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Lynn Moran; She could be Anyone’s Sister, Daughter, Mother, Best friend or Girlfriend

Lynn Moran; she could be anyone’s sister, daughter, mother, best friend or girlfriend. It is the comment that we could make about all the missing women that have occurred. This has become the unfortunate reality that exists and almost seems to be said way too often these days.

This is the nightmare Lynn Moran’s family and friends are dealing with since the 24- year-old’s disappearance more than two weeks ago.

But it’s also the reality that accompanies any young woman who heads out for an evening on the town.

Moran’s case has people talking, partly because her face can be seen on fliers from mid-coast Maine to Massachusetts. But it’s also touched a nerve among women who realize their evenings out mirror Moran’s in every way but one – they return home at the end of the night.

According to police the Lynn Moran last reported accounts in the Old Port are as follows:

According to police, the night of Oct. 10 was the last time anyone saw Moran.

She was up from Shrewsbury, Mass., visiting family over Columbus Day weekend. She spent Monday afternoon in downtown Portland, having lunch with friends at Norm’s Bar and Grill on Congress Street, and later visited Gritty McDuff’s.

Police say at some point she separated from her friends and visited the apartment of an acquaintance on Market Street, where she left her purse and cell phone.

Moran was later seen alone in the Old Port, wearing jeans, a man’s plaid long-sleeve shirt and no shoes. Witnesses said she appeared to be intoxicated.

Police later learned Moran was spotted by a woman in South Portland on Anthoine Street around 11 p.m.

Many need to be a lot more careful and much more aware of their situation and surroundings when going out at night, especially if they are going to be in a more vulnerable state enhanced by drinking. My hope is that people try to do this in all areas of the country without having to have an incident like Lynn Moran, Taylor Behl, Julia Popovich, etc and the names go on happening in their local.

But something like Moran’s disappearance is a wake-up call. Just being around the same age as Moran made it easy to identify with her, Cote said.

You have to keep your safety in mind, even when you’re trying to have fun, Zwirn said.

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From WHDH-TV; Moran disappearance strikes a nerve among young women

It’s been nearly three weeks since 24-year-old Lynn Moran vanished after an evening in Portland’s Old Port, but the case continues to resonate among young women who frequent the district.

Fliers with Moran’s picture are displayed on windows and utility poles around the Old Port. Police are calling the disappearance a missing-person case and there’s no indication at this point of foul play. But the case has touched a nerve.

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  1. these disappearances and rapes and murders have been going on for years. they’ve just been more widely publicized since the natalee holloway case got msm’s attention. i think more of these cases are getting solved now because of the increaased attention and the public is getting more involved in the cases.

    for years, the date rape cases have been way underreported by the victims, and when they were reported, the victim bashing on a local basis was terrible.

    i don’t have clue about what its going to take to get the sexual predators off the streets, and the drugs they use off the market, but use of these drugs is reaching epidemic proportions and a solution must be found and fast.

    Comment by dennisintn | October 30, 2005

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