No words can describe the thanks that families have and the rewarding feeling it provides to all when one sacrifices for people that have never met. The following is a story from one of out Scared Monkey members describing her first search ever. Congratulations Sunny in TX, we are all proud of your sacrifice to help others. Hear her story in her own words.

I sent in my volunteer membership application to TES a couple months ago. On Friday I was called to assist in a search for a missing 15 year old boy. He had been missing since just after school on Wednesday. He is 15 and has some learning disabilities. I had no idea what to expect so ….. I dressed in jeans, sneakers, a tee shirt and a long sleeve jeans shirt ….. took my water bottles and headed out at 7:30 Saturday morning.

I arrived and much to my surprise Joe Huston was the person in charge of this search/rescue operation…..a man we all know and have great respect for. And my respect has risen even higher after having worked with him. He is a kind, sincere, friendly, warm and a very focused and dedicated man.

All the TES people … (all volunteers) are fantastic. You immediately feel you are part of a very loving family. Each of them were warm, friendly caring and FOCUSED people.
After filling out my paper work .. ( this is done with each search you assist in) and meeting the other volunteers… we wait for instructions. Joe and others were looking at aerial maps, consulting with family members and plotting the search.

About 9AM we were gathered together and explained the initial search would begin in the WOODS! Oh my!! I had been looking at the woods thinking I am sure not gonna be going in there! All the sudden …. this voice screamed in my soul …. OH YES YOU ARE! I thought I had been possessed by a demon!! Let me briefly explain…I am deathly afraid of snakes…even the rubber kind……terrified…can’t even look at the on the TV…. It is explained we will be walking a grid type pattern, each searcher about 10 feet apart from the person on the right and left of you..once we reach our destination ( a creek) we would pivot around the point person on the far left of us and then walk back to the road. We would continue to do this until this area was cleared unless we found ‘something’. I am thinking no way can I walk into those woods…just no way…why would I even want to walk in these woods?? Suddenly one of the volunteer’s says, “well at least we shouldn’t have to worry TOO MUCH about SNAKES as it was a very cool morning and they SHOULD not be out.” I was praying, Oh I hope to God the snakes know that bit of information!!! At that point I didn’t think I could go on. I was going to have to tell them I couldn’t do it …. suddenly it became very clear…. there was a lost child……perhaps hurt, in those woods… food, water or warm clothing…..that demon was changed into an angel with that thought… something inside me clicked and I knew I WAS going to walk into those woods!!

We took our places and began walking….keeping our lines as straight as possible…right into the woods…..within 10 feet it was so dense it was nearly impossible to see the person on your right or left… of the instructions we were given was to make sure you could see or at the very least hear them at all times….the safety of the searchers are paramont…..the spiny, thorny vines were tearing into our faces, tearing into our arms and right through our jeans..sticking in our hair and heads……but we kept on going….deeper and deeper….one of the experienced TES volunteers brought a machete and she walked ahead of us trying to cut a path….finally we reach the creek…..a head check is done there and several times throughout the search and we begin the pivot turn.

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